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Building Civic Life on the New Frontier Submitted by:- Maulika. R. Kapoori (100500116015)

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1 Building Civic Life on the New Frontier Submitted by:- Maulika. R. Kapoori (100500116015)

2 Contents Introduction Defining an e-democracy Democracy online today Democratic Sector E-democracy outcomes conclusion

3 E-DEMOCRACY E-democracy (a combination of the words electronic and Democracy ) refers to the use of information technologies and communication technologies and strategies in political and governance process. E-democracy aims for broader and more active citizen participation enabled by the Internet, mobile communications, and other technologies in today's representative democracy, as well as through more participatory or direct forms of citizen involvement in addressing public challenges.

4 Putting Pen to Paper: E-Democracy 3 Actor Scenario Government Private Sector (Media) Citizens Who has the power? Who sets the agenda? 2 Communication Tools Paper Pens Unlimited Supply of Paper for All Only Government and Private Sector have Pens and therefore...

5 … and therefore the ability to be heard, communicate, organize, set the agenda, and have power. Citizen-based electronic democracy is about getting pens to the people. Ability to distribute messages to groups is key, must move beyond the World Wide Warehouse.

6 Democracy Online Today n Current Democracy Online Contributions Political Organizations Private Sector Government Media and Commercial Content

7 Democracy Online Today Current interests use the Internet to further their interests, they must to survive. Where do the current interests interact online? Where will citizens and interests within democracies interact online? To move from one-to-many toward many-to-many communication, we need the...

8 n Democracy Online with an Interactive Public Commons n We must build them one at a time! Democracy Online Today Political Organizations Private Sector Government Media and Commercial Content Civic Participation Center

9 Contributions to Democracy Online Government Provide Extensive Information Online with User-Focused Systems and Public Access Points Make Democracy Information Fully Available - Open Government E-mail to/from Public E-mail Information Dissemination Use Interactivity and Collaboration Externally/Internally Regulatory Factors and Support Local - More Direct Involvement Government

10 Contributions to Democracy Online n Media and Commercial Content u Provide News and Information u Ensure Availability of Political and Community News at National/Regional/Local Levels u Highlight and Cover Other Democracy Online Resources and Events - Calendars, Co-Sponsor u Provide Interactive Online Spaces, but Collaborate with Other Efforts u Fight One-Way Mentality and Pure Advertising Eye-Ball Focus Media and Commercial Content

11 Contributions to Democracy Online n Private Sector u Provide User Connectivity, Increase Bandwidth, Lower Costs, and Bring More Users u Provide and Develop User Tools u Provide Technical Support u Embrace Open Standards u Make Information Tools beyond the WWW, like E-mail Lists, Push Channels, WWW Conferencing Available to Community Organizations, Citizen-based Online Democracy Efforts, and Individuals u Provide Funding to Civic Efforts (as should the other sectors) Private Sector

12 Contributions to Democracy Online n Political Organizations u Provide Information About Positions, Candidates, Advocacy Efforts, Involvement Opportunities u Use Tools Strategically to Further Your Cause u Involve Organization and Supporters Directly in Online Interactive Spaces u Dont Use IT to Only Increase the Level of Political Protest Aimed at Representative Democracy u Enhance Participatory Democracy Political Organizations

13 Contributions to Democracy Online n Citizens in the Online Commons u Commit Time to Participate u Use and Analyze Information u Produce and Share Own Information, Ideas, and Opinions u Communicate Respectfully and Responsibly u Help Others Learn u Start/Volunteer with Citizen-based Online Democracy Efforts and Community Networks u Work with Others to Use Tools For Public Good at all Levels Civic Participation Center

14 Democratic Sector Representative Institutions Representatives – Political leaders gallery Political news online-The main public window Political groups Campaigning online

15 Representative Institutions

16 Representatives – Political leaders gallery

17 Political news online-The main public window

18 Political groups

19 Campaigning online

20 E-Democracy Outcomes Why improve e-democracy? Noise and conflict from online advocacy Citizen expectations of two-way medium Better decisions, smarter government Accommodate the will of the people

21 Understanding governments role: Its not all on your shoulders Do the best in your area Working pro-actively with other sectors to accelerate benefits, deepen citizen engagement.

22 What outcomes? Trust and Accountability Legitimacy and Understanding Citizen Satisfaction Reach and Equitable Access

23 Effective Representation and Decision- Making Participation through Input and Consultation Engagement and Deliberation

24 Conclusion n In all people own communities, it is time for people to build civic life both online and off-line through the use of the information technology and networks. n So develop e-democracy more and more possible.


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