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Manufacturing Technology

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1 Manufacturing Technology
Hand Tools: Planes

2 TYPES OF PLANES A carpenter's hand tool with an adjustable blade for smoothing or shaping wood; "the cabinetmaker used a plane for the finish work Common types used are: The Smoothing plane The Jack Plane The Block plane Spokeshaves: for curve work Electric Hand Plane

3 THE SMOOTHING PLANE Is typically 8 to 10 inches long, has a tight mouth and is held with both hands. The iron of the smoothing plane is generally sharpened straight across or with a slightly arched cutting edge

4 THE PLANE (Nomenclature)
The depth of cut is set by turning the Depth adjustment knob found behind the blade, try for fine thin shavings, making several light cuts

5 THE PLANE (Nomenclature)
A: The Mouth is an opening in the bottom of the plane down through which the blade extends, and up through which wood shavings pass. B: The Blade or Iron is steel with a sharpened edge which cuts the wood. C: The Lever cap holds the blade down firmly to the body of the plane. D: The Depth adjustment knob controls how far the blade extends through the mouth. F: The Cap iron makes the blade more rigid. J: The Frog is a sliding iron wedge that holds the plane Iron at the proper angle. It slides to adjust the gap between the cutting edge and the front of the mouth. The frog is screwed down to the inside of the sole through two parallel slots and on many planes is only adjustable with a screwdriver when the plane iron is removed

6 JACK PLANE Is the general-purpose bench plane, used for general smoothing of the edges and sizing of wood. Jack planes are about 15 inches long, and the blade usually has a moderately curved edge. In preparing wood, the jack plane is used before the smoothing plane. The name is related to the saying "jack of all trades". Jack planes perform both the work of smoothing planes and trying planes

7 Block Plane A block plane is a small woodworking hand plane which typically has the iron bedded at a lower angle than other planes, with the bevel up. It is designed to cut end grain and is typically small enough to be used with one hand.

8 SPOKESHAVE These handy tools come with either straight, convex, or concave blades, they are an excellent tool for hand shaping material. CONVEX CONCAVE

9 ELECTRIC HAND PLANE A blade revolves at high speed and as the machine plane is pushed across the surface of the wood - it is planed. A big disadvantage of these planes is that they are potentially very dangerous if misused. Also, sometimes the finish to the surface is not as smooth or precise as a hand held plane being carefully used.

10 THE PLANE (Nomenclature)
The Lever cap holds the blade down firmly to the body of the plane The Blade is a plate of steel with a sharpened edge which cuts the wood. The Cap iron makes the blade more rigid

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