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1 Presentation prepared by : Hiba Awaysa Mais Shehab Edin

2 What is GDSS? Its typologies, and components. 1.2.3. GDSS in Decision Making Some Examples of GDSS 4. Focusing on Groove tool 5. Why Groove?

3 Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS): are interactive computer based system facilitating solutions by a set of decision makers who are working together as a group and this support meetings and develop group work to reach their goals.


5 UsersPCsSWNetworks

6 2) GDSS can improve the productivity of D-M meetings, either: – by speeding up the D-M process – by improving the resulting decisions quality 1) support and develop the whole group decision making process.

7 GDSS offers an effective and rapid way to collect and evaluate the information about customer needs. The simultaneous collection of customer need and requirement statements from different experts Organizing the collected information into larger, illustrative categories à facilitates the understanding of the information The prioritization of the information and the rapid recognition of conflicting and jointly important opinions Timesaving; the participants felt that their time has been effectively and usefully utilized

8 1. : for online meetings and Video Conferencing.. ( ) 2. : same as webEx ( ) 3. : same as webEx, and Dimdim ( ) 4. : Microsoft Office Groove 2007

9 Ease of use. Available in all windows OS as MS 2007. Can either work offline or online (use remote DM typology). Has many features & tools.

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