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Rotary Club of Ku-ring-gai Inc Centenary Cocktail Party.

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1 Rotary Club of Ku-ring-gai Inc Centenary Cocktail Party

2 … another prospective member’s night? good heavens, NO! Printed invitation: Help us celebrate 100 yrs Service to the Community neutral venue – NOT a rotary meeting opportunity to meet other local business people short presentation on projects by your local rotary club

3 The Presentation: Purposes: Generate interest in their local Rotary club – who we are & what we do How we can help local companies (WIIFM!) – eg. Pride of Workmanship Awards, net-working Benefits & opportunities for THEM Potential members? …IF we generate sufficient interest

4 Presentation - President Introduced What do we do? Raise Funds Raise Funds Hands on Projects Hands on Projects Make Donations Make Donations Have Fun Have Fun

5 2 minute Segments on: Youth Youth Community Community International International Business support and benefits to them Business support and benefits to them Net-working Net-working Fun Fun Presentation: about 15 minutes MAX

6 Youth Exchange

7 “ Hands on Projects” “ Hands on Projects”



10 Business Focused Projects Programs which:  recognise excellence in local business  advance members’ understanding of other’s vocations – net working Pride of Workmanship Awards Helping LOCAL businesses recognise great performance by employees 3 on Me Three minutes by members: ‘Something Interesting about My Business”

11 Pride of Workmanship Award Special Dinner, Personal Plaque, and local press releases for recognition

12 Pride of Workmanship Awardees

13 Fund Raising Fun

14 Gordon Markets Contribute over $20,000 per year to the Ku-Ring-gai Club’s Local and International Service Activities

15 Ku-ring-gai Garden Expo 2005 Expo contributed $28,000 to Ku-ring-gai Club funds available for donation

16 Donations Overseas


18 Local Donations - Lifeline

19 Local Donations - KYDS

20 We ALSO Have Fun!

21 Car Rally

22 Boating Day

23 Rotary supports: Our community Our community Our local businesses Our local businesses Our neighbours Our neighbours Ourselves Ourselves If you want to know more, or participate – Let us know ! That’s who we are !


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