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CETD Military Requirements for Petty Officer Third Class Exit.

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2 CETD Military Requirements for Petty Officer Third Class Exit

3 Damage control is the responsibility of which of the following personnel? A. All hands B. The executive officer only C. The commanding officer only D. The damage control assistant only Answer: A 242-4-5-1 Exit

4 What minimum amount of water does your body need per day? A. 1 quart B. 2 quarts C. 3 quarts D. 4 quarts Answer: B 240-4-4-64 Exit

5 You are performing scheduled maintenance on a forced draft air blower. Which of the following PMS documents contains a listing of the parts, tools, and materials you will need to accomplish the task? A. Maintenance Requirement Card B. NAVSEA Technical Manual C. Maintenance Index Page D. Weekly Schedule Answer: A 271-4-7-1 Exit

6 The general authority of a petty officer is set forth in which of the following documents? A. Manual for Courts-Martial B. U.S. Navy Regulations C. The Bluejackets Manual D. The Congressional Record Answer: B 190-4-2-3 Exit

7 Conviction on a charge of sexual harassment could result in the end of your naval career. A. TRUE B. FALSE Answer: TRUE 198-4-2-47 Exit

8 Information reported through the MDS is used to accomplish which of the following ends? A. Improved equipment design B. Improved logistic support C. Both A and B above D. Scheduling maintenance work Answer: C 275-4-7-14 Exit

9 Information on special qualifications such as aircrew, coxswain, and special warfare can be found in which of the following references? A. BUPERSINST 1430.16 B. NAVPERS 15560 C. OPNAVINST 3120.32B D. NAVEDTRA 10049 Answer: B 211-4-3-12 Exit

10 When using Navy standard damage control symbology, a triangle over the letter "C" indicates which of the following situations? A. Chemical decontamination underway B. Biological decontamination underway C. Chemical decontamination completed D. Biological decontamination completed Answer: A 247-4-5-16 Exit

11 If you discover a leaking solvent container while inspecting your storage areas, which of the following actions should you take? A. Check for the type of solvent by reading the container label B. Immediately inform your supervisor of your discovery C. Both A and B above D. Post a hazardous materials warning outside the area and notify the officer of the deck Answer: C 264-4-6-20 Exit

12 With regard to sexual harassment, which of the following statements is true? A. Each member is responsible for his or her behavior B. Division officers are responsible for all subordinates' behavior C. Commanding officers are responsible for each member's behavior D. Type commanders are responsible for all subordinates' behavior Answer: A 197-4-2-46 Exit

13 A total of how many injections of atropine may be injected into an individual without medical supervision? A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four Answer: C 256-4-5-66 Exit

14 Which of the following awards was authorized by General George Washington and was also the first decoration? A. The Distinguished Service Medal B. The Medal of Honor C. The Purple Heart D. The Navy Cross Answer: C 218-4-3-40 Exit

15 Refrigerated spaces aboard ship should only be entered for a few minutes at a time for which of the following reasons? A. High levels of carbon dioxide are frequently found in any refrigerated space B. Personnel can freeze to death within minutes in refrigerated spaces C. Foodstuffs absorb oxygen and produce concentrated levels of carbon monoxide D. High sulfur oxide levels are an inherent byproduct of refrigeration Answer: A 265-4-6-24 Exit

16 What is the primary goal of Total Quality Leadership (TQL)? A. Increased productivity B. Improved promotion rates C. Improved discipline D. Better retention rates Answer: A 187-4-1-54 Exit

17 Which of the following repair locker items contains come-alongs and chain falls? A. Shoring kit B. Lifting gear C. Pipe-patching kit D. Dewatering equipment Answer: B 250-4-5-32 Exit

18 Which of the following shipboard surfaces should NOT be painted? A. Sliding feet of boilers B. Watertight door knife edges C. Electrical outlets and terminals D. All of the above Answer: D 266-4-6-30 Exit

19 If you see another ship polluting, which of the following actions should you take? A. None, unless the ship is a U.S. naval vessel B. Notify the officer of the deck C. Notify the executive officer D. Notify the harbor patrol Answer: B 230-4-4-17 Exit

