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Federal Work-Study Supervisor Training 1415

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1 Federal Work-Study Supervisor Training 1415
Deborah Lehto – Financial Aid Office Tracy Dula – CAP Center Christa Gunnell – Human Resources

2 Agenda Allocations Placement Process Supervision
Navigating PeopleAdmin and Human Resources Process

3 What is the Federal Work-Study Program?
The FWS program encourages the part-time employment for needy undergraduate students to help them pay for their educational expenses.

4 How do students apply for WS?
Students will need to apply for the FAFSA. Will have to answer ‘YES’ on the FAFSA to the following question: “Are you interested in Federal Work-Study?” What happens if the student answers ‘YES’? What if the student answers ‘NO’ or ‘DON’T KNOW’? Can they change it? Student must demonstrate a financial need.

5 Funding Limitations Each year Department of Education allocates to COCC a set amount of funding to award students for the WS Program. (example $180,000) COCC is required to match a percentage. (25%) Thus, COCC WS funding is born. ($225,000)

6 Department Allocations
Allocations are a specific amount of funding for a department. (2 positions x $3600=$7200) Allocations are currently in $3600 increments for the1415 award year which is the equivalent to the maximum WS award a student may receive. This equates to approximately: Fall $1200, Winter $1200, Spring $1200 (working hours per week) Summer $900, Fall $900, Winter $900, Spring $900 (working 8-10 hours per week)

7 Allocation Requests Each department should meet and discuss the number of work-study positions it would like to apply for. One person be designated the department contact person. Submit one allocation request form per department to Tracy. At the same time submit all job descriptions even if you will not hire for that position. Note - It is okay for a department can have multiple supervisors.

8 When Does This Happen? Each year, around the beginning of April, an will be sent to prior year supervisors and ‘Staff Commlines’ giving allocation notification. Submit request and job descriptions are for the next award year. Deadline will be the last week of April. No exceptions will be made for late requests. The allocation request and job descriptions forms maybe be requested from Deborah or Tracy.

9 Now What? After the deadline, Financial Aid and the Career Services Coordinator collaborate to allocate funding to departments based on: Needs of the department and historical spending Meeting the 7% community service requirement Program funding availability Each department will then be notified via , usually by the middle of May, as to how many allocations they have been awarded.

10 Department Responsibilities
Each year submit allocation requests/job descriptions by deadline. Spend department allocations throughout the year. Keep track of all spending of your departments work-study allocation. Notify/work the appropriate people: hiring (HR), terminations (Deborah), timesheets (payroll), prior knowledge of department/student overages (Deborah).

11 Timeline for 1415 April Department allocation requests and job descriptions due by last week of April. May Departments will be notified before the middle of May as to the number of allocations received. Supervisor training will be held. One month before summer term begins, all job positions will be pulled from PeopleAdmin.(May 19) Letters mailed to students with instructions to apply and the workshop times.

12 Timeline for 1415 June Two weeks before summer term, all summer job postings are due and go live. (June 9). One week before summer term, a workshop will be held to assist students with the application process. (June 16). July Summer term student’s first day of work, July 1.

13 Timeline for 1415 September
Two weeks before fall term, all fall job postings are due and go live. (September 15). One week before fall term, a workshop will be held to assist students with the application process. (September 22). Fall term student’s first day of work, September 29.

14 Questions?

15 Hiring and Placement Process
All work-study positions will be available online through PeopleAdmin: No paper applications. Human Resources and a workshop is available to assist students. Students cannot work if he/she is not enrolled for the term. Student must be awarded work-study for 1415. Student can work during the breaks as long as they are enrolled in both terms.

16 Student Process Students create an account on the Employment Opportunities page: Students will find a position they are interested in: Submit application. Submit copy of ‘Award Summary’ (proof they have been awarded work-study for 1415). Optional – resume, cover letter, letter of recommendations.

17 Supervisor Process Things to keep in mind:
Supervisors are to maintain a “real” job search process for students. When hiring, students with the departments major should have preference for the job, gaining experience in their field of study. Every interviewee must be treated the same.

