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Mustang Minute October 2, 2014

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1 Mustang Minute October 2, 2014
Pretend you are Romeo or Juliet. Write Romeo’s or Juliet’s diary entry after the balcony scene. How would you explain what just happened? What would you say? BE SPECIFIC! USE YOUR BOOK AS NEEDED!

2 Let’s Analyze Act 2 Prologue
CHORUS Now old desire doth in his deathbed lie, And young affection gapes to be his heir. That fair for which love groaned for and would die With tender Juliet matched, is now not fair. Now Romeo is beloved and loves again, Alike bewitchèd by the charm of looks, But to his foe supposed he must complain, And she steal love’s sweet bait from fearful hooks. Being held a foe, he may not have access To breathe such vows as lovers use to swear. And she as much in love, her means much less To meet her new beloved anywhere. But passion lends them power, time means, to meet, Tempering extremities with extreme sweet. Plot – what new plot information do we get? Character – who is who? character development (what do we learn about Romeo and Juliet) Setting – where/when are we on the time table Conflict – what conflicts are presented

3 Let’s Discuss the Act 2 Prologue
Why Shakespeare would insert this prologue now? What would be the purpose of essentially pausing the play to get the audience up to speed? Why is Shakespeare so intent on reminding us of the extreme opposites taking place in the play? (love vs. hate, danger vs. safety, passion vs. restraint)

4 Let’s Discuss – Act 2 scene 2 (II.ii)– The Balcony scene
When you were reading/listening to this scene, what images were going through your mind? Where was Romeo located? Where is Juliet? What was the mood or atmosphere of this scene? Do you think this scene could have happened in a different setting? Would it have had the same effect? Why or why not?

5 Let’s Discuss – Act 2 scene 2 (II.ii)– The Balcony scene
Lines 1-32 (STOP) What is going on here? What is Juliet doing while Romeo is speaking aloud to himself? Can she hear him? What are some examples of Figurative Language that Romeo uses here?

6 Let’s Discuss – Act 2 scene 2 (II.ii)– The Balcony scene
Lines (STOP) Romeo is speaking an “aside” it’s meant only for the audience to hear. Juliet doesn’t know that Romeo is beneath her balcony. What has Romeo now learned about her feelings for him? Line 42 – What question does Juliet ask and how does she answer her own questions? What does this mean?

7 Let’s Discuss – Act 2 scene 2 (II.ii)– The Balcony scene
Lines (STOP) What’s happening now? Are you surprised by Romeo’s immediate willingness to give up being a Montague? Why or why not?

8 Let’s Discuss – Act 2 scene 2 (II.ii)– The Balcony scene
Lines (STOP) What complications threaten the lover’s happiness? Juliet is practical and fears that Romeo will be murdered. What is Romeo’s- tone? Is he also fearful and cautious or reckless and elated? How do you know? The two lovers constantly remind us that they prefer death to separation. What does this speech tell us of Romeo’s intentions? Do you think he is seriously thinking of death here, or is he being impulsive and hyperbolous?

9 Let’s Discuss – Act 2 scene 2 (II.ii)– The Balcony scene
Lines (STOP) Where does Juliet shift from embarrassment to frankness and pleading, to anxiety, and doubt? Why is she worried Romeo will think poorly of her? Why is Juliet afraid of having Romeo swear by the moon? Romeo is quick with vows and promises. Why has Juliet now become fearful and cautious? Lines : How does Shakespeare use images of light and darkness here to hint at dangers to come? Lines : What does Juliet’s response to Romeo reveal about her character? Lines : How does Romeo’s words here remind us of Mercutio and the Queen Mab speech? Lines 148: What is Juliet making clear to Romeo here? Where does she show that she still fears he may be false with her? What might have prompted Juliet to talk about marriage upon her return to the balcony?

10 Let’s Discuss – Act 2 scene 2 (II.ii)– The Balcony scene
Lines (STOP) When Juliet first discovers Romeo is in her garden, she urges him to leave for his own safety. Why does she now want him to stay? Line 184: What terrible even does this line foreshadow? Line 185: Why is parting “sweet” to Juliet?

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