20 Which of the following OPNAV instructions contains detailed information on the Military Cash Awards Program? A. 5351 B. 1651 C. 1754.1A D. 5370 Answer: B 206-4-2-70 Exit

21 Your responsibilities as a petty officer extend over which of the following time periods? A. During normal working hours only B. During normal working hours and duty days only C. 24 hours a day, except when on leave D. 24 hours a day, every day Answer: D 192-4-2-12 Exit

22 What article of the UCMJ authorized commanding officer's to direct nonjudicial punishment? A. 11 B. 13 C. 15 D. 17 Answer: C 191-4-2-6

23 Which of the following instructions gives detailed, step-by-step directions to evaluation writing? A. BUPERSINST 1430.16 B. OPNAVINST 11101.13H C. SECNAVINST 5300.28B D. NAVMILPERSCOMINST 1616.9 Answer: D 213-4-3-18

24 Who establishes general rates, general ratings, and emergency ratings? A. Chief of Naval Personnel B. Chief of Naval Operations C. Secretary of the Navy D. Secretary of Defense Answer: C 209-4-3-7

25 Which of the following persons in a repair party is thoroughly trained in shoring, welding, and pipe patching? A. Sounding person B. Duty section leader C. Emergency hull repairman D. Damage control investigator Answer: C 246-4-5-11

26 When equipment deficiencies or casualties are discovered, which of the following actions should maintenance workers immediately take? A. Notify their supervisor B. Notify their division officer C. If possible, fix the problem and get on with their job D. Find other work to do and notify their supervisor at shift change Answer: A 269-4-4-46 Exit

27 When you make a wrong decision, you should take which of the following actions? A. Accept responsibility and avoid making the same mistake again B. Avoid repeating the error but never admit your error to subordinates C. Both A and B above D. Remind your chain of command that they are responsible for giving you the job Answer: A 185-4-1-33

28 A guide to preparing, maintaining, and submitting the ship's deck log may be found in which of the following publications? A. OPNAVINST 3120.32B B. OPNAVINST 3100.7B C. SECNAVINST 5060.22 D. SECNAVINST 1752.3 Answer: B 223-4-3-53

29 Identification data for supply items include which of the following types of reference information? A. Part number B. Superseded stock number C. Nomenclature designation D. All of the above Answer: D 280-4-7-28

30 A complete list of all parts required to operate and maintain the equipment installed at all ship/shore activities is contained in which of the following documents? A. COBOL B. COSAL C. CORAL D. COLAT Answer: B 281-4-7-31

31 What does the Code of Conduct direct you to do as soon as you are captured? A. Answer all questions fully B. Begin planning your escape C. Cooperate with the enemy D. Relax and endure it Answer: B 239-4-4-60 Exit

32 In a sound-powered telephone circuit with the designation X22JS1, what does the letter X indicate? A. Connection of circuit to the local shore phone system B. Circuit is the auxiliary sound-powered telephone system C. Circuit is external to the ship D. Experimental circuit Answer: B 228-4-4-9

33 Which of the following individuals is responsible for rescuing personnel from damage aircraft? A. Flight deck officer B. Air department head C. Emergency rescue crewman D. Crash and salvage crewman Answer: D 248-4-5-19

34 Which of the following general small arms safety precautions are applicable to all firearms? A. Never mix firearms with drugs or alcohol B. Always unload a weapon before transporting it C. Never point a weapon at something you do not intend to shoot D. All of the above Answer: D 231-4-4-20

35 The United States imports approximately what percentage of the manganese needed to make steel? A. 50% B. 75% C. 85% D. 90% Answer: C 179-4-1-9

36 If the barometer falls.04 inch or more in 1 hour, the POOW should notify which of the following persons? A. Officer of the deck B. Duty quartermaster C. Commanding officer D. Executive officer Answer: A 229-4-4-13 Exit