18 Supervisor Process Qualifying veteran students will receive additional consideration, or veterans preference, during the COCC employment process under ORS and ; OAR to To prove eligibility for veteran’s preference, the student must submit (upload) a copy of their Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD Form 214 or 215) as part of their online application in PeopleAdmin. When reviewing the applicant pools, please be sure to note who has identified themselves as a veteran. If a student has uploaded the required DD214 form, they meet veteran’s preference and they must be interviewed.

19 Supervisor Process After reviewing the applications, contact qualified students to schedule interviews Also update the student’s ‘workflow’ in PeopleAdmin: “Interview Pending”. Upon selecting the student that your department would like to hire: Update PeopleAdmin ‘workflow’: “Recommend for Hire”. Background check will be requested.

20 Supervisor Process When the criminal history report comes back with no discrepancies, Human Resources will notify the supervisor. Supervisor then make the formal offer to hire by submitting the “Hiring Proposal”. Update student applicant ‘workflow’ PeopleAdmin. Once position is filled, update other non-selected applicants by changing their work-flow. This step is very important to students! Don’t leave them hanging.

21 Supervisor Process On the student’s first day of work, direct them to Human Resources to complete employment paperwork before beginning work: Employee Payroll Information W-4 I-9 (prior to reporting for work, please alert students that identification will be required) Confidentiality Statement All employment/payroll forms are available at Human Resources.

22 Supervisor Process Once the student has completed paperwork with Human Resources, they need to complete: Online work-study orientation Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Training. Be sure to send Deborah a copy of the training certificate. Students should not begin working in your department until paperwork and orientation is complete.

23 Supervisor Process Submit the “Work-Study Referral Contract” form to Deborah in Financial Aid. The form is writable but still need supervisor(s) for wet signatures. Available online at the Financial Aid web site.

24 For Your Information Only!
Supervisor Process New requirement checklist: Available in the Supervisor Handbook and on the web For your information only Does not need to be returned For Your Information Only!

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26 Supervising Work-Study Students
Support your work-study student by: Providing adequate orientation, training and feedback. Providing adequate supervision Being clear with your expectations and/or goals Praising students when they do well Correcting students when they make ‘learning moments’ Lead by example

27 Supervising Work-Study Students
Remember that your work-study employee is an employee of COCC. As a supervisor, you have right and responsibility to be sure the employee dresses and acts appropriately. Manage behavior and performance consistently. Document the unsatisfactory performance and discuss with the student. Keep a log of dates and times along with specific examples

28 Supervising Work-Study Students
Give the student the opportunity to improve on their performance issues. Be sure to save your notes and s during this time! Always communicate clearly to the student the issue(s) involved and the consequences. Get others involved if necessary: Safety and Security, Human Resources, ect.

29 Supervising Work-Study Students
Evaluations A written performance evaluation ‘Work-Study Job Evaluation’ form is required and must be completed after days of employment. A copy should be sent to Deborah in Financial Aid.

30 Supervising Work-Study Students
Security It is preferred that keys, fobs or prox cards not be given to work-study students. Although, we understand that some students need special access. Contact Campus Services for this type of request. Please limit the student’s access to only what is required. Supervisors are solely responsible for anything that happens when their student is issued these items. All students must be identified with name tags.

31 Supervising Work-Study Students
It is the supervisor’s responsibility to submit a ticket to the Banner Helpdesk to obtain Banner access for their work-study students. Supervisors must also submit a ticket immediately should the student be terminated. Supervisors may also request access to copiers for work-study students. Be careful! Watch and report for any type of abuse!

32 Supervising Work-Study Students
Terminations Can work-study students be fired? Yes! Provided that you have documented the unsatisfactory performance, communicated clearly with the student and give them a chance to improve.

33 Supervising Work-Study Students
If you must fire a work-study student: Complete a “Job Termination Form”….please. Submit the form along with any documentation to Deborah in Financial Aid. This form is found through the Financial Aid web site. Please completed and submitted this form for students who “quit” as well.

