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+ WorkKeys: Putting it All Together Presented by: Lesa L Rohrer Fall 2012.

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1 + WorkKeys: Putting it All Together Presented by: Lesa L Rohrer Fall 2012

2 + Break-Down: KeyTrain : Program developed to train students for WorkKeys assessments WorkKeys : ACT developed assessments to assess work readiness skills in three areas: Locating Information, Reading for Information and Applied Mathematics National Career Readiness Certificate: a portable, evidence-based credential that measures essential workplace skills and is a reliable predictor of workplace success based on the WorkKeys Assessments Alaska Career Ready AKCIS: a resource for educators, students, job seekers, employers and parents funded through a partnership between the Alaska Departments of Labor and Education

3 + 2012-13 Testing Calendar by Counselor

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9 In this Manual are: State policies and procedures Facility Requirements Staff Requirements Security Requirements Preparing for test day Test Day Activities Administering the test Irregularities Verbal Instructions After the test Forms

10 + Standardized Procedures This is a standardized test: All testing staff must read and follow: Test Manual Standardized procedures; Standard amount of time: 45 minutes for each test Testing must begin at 9:00 am Testing must occur on date during testing window from 11/05-11/16 No afternoon or evening testing Standard verbal instructions: must read verbatim and may not add to directions Standardized testing space: 3 foot minimum

11 + Selecting Preparing Rooms Examples: page 3-5 in manual: All students must face the same direction There must be at least 3 feet of space between students Must be sufficient aisle space for staff to get to every seat If round table are used; only one student may be at each table Room supervisor must be stationed at the front of the room Instructional posters must be covered

12 + Testing Staff: Test Supervisor Pages 6-9 in your manual: Test Supervisor responsibilities: Read the manual Select and train testing staff Reserve rooms Plan seating arrangements Arrange for a phone in the testing room Ensure that testing begins at 9:00 am Document irregularities Return all required reports, forms, documents immediately after testing using Bering Air Train your BACK-UP SUPERVISOR

13 + Testing Staff: Back-Up Supervisor Back-Up Supervisor Responsibilities: If the test supervisor cannot serve his/her role, the back-up supervisor is expected to assume the responsibilities: MUST contact ACT and submit profile change form: Page 57 MUST select a new back-up supervisor

14 + Testing Staff: Room Supervisor Room Supervisor Responsibilities: Read the manual Direct students to seats Count test booklets Distribute test materials Read verbal instructions verbatim Properly time tests recording the START, FIVE-MINUTES REMAINING and STOP time in the manual (page 51) Complete seating diagrams (page 53) Walk around the room during testing Collect and account for all test materials Complete detailed documentation of any irregularities (page 49) Return all testing materials to the testing supervisor

15 + Testing Staff: Proctor Testing Proctor Responsibilities Proctor may be used to assist a room supervisor if there are fewer than 25 students Proctor must be used if there are more than 25 students Proctors are required to read and comply with all policies and procedures in the manual

16 + Test Security WorkKeys Materials Security: (pages 10-12) Testing materials are on the way here and will be shipped to each site next week through Bering Air Shipment will contain: Test booklets, answer documents and return envelopes When tests arrive: They must be locked behind two locks Document “Chain of Custody” If materials are lost or misplaced, you will not be able to begin testing Missing or damaged secure materials: IMMEDIATELY phone 1- 800-553-6244 ext 2800 After testing, return materials to a locked storage area until they are shipped back to KOTZ

17 + Test Day Pre-Planning Preparing for Test Day: (pages 13-14) Review rooms and make sure that instructional posters are covered Locate calculators for Applied Math test (simple 4 function) Look over verbal instructions Prepare rosters Organize answer documents Sharpen pencils Remind students that test starts at 9:00 am Remind students to leave cell phones at home as they cannot be brought into the testing room

18 + Test Day: Before the Test Test Day Activities: (pages 15-19) Room supervisor and proctors arrive 30 minutes early Assign seats to students using sticky notes Review procedures and last minute details Complete the roster (page 45) Complete the State Testing Staff List (page 46) Complete Test Booklet Count Form (page 49) Make sure that there are no prohibited items in the testing room Textbooks, foreign language or other dictionaries, scratch paper or other aids Communication devices (including cell phones) Computers Recording Devices Highlight pens, colored pens or pencils, correction fluid/tape Media devices Reading material Food or drink of any kind Tobacco in any form


20 + Test Day: Administering the Tests Administering the Tests: (page 20-28) Testing must begin at 9:00 am (starting after this time may result in cancellation of the scores for the site) Test Day Schedule: Reading for Information: 45 minutes Applied Mathematics: 45 Minutes 15 minute Break: Break MAY NOT include lunch (page 22) Locating Information: 45 Minutes Testing times must be recorded in manual (page 53) Seating diagram (page 55) must be completed with to reflect test booklet numbers

21 + Testing Irregularities: Irregularities: (pages 24-28) Please read these pages carefully! Irregularity report must be filled out if any irregularities occur (page 51) There are two types of testing irregularities: Individual Irregularities: Defective Test Materials Failure to follow directions Irrational Behavior Student who becomes ill Prohibited Behaviors Group Irregularities: Inclement Weather Disturbances and distractions Emergency Evacuation Power Failure

22 + Verbal Instructions Verbal Instructions for testing begin on page 29 Caution: This is a standardized test and the instructions must be read verbatim Take time to read through these before test day Mark pages with sticky notes so that they are easy to find Make sure that you mark times in the spaces provided

23 + Post-Test Test Supervisor: Account for all testing materials Verify that each answer document has the test form number on page 3 Make copies of completed test administration documentation for your school files Prepare testing materials for shipping In the ORANGE ink envelope: Answer documents for processing Supervisors report form In the BLACK ink envelope: Test admin forms Voided answer documents with attached irregularity report Test roster Testing Time Verification Testing Staff List Seating Diagram

24 + Returning Test Materials: Testing materials must be shipped back to the DO via Bering Air immediately after testing UPS will be picking up testing materials here on November 23rd Please follow packing directions pages 40-44 in your manual for packing directions: When testing materials are sent from your site, please E-mail me at

25 + Useful Testing resources: s.html s.html ent/workkeys.html ent/workkeys.html Testing administration issues: Call ACT at 1-800-553-6244 ext 2800 E-mail: Program issues: Krista Jacoby at 907- 465-6410 or e-mail

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