37 Category A PMS FBRs are used for which of the following reasons? A. To request replacement MRCs and MIPs B. To report discrepancies in semiannual force revisions C. Both A and B above D. To request TYCOM assistance in clarifying 3-M Systems instructions Answer: C 272-4-7-5

38 Exactly how many minutes before colors is the PREPARATIVE (PREP) pennant flown? A. 1 minute B. 5 minutes C. 10 minutes D. 15 minutes Answer: B 224-4-3-62

39 The term "supply control" refers to A. planning and movement of military personnel and material B. items that require special management C. Both A and B above D. the storage and accounting of equipment Answer: D 277-4-7-18

40 Which of the following programs was established to help eliminate the flow of illegal drugs and other contraband into the United States? A. The Quality Assurance Program B. The Hazardous Material Safety Program C. The Military Customs Inspection Program D. The Navy Safety and Occupational Health Program Answer: C 283-4-7-50

41 The shore patrol serves which of the following functions? A. Maintains order among military personnel on liberty B. Assists military personnel C. Apprehends deserters D. All of the above Answer: D 233-4-4-26 Exit

42 Weekly updating of the Quarterly PMS Schedule is usually the responsibility of which of the following persons? A. Executive office B. Division officer C. Department head D. 3-M coordinator Answer: B 274-4-7-10

43 Before starting any job that involves working with solvents, you should take which of the following precautions? A. Secure the roving patrol B. Have the area checked by the gas free engineer C. Obtain the ventilation plan for the space involved D. Both B and C above Answer: D 261-4-6-10

44 Which of the following is the enlisted person's representative to the command for matters concerning rules, regulations, and policies? A. Legal officer B. Navy Counselor C. Command master chief D. Chief master-at-arms Answer: C 215-4-3-27

45 Because of the volume of water needed to put out a large fire at sea, the fire party team must take corrective action to prevent which of the following occurrences? A. Excess water affecting the stability of the ship, causing it to list B. Excess water depleting the potable water supply on board the ship C. Damage to sensitive computer circuits D. Damage to the propulsion systems Answer: A 245-4-5-8

46 What Navy program is designed to provide cradle-to-grave leadership training? A. NAVLEAD B. CPOIC C. POIC D. SEP Answer: A 194-4-2-25 Exit

47 Which of the following materials can be used effectively to decontaminate water? A. Detergent wetting agent B. High-test hypochlorite C. Supertropical bleach D. Sodium hypochlorite Answer: B 254-4-5-59

48 Protective masks provide protection from which of the following environments? A. Known biological agents B. Carbon dioxide C. Ammonia vapor D. All of the above Answer: A 255-4-5-63

49 Of all the noneffective days experienced annually by the Navy, what total percentage is attributed to back injury? A. 93% B. 50% C. 28% D. 18% Answer: B 205-4-2-69

50 Which of the following units are excepted from ships' 3-M Systems reporting? A. Fleet ballistic missile weapons systems B. Civilian-maintained service craft C. Both A and B above D. Air navigation and landing control systems Answer: C 267-4-6-36

51 The U.S. Coast Guard was first established as the United States Revenue Marine in what year? A. 1760 B. 1776 C. 1785 D. 1790 Answer: D 183-4-1-20 Exit

52 Prior to World War II, the Navy had approximately how many ratings? A. 30 B. 40 C. 50 D. 60 Answer: A 208-4-3-3

53 Which of the following objectives is part of the comprehensive weight control and nutrition plan? A. Menu analysis B. Increased food options in chow halls C. Improved training for mess specialists D. All of the above Answer: D 202-4-2-65

54 Before you can help your subordinates adjust to new situations, you must show which of the following types of behavior? A. Anger B. Liberalism C. Self-control D. Conservatism Answer: C 186-4-1-42

55 In addition to the possibility of fire, which of the following safety hazards may result if paint and solvent containers are NOT kept tightly closed? A. The area may become oxygen rich, causing lightheadedness B. The paints and solvents may evaporate, causing loss of inventory C. The fumes and vapors may react with the deck tile, causing it to become slippery D. The oxygen in the area may be displaced, causing a shortage that will not sustain life Answer: D 263-4-6-18

