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WECO Edge 650. WECO Edge 650 industrial technology in compact design for peak performance.

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2 WECO Edge 650

3 industrial technology in compact design
for peak performance

4 Features and knowledge from industrial equipment available now for the retails

5 sense touch keyboard: glass clear ergonomics
extended job settings on a fingertip illuminated night design left/right handed operation

6 a new drilling experience:
5 selectable angle programs Holes can be grouped in same angles Positioning from shape edge or cartesian system 10 full holes including notches, slots and squares

7 new tools for new materials:
grooving wheel with hard metal blades diamond shaped roughing wheel Optimum performance on Trivex®

8 4 distinct drilling angle programs
Front curve normal Back curve normal Free curve or angle Parallel to LDS

9 hole types for every purpose
Holes Slots Rectangles Notches Blindholes

10 3 level, linearized edging force
The answer to todays different materials is a high level of customization for every working cycle. Every material and work-cycle can be assigned a distinct tool-pressure.

11 smooth mode for delicate bevel positioning

12 Additional finishing mode for high curve lenses
The fashionable wrap frames of higher base curves can be processed with an additional 'Lenti' cycle chamfering the bevel to facilitate mounting.

13 Complete Customisation
The operator can easily configure all properties of the edging cycle per material in a clear screen menu. 5 materials can be configured separately per working cycle. Additional properties for safety-edging on fragile lenses or slippy coatings

14 industrial technology in compact design

15 designed and manufactured in Germany:

16 Seamless integration:
Full OMA connectivity supports OMA Level 2-4 WECO Current Loop compatibility Made-to-measure with WECO CAD and brand-new WECO CAD 4 Works on all established OMA hosts due to large industry experience

17 drillhole plotting at your fingertips:
With the recent generation of WECO CAD4/5 blockers the processing of drill-mounts is at your fingertips automatic detection of the hole co-ordinates Management of drilling plans between shapes Database of 2000 patterns inc. holes Modification of holes in a clear, distinct screen

18 and much more: groove-clean program for brillant results in difficult materials 5 materials with completely free configurable edging programs special anti vibration feet for silent operation user controllable water flow Optimized, clear user menus easy service access: service connector, belt … Telemaintenance jack for remote service

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