34 Supervising Work-Study Students
Time Sheets Both the supervisor and student are responsible for keeping an accurate record of total earnings. Be sure to stay within your departments allotments. Time sheets must be submitted promptly at the end of the month even if a student discontinues work-study. Timesheets available online with Financial Aid or Human Resources.

35 Supervising Work-Study Students
Any earnings in excess of the allotted department or student award amounts cannot be paid from work-study funds and will be charged back to the department. Any earnings submitted after the budget year closes will be charged back to the department. * *Be sure to carefully monitor what the students is awarded and what the department is allocated. Overages will be charged to the department.* *

36 Supervising Work-Study Students
Overages on time sheet reflecting more than an average of 20 hours per week will not be honored unless prior clearance is received. Students are limited to working hours per week. Talk with Deborah if you have any questions. Be sure students continue to be eligible for work-study funds. If students work and are not eligible for WS funding, any wages earned will be charged back to the department.

37 Final Words Remember that Federal Work-Study is a government program. These guidelines have been developed to confirm that COCC remains in compliance with Department of Education, along with COCC, state, and federal policies.

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39 Online Application Process

40 PeopleAdmin Employment Software
As a Work-Study Supervisor you can: Create, Post, and Manage Positions View Postings View Candidate Application Materials Print Application Materials Transition Candidates Through The Hiring Process Create a Hiring Proposal

41 Getting Started in PeopleAdmin
Open an internet browser (Google Chrome or Firefox are recommended) and access through the COCC website at: Employee Login \ Employee Resources \ PeopleAdmin HR Click on the PeopleAdmin Link Use your unique username & password or the Guest User access to login. Contact Human Resources if you do not have a Manager login.

42 Home Page in PeopleAdmin
The home page will have important tabs that will navigate you through the system: Home Postings Applicants Hiring Proposals Employment Events The Watch List should always say ‘Applicant Tracking’

43 Home Page in PeopleAdmin
The home page will also have a Watch List of positions, an In-Box displaying items needing attention, and a list of help documents in the My Links Menu Box

44 Home Page in PeopleAdmin
The Watch List should always say Applicant Tracking If you do not see the transition tabs when you login, click the refresh icon to reset your home page. Your default user type should say Manager or display the Guest User #

45 Managing Job Postings Supervisors are responsible for periodically reviewing applicants in their pool(s). While the position is posted, anyone with authorized access to the posting may view applications at any time. Those without management logins will be able to access the position with the Guest User Login, provided in the closing from HR. Click on the tab Postings \ COCC to view open and closed positions for your department

46 Managing Job Postings From this page you can view all the positions for the department, opened or closed. Click on the position title to open and view the position summary information, view candidate application and documents, or access ACTION reports.

47 Managing Job Postings From the ‘Summary’ page you can view all position details, job description, and position requirements. This is helpful when you are reviewing candidate applications against job description essential functions and knowledge, skills, and abilities.

48 Viewing Candidate Applications
Open the position you would like to review From the posting’s ‘Summary’ tab, click on the ‘Applicants’ tab.

49 Viewing Candidate Applications
There are two options. Click on the Actions button to the right of the posting line. The menu will expand to show several options. Select ‘View Applicants’.

50 Viewing Candidate Applications
OR . .Click on a candidate’s name to open their application OR Check the box on the left-hand side for the candidate you would like to review, click the ‘Actions’ drop down menu and select ‘View Application’

51 View, Export, or Download Applicant Materials
You may view, export, or download candidate application materials for more than one or ‘all’ applicants. To do this, Check the box next to the candidates name or the box for All Candidates in the tool bar Hover over the Actions button and select the action you want to take

52 View, Export, or Download Applicant Materials
Definition of Action Options Review Supplemental Question Answers Download Screening Questions Answers Export Results Move in Workflow Download Application (and Documents) as PDF Statistical Overview of Supplemental Questions Downloads to a an Excel spreadsheet the answers to the supplemental questions from all applicants in the pool Downloads to a an Excel spreadsheet a summary of each applicant selected – candidate name, application received date, documents, workflow state Allows Manager User to transition candidate into another work flow state Downloads to a PDF Document all document materials selected to view: application, resume, cover letter, etc.

