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Why are people drawing in the sand?. Maybe to create something beautiful.

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1 Why are people drawing in the sand?

2 Maybe to create something beautiful

3 To show what you see Express yourself?

4 To leave your imprint, saying “This is me – I exist”

5 Now you can have it all and more at home with this simple, but MAGIC LIGHT TABLE

6 MAGIC LIGHT TABLE Compact. 47 cm wide, 15 cm high round device; Mobile. Can be easily carried (weights ~ 2 kg) and placed on table, chair, floor or many other even surfaces; Economic. Uses 3 times less electricity than day light lamp.

7 And it has MAGIC LIGHT It comes from inside installed Light-emitting diodes (RGB LED) and gives you 16 colors You can control: - color intensity - change frequency You also have : 4 automatic programs

8 Why should you need MAGIC LIGHT TABLE ?

9 Because it will cheer you up and relax at the same time

10 Will give you an opportunity to develop communication skills

11 It will be a new way to play and act

12 To improvise and create stories

13 It will stimulate your visual and tactile sensations, while making a piece of art. Now you know you can be an artist too !

14 You can draw with: Your fingers Various brushes and sticks Blowing air through straw Making the imprints with your palms or foots … even with the wheels of toy tractor.

15 Or by pouring the sand stream through your fingers …

16 What are you thinking now? Do I have to go to some seashore to get SAND????

17 You don’t need to search for sand ! Simply take what you already have at home: - semolina; - corn flour; - buckwheat - peas or any other natural material, that will be clean and safe for usage. Then pour some on the Magic light table.

18 Start drawing


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