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 Violations of the following regulations WILL result in a loss of lab points.

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3  Violations of the following regulations WILL result in a loss of lab points.

4  Safety glasses must be worn at all times while you are in the lab.  Food or beverages are not allowed in the lab.  Open toed shoes and shorts are not allowed in the lab.  Do not pour any chemicals down the drain without prior approval from your instructor or lab manager.

5  Proper gloves must be worn when working in lab.  Nitrile gloves are supplied for routine protection when working with dilute acids and bases.  Chloroflex II gloves are provided for working with concentrated acids, bases, alcohols and other hazardous chemicals.  Face masks, lab coats and Chloroflex II gloves must be worn while working with concentrated acids and bases.

6  Mixing chemicals must be done in a fume hood unless the lab manager or Lab instructor instructs otherwise.  All chemical waste must be stored in a sealed and labeled container.  All chemical waste labels must include the names of the waste chemical(s), their concentrations, the name of the person generating the waste and the current date. Check with lab manager to insure proper waste labeling.  Glassware must be cleaned and restocked after use.

7  Chemical solutions intended for use at a later date must be stored in a sealed container and clearly labeled with the contents, name of owner & lab group.  Senior lab closes at 5:00 pm.  Work areas must be clean and organized upon completion of lab.  Points will be deducted based on compliance with safety policy and cleanliness.  Prior to beginning your lab assignment each student must attend a safety orientation and sign a safety training log for each experiment.

8  Compressed gas cylinders must be properly secured at all times.  Students are not allowed to move compressed gas cylinders.  Students are not allowed to remove gas regulators.  Immediately notify the lab manager of any spilled chemicals or hazardous materials.  Do not attempt to clean up chemicals or hazardous materials without first notifying the lab manager.

9  Use a safety shield when working with highly reactive chemicals and mixtures.  Always alert others before lighting a flame!  Know where to find and how to use all emergency equipment (such as fire extinguishers, eye washes, and safety showers) in the laboratory.  Never leave experiments running unattended  Place broken glassware in the proper receptacles, not in the trash  Do not install software on lab computers

10  Side shields  Tinted glasses will not be allowed  One pair will be provided at the beginning of fall semester  Standard eye glasses are not safety glasses unless they are certified as such and have side shields  Safety glasses that fit over eye glasses will be provided

11  It is your responsibility to read and understand the documentation describing glove / chemical compatibility. Use the proper glove for the material you are working with. A chart of glove / chemical compatibility is posted on the Senior Lab web site and in the stock room in the glove storage cabinet.

12  If you spill a chemical in your skin or get one in your eyes you must flush the area for a minimum of 5-minutes for midly irritating chemicals  At least 20 minutes for moderate to severe irritants and non-penetrating corrosives.  Non-penetrating corrosives are chemicals which react with human tissue to form a protective layer which limits the extent of damage. Most acids are non-penetrating corrosives.

13  Rinse at least 60 minutes for penetrating corrosives  Penetrating corrosives, such as most alkalis, hydrofluoric acid and phenol, enter the skin or eyes deeply. Penetrating corrosives require longer water flushing (a minimum of 60 minutes) than non-penetrating corrosives (a minimum of 20 minutes).

14  Violations of the preceding laboratory regulations will result in a loss of points.

15  Plan work in accordance with Chemical Hygiene Plan and lab safety regulations  Use equipment for designed purpose Be familiar with emergency equipment and procedures  Know and use appropriate protective equipment  Be alert to unsafe conditions and actions  call attention to them  correct them  Personal responsibilities  Work so that others (e.g., coworkers, the public) will not be harmed.

16  Lab is scheduled from 1:00 to 5:00 PM on assigned afternoons. Lab is closed on Fridays.  You are expected to manage your time and productivity to make the best use of your allotted time. Your employer will have the same expectation. Make-up time will usually not be granted.  Students may not work in the lab unless an instructor, teaching assistant, or lab technician is present.

17  If you don’t know – ask!  That way you don’t create an unsafe situation and you don’t waste your time doing something over.

18  In the event of a fire alarm turn off electrical power to your experiment and vacate the lab immediately –  Meet at the southeast entrance to M.E.B to wait for the clear signal to enter the building.  M.E.B contains a variety of gas cylinders, a fire alarm may indicate a gas leak or other emergency.

19  Prior to operating any lab experiment each team must meet with the lab manager to review the equipment specific hazards. Upon completion of the equipment specific safety review each team member must sign the review completion log








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