53 Transitioning Candidates
To better manage applicant pools, Supervisors should review applications regularly and consider if the candidates in the pool should be: Selected to interview, Not Be Considered, or Remain Active For Future Consideration *See next slide for candidate workflow states*

54 Transitioning Candidates “Move in Workflow” States
There are several workflow states for Manager Users to transition candidates to – Use these to manage your pool Interview Pending Phone Interview Pending Alternate Candidate PT Pool – Remove – No Longer Under Consideration, Active Future Consideration, or Recommend for Hire

55 Transitioning Candidates
To transition a candidate, click the box next to their name. Hover over the Actions button to the right of the applicant line. A menu box will populate. Select Move in Workflow

56 Transitioning Candidates
In the next screen the supervisor will be able to ‘change for all applicants’ or a single record at a time. Click on the drop down menu and available workflow states will populate. Select the workflow state, and click ‘Save Changes’

57 HR Notifications at each Transition State
Interview Pending – this is not a notification . This identifies in PeopleAdmin which students were interviewed by the hiring supervisor. Phone Interview Pending – this is not a notification . This identifies in PeopleAdmin which students were interviewed by the hiring supervisor. Alternate – this is not a notification . This identifies in PeopleAdmin which students are selected as an Alternate, by the hiring supervisor. Active Future Consideration – this state sends an to the student, notifying them they would be considered for future vacancies. PT Pool No Longer Considered – this state sends an to the student, notifying them they are not considered for the current position.

58 HR Notifications at each Transition State
Recommend for Hire – this is an notification state that will prompt HR to verify or submit a background check on the student. This is a regularly used transitional state that communicates with Human Resources personnel. HR will the work-study supervisor that a BGC was verified or that a BGC needs to be submitted, and HR will follow up with the supervisor once the report comes back. [ PAUSE until you hear from HR ] HR will transition the candidate to ‘background check pending’ status. When the background check report is completed, HR will then the work-study supervisor to move forward with the formal offer to hire; and request the supervisor to complete a hiring proposal in PeopleAdmin. HR will also notify the hiring supervisor to complete and send a work-study referral contract to Deborah Lehto, as well as send the student to HR on their first day to complete employment payroll paperwork and verify an I-9 Form.

59 Hiring a Student The work-study supervisor initiates the Hiring Proposal, which processes a new hire's paperwork. Click on the ‘Applicants’ tab and choose the link for the candidate you selected to be recommended for hire. Open the candidates application. On the upper right corner of the application click on the green plus icon ‘Start Hiring Proposal’

60 Hiring a Student “Hiring Proposal”
You will be taken to another page where you will have to select ‘start hiring proposal’ again. This will start the electronic hiring process. NOTE: only start this after you hear from HR successful completion of background check has been received. Enter the appropriate information in the electronic hire form - Supervisor name, hourly wage, start date, Temp status, etc.

61 Hiring a Student “Hiring Proposal”
When entries are complete, click Next

62 Hiring a Student This will transition the electronic form to a summary page. You may then transition the electronic form to be approved by HR Click the orange ‘Take Action on Hiring Proposal’ button and select ‘Human Resources (move to Human Resources for Approval)’

63 Do not forget to send Deborah the work-study contract!
Send Student to HR Next step will be to send the student to Human Resources on their first day of employment to complete: W-4 Employee Payroll Information form I-9 Form (bring identification) Confidentiality Statement Do not forget to send Deborah the work-study contract!

64 Congratulations! This completes all steps for a supervisor to:
Manage their position(s) in the PeopleAdmin employment software Review candidate applications Transition candidates into new workflow states Process the electronic hiring form Complete new hire employment forms

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