56 Of the nearly 300,000 varieties of plants on earth, approximately how many are edible? A. 120,000 B. 130,000 C. 140,000 D. 150,000 Answer: A 241-4-4-66 Exit

57 The Navy's equal opportunity policy is set forth in which of the following instructions? A. SECNAVINST 5215 B. OPNAVINST 5215 C. SECNAVINST 5214.2A D. OPNAVINST 5354.1C Answer: D 195-4-2-38

58 What is the best time, prior to your PRD, to call your detailer? A. 6 to 9 months B. 6 to 9 weeks C. 9 to 12 months D. 3 to 6 months Answer: A 217-4-3-36

59 A spill must be reported if it presents a threat to the ship, the health of the crew, or involves more than which of the following quantities of solvent? A. One gallon B. Five gallons C. One quart D. Five quarts Answer: B 262-4-6-13

60 What executive order (EO) established the Productivity Improvement Program for the federal government? A. EO 11263 B. EO 12358 C. EO 11298 D. EO 12637 Answer: D 188-4-1-55

61 The Plan of the Day (POD) and the Engineer officer's Night Order Book are common forms of A. Instructions B. Directives C. Notices D. Logs Answer: B 284-4-7-57 Exit

62 Safety precautions for surface preservation work are in what chapter of the Naval Ship's Technical Manual (NSTM)? A. 793 B. 631 C. 313 D. 470 Answer: B 258-4-6-3

63 Completed maintenance actions are documented on which of the following OPNAV forms? A. 4790/2F B. 4790/3P C. 4790/3M D. 4790/2K Answer: D 268-4-6-45

64 When you are advanced, you value to the Navy increases in which of the following ways? A. Your increased value as an administrator B. Your increased value as a specialist in your rating C. Your increased value as a trainer D. Both 2 and 3 above Answer: D 212-4-3-15

65 If the location or type duty you wish to request is not listed on the back of the Enlisted Duty Preference Form, what should you do? A. Make another choice B. Check OPNAVINST 3111.14U C. Look in chapter 25 of the TRANSMAN D. Both B and C above Answer: D 216-4-3-34

66 During World War II, fewer battles were fought between ships within sight of each other because of which of the following reasons? A. There were fewer ships in sea battles B. Submarines were usually used to fight battles C. The effects of aircraft, aircraft carriers, and radar began to emerge D. The convoy system kept enemy ships away from allied battle groups Answer: C 176-4-1-3 Exit

67 Both male and female personnel can be the victims of sexual harassment. A. TRUE B. FALSE Answer: TRUE 196-4-2-43

68 An effective water washdown system can reduce nuclear contamination of a ship's weather decks by what percentage? A. 85% B. 90% C. 95% D. 100% Answer: A 253-4-5-57

69 When worn on the peacoat, the rating badge should show which of the following color combinations on the background, eagle, and chevrons? A. Navy blue silver, gold B. Blue, dark blue, white C. Navy blue, white, scarlet D. Medium blue, white scarlet Answer: C 234-4-4-35

70 All hazardous materials used by the Department of Defense must be labeled according to which of the following standards? A. DOD B. DOT C. OSHA D. NFPA Answer: C 236-4-4-48

71 Sea control and power projection are the Navy's mission in support of A. naval strategy B. national interests C. national strategy D. naval objectives Answer: C 181-4-1-14 Exit

72 The basic requirements for maintaining the ship's deck log are contained in which of the following publications? A. U.S. Navy Regulations B. The Bluejacket's Manual C. Manual for Courts Martial D. Information and Personnel Security Program Regulation Answer: A 221-4-3-48

73 Specialty marks became a part of the enlisted uniform in what year? A. 1866 B. 1867 C. 1966 D. 1967 Answer: A 210-4-3-8

74 Although fully qualified for duty, women may be prevented from serving with noncombatant units. A. TRUE B. FALSE Answer: TRUE 199-4-2-56

75 In order to determine the frequency of drug abuse in the junior enlisted population, which of the following tests is used most often? A. Lie detector B. Breathalyzer C. Urinalysis D. Blood Answer: C 201-4-2-60

