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Getting Ready for The ACT Project Testing Presented by: Laura Beach.

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1 Getting Ready for The ACT Project Testing Presented by: Laura Beach

2 2 Project Testing Overview Standard Testing Requirements Facilities Personnel Security of Test Materials Test Day Activities Other Administration Requirements Test Administration Training Return of Materials Agenda

3 3 What is project testing? Opportunity for students to take the ACT (no writing) Scores may not be accepted by all scholarship agencies or institutions (e.g., NCAA) Testing Year is September 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010 Use only 2009-2010 materials

4 4 Test Fees All answer documents shipped must have payment included - $32.00 Fee Waivers are available – must contact Sara Davis at 800-553-6244 ext. 1536 - Project Testing fee waivers are different than national test date fee waivers - Need to send proper waivers or answer folder will be on hold until proper fee waiver is mailed.

5 5 Standard Testing Requirements

6 6 Apply to all test dates Facilities Personnel Security Exact timing of tests Documentation of test day procedures Other test administration requirements

7 7 Facilities

8 8 Facilities Choice of test rooms for standard time administration Well lit, comfortable temperature, quiet atmosphere Comfortable seating for 25-30 examinees Prefer no more than 100 examinees per room for manageable security

9 9 Facilities Adequate writing surfaces Must accommodate both test booklet and answer folder No lapboards permitted; temporary surfaces resting on chair arms must be reviewed and approved by ACT prior to use

10 10 Facilities Seating arrangements (requirements apply equally to tables and desks) Minimum of 3 feet apart side-to-side Minimum of 3 feet apart head-to-head All students must face the same direction, directly behind one another Seats must be assigned by testing staff as students enter room

11 11 Facilities Freedom from distractions Only persons assisting with that day’s administration may be in the room Turn off bells and public address systems Uninterrupted testing period required Bulletin Boards Clocks Left-handed Examinees

12 12 Facilities Freedom from distractions Separate testing rooms from regular school activities Away from noisy locations Quiet wing of the high school – preferred Materials Provided by Test Sites - No. 2 Pencils - Pencil Sharpener - 2 Time Pieces

13 13 Personnel

14 14 Personnel Test Supervisors, Substitute Test Supervisors, have access to secure test materials prior to testing Avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest, and protect relatives (children, stepchildren, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, siblings, in-laws, spouses, and persons under your guardianship) from allegations of impropriety

15 15 Personnel Test Supervisors & Back-up Test Supervisors may not be related to any examinee taking the ACT Supervisors and Proctors can not be involved in Test Prep Activities Room supervisors & proctors may not assist in a room where any relative is being tested Proctors are needed if more than 26 examinees are in a room.

16 16 Security

17 17 Security Constant security of materials Receive and store secure materials – within 24 hours of receipt Receipt, check-in, and verification of test booklets by serial numbers Storage after testing – return test booklets to locked area immediately after testing – if you are doing more than one test date. Keep Shipping carts – reversible address flaps to return test booklets

18 18 Security Calculators - Only for the Mathematics Test - Most four-function, scientific, and graphing calculators may be used (unless listed in manual)

19 19 Security Advance Examinee Preparation - Distribute “Preparing for The ACT “ - Complete Pages 1, 2, and 4 of the Universal Answer Folder - Page 2 MAY NOT be completed on the test day

20 20 Test Day Activities

21 21 Test Day Activities Test Day Schedule – must administer all sections in one day Briefing Session for staff Admitting Examinees – Proper Identification is required Collection of Fees Direct Examinees to seats – do not allow them to choose their own seats

22 22 Test Day Forms Completed Roster, Seating Diagram, Test Booklet Count Form, and Testing Time Verification Form are required for each room. Irregularity Report - Group – interrupting, emergency evacuation, inclement weather, missing test materials, mistiming, etc - Individual – irrational/prohibited behavior, illness, failure to follow directions

23 23 Exact Timing More than one timepiece must be used in each room to ensure accurate timing Time remaining may not be posted Announcement of five minutes remaining must be read verbatim from the Supervisor’s Manual Timing and administration must be monitored in each individual room— not from a central location

24 24 Administration of the ACT **Uninterrupted 3.5 hours is required Must be administered in this exact order. English75 items45 min Math60 items60 min Break – 10-15 minutes Reading40 items35 min Science40 items35 min

25 25 Other Test Administration Requirements

26 26 Other Test Administration Requirements Training Session for Staff (pg. 47-48) Briefing Session 30 min. prior to test No food or drink permitted in testing rooms—this applies to both staff and examinees Tests must be administered in the order listed: Test 1 (first), Test 2 (second)…

27 27 Testing with Accommodations

28 28 Testing with Accommodations  Examinees with professionally diagnosed and documented disabilities who can not test under standard time with regular type (10 pt) may NOT test through Project Testing - They need to go through “special testing” through the national test program.  Examinees with hearing impairments may test at your sites

29 29 Test Administration Training

30 30 Following Test Administration Training Testing staff must read and be familiar with the Supervisor’s Manual The Test Supervisor will organize an in-school completion of all pre-test information sections of the answer folder (before test day)

31 31 Test Administration Training The Test Supervisor will: Select Room Supervisors and Proctors Conduct a required local training session for all testing staff before testing Distribute a complete copy of the appropriate Supervisor’s Manual to each Room Supervisor

32 32 Test Administration Staff Responsibilities The testing staff must: read and be familiar with the appropriate Supervisor’s Manual read verbal instructions in the Supervisor’s Manual verbatim focus on monitoring testing – NO other personal work is permitted circulate frequently around the room to monitor examinees recognize prohibited behavior and take action as instructed in Supervisor’s Manual

33 33 Return of Materials Return of Materials

34 34 Secure Shipment Test Supervisor MUST return the answer folders and all required forms immediately after each administration. 24 hour Window! Return: Used Answer Folders to be scored Fee Envelope Supervisor’s Report Form Test Code Roster ID Letters, etc. List of Persons Denied Admissions Seating Diagrams Test Booklet Count Form Testing Time Verification Form Irregularity Report

35 35 Materials Return All Test Booklets for the 2009-2010 testing year must be returned to ACT no later than June 30, 2010. Used and Unused Test Booklets Unused Answer Folders Test Materials Pack List

36 36 Contact Information ACT Project Testing Sarah Davis 1-800-553-6244 ext. 1536 Laura Beach

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