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VISTA Supervisor Orientation for the Client Empowerment Corps June 13, 2014.

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1 VISTA Supervisor Orientation for the Client Empowerment Corps June 13, 2014

2 Welcome! Fold paper in half – Name on one side – 3 things you want to leave today knowing Katie

3 Welcome! Capital Area Food Bank Texas Food Bank Network (TFBN) Texas Food Bank Network Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) VISTA Supervisors

4 History and Purpose of VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) VISTA Legacy Video

5 The Mission of VISTA To start, strengthen, or expand programs, systems or services that help people move out of poverty.


7 7 A key point before we move forward… VISTA Member versus Intern versus Community Volunteer versus Job Training Program What is the difference and why is this important?

8 Terms, Conditions, and Benefits Restrictions – Employment/Religious/Education/Political Benefits – Living Allowance (ONLY allowed monetary compensation) – Health Coverage – Personal Leave (10 days), Medical Leave (10 days), Emergency Leave (5 days with TFBN approval) SEE PURPLE FORM – Holidays (VISTA receives federal holidays recognized by the food bank) – Training (PSO, OSOT, Ongoing Learning)

9 Terms, Conditions, and Benefits cont. Optional Benefits – Relocation/Settling In (up to $550 from CNCS) – Baggage Reimbursement (up to $500 from CNCS) – On-the-job transportation compensation (FOOD BANK is responsible) – Optional Life Insurance – Public Assistance – Child Care Benefits End of Service Benefits – Education Award/Loan Forbearance – End-of-Service Stipend/Loan Deferment – Non-Competitive Eligibility

10 Client Empowerment Corps

11 Primary Drivers of Food Insecurity FOOD INSECURITY LOW ASSETS

12 Food Insecurity Drivers over the Past Decade

13 Clients with Children: Health Data 40% rate their health fair or poor. 15% report no health insurance. 1/3 report choosing between medical care and food. Half have unpaid medical bills.

14 Prevalence of Chronic Disease Health issues reported among low income people:  1 in 3 - high blood pressure  32% - obesity  29% - high cholesterol  16% - diabetes  16% - asthma Food insecurity associated with hypertension & diabetes.

15 Lack of Access to Health Care Research shows that: Food insecurity is associated with clients having no usual source of care, postponing needed medical care and medications. 10 Food insecurity is associated with increased visits to the emergency departments and hospitalizations. 11

16 Mental Health Issues Research shows that: Adults over 20 living below poverty experience depression at a rate 5 times greater than their higher income counterparts. 12 Living below the poverty line is one of the most reliable predictors among women of depression and other mental health disorders. 13 Several studies have found associations between food insecurity and maternal depression. 14

17 LEAD STRENGTHEN FEED Vision: A Hunger-Free Texas Mission: To lead a unified effort for a hunger-free Texas Increase SNAP outreach to reach Texas One Goal Increase pounds distributed to reach Texas One Goal Increase demand for healthier foods by increasing produce lbs. and % of total distribution Decrease cost per lb. Values: Trust, Respect, Innovation, Stewardship, Urgency, Inclusivity, Accountability, Collaboration, & Service Reach Texas One Goal by 2018 (tbd) Develop an informed and mobilized constituency of advocates and decision-makers who act to solve hunger Increase member food banks’ capacity and effectiveness Inform & mobilize Texas public Inform & mobilize appropriate decision-makers Develop statewide partnerships with non- traditional service & advocacy partners (self- sufficiency/dietary health) Increase food bank board effectiveness and mobilization Develop and/or disseminate standards Facilitate collaboration and the spread of program best practices internally and externally.

18 Client Empowerment Corps 3 Year Plan Develop (2014-2015) Improve (2015-2016) Sustain (2016-2017)

19 Year 1-VISTA Task Community Assessment Building Partnerships Client Story Banking Initiative

20 LUNCH VISTA Campus overview VISTA Campus – Terms, Conditions, and Benefits tutorial Discussion Topics (on table)

21 VISTA Assignment Description (VAD)

22 VADs V ISTA A ssignment D escriptions  Are directly linked to the grant application;  Are very specific – a road map for a VISTA Member’s year of service;  Are living documents;  Contain activities that will be accomplished in one year; and  Are a tool for evaluating progress and a reporting tool that will help ensure the program meets the goals set in the grant application.

23 Uses of the VAD  Recruitment tool  Part of the PSO curriculum (Pre-Service Orientation)  Initial training tool  Weekly/monthly/quarterly check in tool  Reporting format

24 Basic Health VAD

25 Work Time 1.Review the VISTA’s VAD (in your folder) 2.Compare your VAD with your tablemates 3.Develop a follow up plan for how you will use the VAD REGULARLY with your VISTA

26 VISTA Training Pre-Service Orientation (PSO) TFBN Training On-Site Orientation and Training (OSOT)

27 Pre-Service Orientation (PSO) All VISTA candidates participate in nationwide. Introduces VISTA candidates to the mission, history, policies, and the roles and responsibilities of VISTA. The first step in a year-long learning process.

28 TFBN Training for VISTAs July 21-23 rd August 18-19 th The basics of food banking Causes and effects of food insecurity How to complete a community assessment Basics of building partnerships How to implement the story banking initiative Issue specific knowledge (hunger and health) CNCS and TFBN expectations

29 Expectations of Food Bank On-Site Orientation and Training (OSOT) Duration Topics/Sample Evaluation

30 An effective OSOT is key to member success Project-Specific Skills VISTA Assignment Description Organizational Culture Member-Supervisor Relationship & Communication Community Culture & Entry

31 Work Time Using the example OSOT spend some time thinking about how you will organize your VISTA’s OSOT. Discuss your plans with your table.

32 Reporting Requirements

33 VISTA Bi-weekly Report Performance Measures Spreadsheets Performance Measures Spreadsheets

34 Year 1-Performance Measures 1) Capacity Building (i.e. Partnerships) a)Collaborate on programming b)Develop formal referral process c)Share resources d)Develop shared training e)Develop shared materials

35 Year 1-Performance Measures cont. 2) Training provided to staff or community by VISTA a) How to utilize new partnership/resource b) How to implement/utilize story banking

36 Year 1-Performance Measures cont. 3) Number of clients receiving services as a result of VISTAs work a) Use additional form (example provided) b) Add option to current survey/form *This will be the hardest to track

37 Year 1-Performance Measures cont. 4) Number of organizations that report VISTA helped make their organization more effective through partnerships/capacity building a) Pre/Post Survey VISTA provides to organizations they work with in the community

38 Please submit success stories about your VISTA at least every other month! TFBN VISTA Leaders will kindly remind you!

39 Evaluations Quarterly VISTA Evaluation Quarterly Supervisor Evaluation OSOT Evaluation (as mentioned earlier)

40 On-Going Training Brainstorm Come up with 3-5 on-going training options and pick someone from your table to share your ideas.

41 Common VISTA Challenges And how TFBN can help!

42 Life Cycle of Service 42

43 What do you think are the main challenges VISTAs face?

44 $$$-small living allowance Outsider/Temporary Applying for benefits (SNAP) Expected to be innovative with little resources Housing Adjusting to the community Need for professional clothing

45 CNCS Requirement Please send your resume and job description to me at as soon as possible.

46 THANK YOU! Katie Malaspina 512.527.3628 JC Dwyer 512.527.3625

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