76 How long before sunset should anchor lights and aircraft warning lights be tested? A. 5 minutes B. 10 minutes C. 20 minutes D. 30 minutes Answer: D 220-4-3-46 Exit

77 Central configuration status accounting (CSA) data is maintained in a central file at which of the following locations? A. Mechanicsburg, PA B. Washington, D.C. C. Norfolk, VA D. Tacoma, WA Answer: A 276-4-7-17

78 Detailed information concerning special evolutions aboard ship can be found in which of the following publications? A. U.S. Navy Regulations B. The Bluejackets Manual C. Senior Officer Present Afloat (SOPA) regulations D. Ships' Maintenance and Material Management (3- M) Manual Answer: C 227-4-4-6

79 The United States acknowledges freedom of the seas under what law or treaty? A. Federal law B. Treaty of Versailles C. International law D. Treaty of Zurich Answer: C 177-4-1-6

80 Which of the following are primary tasks of the Navy? A. Suppress enemy sea commerce B. Control vital sea areas C. Protect vital sea lines of communication D. All of the above Answer: D 180-4-1-10

81 What are the principle parts of sea power? A. Naval power, ocean science, ocean industry, and ocean commerce B. Ocean science, ocean industry, ocean commerce, and ASW warfare C. Ocean industry, ocean commerce, ocean science, and nuclear D. Naval power, ocean industry, ocean commerce, and ballistic missiles Answer: A 175-4-1-1 Exit

82 When a CBR attack occurs, which of the following actions should be taken first? A. Close up the ship B. Prepare to abandon ship C. Discard all food and water D. Immediately treat all food and water Answer: A 252-4-5-51

83 Stress awareness and education programs are available through medical unites, host commands, and Family Service Centers (FSCs) for service members, dependents, and civilians. A. TRUE B. FALSE Answer: TRUE 204-4-2-67

84 CBR contamination markers with red letters over a blue background are used to identify which of the following type of contamination? A. Radiological B. Biological C. Chemical D. Gas Answer: B 257-4-5-68

85 Which of the following groups of chemical agents are designed to cause serious injury or death? A. Casualty agents B. Riot control agents C. Incapacitating agents D. Screening smokes Answer: A 251-4-5-45

86 Which of the following shipboard events are classified as special evolutions? A. Mail call B. Man aloft C. Muster for 2000 reports D. Muster for stores working party Answer: B 226-4-4-5 Exit

87 If you, or your workers need refresher training on 3-M Systems, which of the following nonresident training courses would be helpful? A. NAVEDTRA 13092 B. NAVEDTRA 12044 C. NAVEDTRA 12049 D. NAVEDTRA 10101 Answer: A 270-4-6-49

88 What level of tolerance does the Navy allow for drug and alcohol abuse? A. 10 to 25 percent B. Occasional C. One time only D. Zero Answer: D 200-4-2-57

89 What is the most common means used to identify material in the Navy? A. NATO stock numbers B. National stock numbers C. Navy item control numbers D. Local item control numbers Answer: B 278-4-7-23

90 The Navy enlisted occupational classification system (NEOCS) consists of what total number of major subsystems? A. Five B. Two C. Three D. Four Answer: C 207-4-3-1

91 Congress enacted the Merchant Marine Act in what year? A. 1916 B. 1926 C. 1936 D. 1946 Answer: C 182-4-1-16 Exit

92 To minimize the hazards of stowing materials aboard ship, at what exact interval should all stowed containers be inventoried and checked for leakage, corrosion, and proper labeling? A. Semiannually B. Quarterly C. Annually D. Monthly Answer: B 237-4-4-52

93 A Navy Commander rates which of the following flagstaff insignia? A. Spread eagle B. Flat truck C. Halberd D. Star Answer: D 225-4-4-2

94 When faced with an unfamiliar personnel problem or situation, which of the following helping resources are available to you? A. Chain of Command B. Legal Officer C. Personnel office D. All of the above Answer: D 189-4-1-60

