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President’s letter 2 November 1 st,2008 Click to continue.

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1 President’s letter 2 November 1 st,2008 Click to continue

2 Our Golden Touch of Circling Vision 2008-09

3 Dear shimmering Golden Councillors, Since 1959…….. Our LCI candle of “Friendship & Service” is lighting many a life that we touch. We have shown great beauty and strength in our dedication and success in these 5 decades…

4 Yesterday is our pride Today is ours to behold Tomorrow is ours to shape! Lets lend our golden touch to make all these moments special. For we alone have the Golden year in our hands!

5 At the ICM at Aberdeen, we had discussions on a Golden Vision in Circling for the year. We discussed on taking up simple and meaningful projects both in friendship and service. Its time we started putting into action our discussions.

6 As discussed its not madatory that we do these. Nevertheless it will make an ocean of difference to the year if we put in our small drops to participate in what we decide. To refresh and recollect your memories– most of the discussion revolved on LCI day and making the collective difference on that day. The discussion were on:--

7 Golden Touch of service there are two ways – one in enriching natural resources, second one is enhancing human resources. As for enhancing natural resources we can lend our touch to the natural resources through energy conservation, arresting global warming through simple ways etc. As for enhancing human resources ideas were exchanged on Donating blood; visit schools etc.

8 Some ideas bounced were-- Put the 50 number into different occasions to celebrate like— Party with 50 friends 50th wedding anniversary party, fun at fifty 50 clubs party International virtual party preferably on LCI day Putting 50 number in various services like— Donate 50 pints of blood Donate 50 euro from 50 companies Go to a school or organization to celebrate Make LCI day plans big as it will be the Golden LCI day. Any of the above can be planned for that day

9 For the golden touch in friendship Countries were requested to twin with their number clubs in other countries just to be in touch, do a project or exchange greetings etc. A much simpler and beautiful personal touch is to send birthday greetings to the President, VP & IPP’s of countries. (Trust you are in the groove already!)

10 We had postponed our final decision at ICM so that we can bounce some more ideas and then short list. Its time now my dear shimmering golden councillors for us to plan it. Please come forward with your ideas and views within the next couple of weeks (by 15 th november,2008).

11 Lets lend that Golden Touch of ours to make the World a better place for you and for me and the entire human race, as- “No one can do everything Everyone can do something We as circlers can do everything With our Golden Touch of Circling” A friend forever in Golden Touch of Circling, Seetha Venkatesh, President LCI-08-09.

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