95 In the NSN 9Q5120-00-148-7918, what digits represent the national item identification (NIIN) number? A. 149 B. 5120-00 C. 148-7918 D. 00-148-7918 Answer: D 279-4-7-25

96 There are a total of how many U.S. territories overseas? A. Five B. Two C. Three D. Four Answer: D 178-4-1-8 Exit

97 What enemy is responsible for stealing over $150 million and thousands of lives every year in the United States alone? A. Carelessness B. Communism C. Congress D. Cancer Answer: A 238-4-4-53

98 What publications, if any, set forth the rules governing a petty officer's leadership actions? A. U.S. Navy Regulations, Manual for Courts-Martial, and Standard Organization and Regulations of the U.S. Navy B. U.S. Navy Regulations, Military Personnel Manual, and Naval Orientation C. Standard Organization and Regulations of the U.S. Navy, Human Behavior, and Manual for Courts-Martial D. None Answer: A 184-4-1-28

99 A contaminating agent may be neutralized in which of the following ways? A. Weathering B. Chemicals C. Both A and B above D. Dry wiping Answer: C 244-4-5-5

100 Disciplinary problems may often be prevented by which of the following methods? A. Placing subordinates on report for minor infractions B. Positive preventive leadership action C. Threats of nonjudicial punishment D. Threats of physical violence Answer: B 193-4-2-14

101 Active-duty members are regularly screened for high blood pressure at which of the following times? A. Each payday B. Before liberty in a foreign port C. During all medical and dental examinations D. After participation in strenuous exercise Answer: C 203-4-2-66 Exit

102 Which of the following repair parties is responsible for propulsion areas? A. Repair 7 B. Repair 6 C. Repair 5 D. Repair 4 Answer: C 243-4-5-3

103 At the end of each watch, the ship's deck log must be signed by what person? A. Navigator B. Engineer officer C. Commanding officer D. Officer of the deck Answer: D 222-4-3-50

104 What chapter of the TRANSMAN lists required qualifications for special programs such as Navy special warfare and explosive ordnance disposal? A. Chapter 10 B. Chapter 9 C. Chapter 8 D. Chapter 7 Answer: B 214-4-3-24

105 Which of the following precautions will reduce the possibility of vapor buildup in an area? A. Wearing protective clothing, goggles, and gloves B. Keeping oxygen and first-aid equipment nearby C. Using extra fans for ventilation D. All of the above Answer: C 260-4-6-7

106 Detailed information on preparing supply documents is contained in which of the following publications? A. NAVSUP Pub 485 B. NAVSUP Pub 8821 C. MILSUP Pub 485 D. MILSUP Pub 882 Answer: A 282-4-7-34 Exit

107 The primary enlisted assistant to the officer of the deck (OOD) in port is which of the following petty officers? A. Petty officer of the watch B. Guard mail petty officer C. Signalman of the watch D. Police petty officer Answer: A 219-4-3-43

108 Maintaining safe and healthful conditions in the workplace is addressed in which of the following OPNAV instructions? A. 5100.19B B. 5100.23B C. 5100.32B D. 5102.1C Answer: B 235-4-4-40

109 When turning over a pistol to your relief at the end of your watch, which of the following actions must be taken by you and your relief? A. Verify the serial number of the pistol and count the ammunition B. Verify the serial number of the pistol and county the magazines C. Insure the pistol is load prior to turning it over D. Both B and C above Answer: A 232-4-4-22

110 The shipboard damage control administrative organization is an integral part of which of the following departments? A. Supply B. Medical C. Operations D. Engineering Answer: D 249-4-5-24

111 Which of the following materials contain solvents that may be hazardous to your health? A. Paints B. Adhesives C. Degreasing solutions D. All of the above Answer: D 259-4-6-4 Exit

112 Before filling out the Weekly PMS Schedule, the work center supervisor should check which of the following PMS records? A. Cycle Schedule B. Maintenance Requirement Cards C. Quarterly Schedule and the MIPS D. Equipment Guide Lists and the PMS Feedback Reports Answer: C 273-4-7-8 Exit

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