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小马托福 010- 62699622 教授!你为什么总挑刺儿 ? 综合写作妙法 吕欣泽. 小马托福 010- 62699622 综合写作 读+听+写读+听+写 读一篇 300 字左右的文章( 3min ) 听一段对此文章的评论( 1~2min ) 写一篇 150—225 字的文章( 20min )

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Presentation on theme: "小马托福 010- 62699622 教授!你为什么总挑刺儿 ? 综合写作妙法 吕欣泽. 小马托福 010- 62699622 综合写作 读+听+写读+听+写 读一篇 300 字左右的文章( 3min ) 听一段对此文章的评论( 1~2min ) 写一篇 150—225 字的文章( 20min )"— Presentation transcript:

1 小马托福 010- 62699622 教授!你为什么总挑刺儿 ? 综合写作妙法 吕欣泽

2 小马托福 010- 62699622 综合写作 读+听+写读+听+写 读一篇 300 字左右的文章( 3min ) 听一段对此文章的评论( 1~2min ) 写一篇 150—225 字的文章( 20min )

3 小马托福 010- 62699622 阅读 vs. 听力 阅读的观点和听力的观点是相反的 阅读听力 总观点于占超老师很帅于占超老师不帅 分论点一身材好身材不好(细节) 分论点二面容姣好其实不咋地(细节) 分论点三很有内涵其实很没文化(细节)

4 小马托福 010- 62699622 评分标准 A response at this level Effectively addresses the task by conveying relevant information from the lecture; and accurately relates key information from the lecture to information in the reading; and is well organized and coherent; and contains appropriate grammar and vocabulary, with only occasional minor language errors.

5 小马托福 010- 62699622 评分标准 文章切题,包含听力中的相关信息将听力主要信息与阅读材料信息准确对应段落组织有序,衔接紧密用词确切,语法规范,有少量拼写错误

6 小马托福 010- 62699622 如何做题? 阅读 & 听力:关键词 & 核心句子 重点: first/second/third 等词后的每段主题句,但是!  文章结构  第一段: introduction  第二段:阅读观点 NO.1+ 听力观点 NO.1 及理由  第三段:阅读观点 NO.2+ 听力观点 NO.2 及理由  第四段:阅读观点 NO.3 + 听力观点 NO.3 及理由

7 小马托福 010- 62699622 第一段最后一句 三个主体段第一句

8 小马托福 010- 62699622 Rembrandt is the most famous of the seventeenth-century Dutch painters. However, there are doubts whether some paintings attributed to Rembrandt were actually painted by him. One such painting is known as attributed to Rembrandt because of its style, and indeed the representation of the woman’s face is very much like that of portraits known to be by Rembrandt. But there are problems with the painting that suggest it could not be a work by Rembrandt. Every year, forest fires and severe storms cause a great deal of damage to forests in the northwestern United States. One way of dealing with the aftermath of these disasters is called salvage logging, which is the practice of removing dead trees from affected areas and using the wood for lumber, plywood, and other wood products. There are several reasons why salvage logging is beneficial both to a damaged forest and to the economy. Endotherms are animals such as modern birds and mammals that keep their body temperatures constant. For instance, humans are endotherms and maintain an internal temperature of 37°C, no matter whether the environment is warm or cold. Because dinosaurs were reptiles, and modern reptiles are not endotherms, it was long assumed that dinosaurs were not endotherms. However, dinosaurs differ in many ways from modern reptiles, and there is now considerable evidence that dinosaurs were, in fact, endotherms.

9 小马托福 010- 62699622 First, there is something inconsistent about the way the woman in the portrait is dressed. She is wearing a white linen cap of a kind that only servants would wear-yet the coat she is wearing has a luxurious fur collar that no servant could afford. Rembrandt, who was known for his attention to the details of his subjects’ clothing, would not have been guilty of such an inconsistency. Second, Rembrandt was a master of painting light and shadow, but in this painting these elements do not fit together. The face appears to be illuminated by light reflected onto it from below. But below the face is the dark fur collar, which would absorb light rather than reflect it. So the face should appear partially in shadow-which is not how it appears. Rembrandt would never have made such an error. Finally, examination of the back of the painting reveals that it was painted on a panel made of several pieces of wood glued together. Although Rembrandt often painted on wood panels, no painting known to be by Rembrandt uses a panel glued together in this way from several pieces of wood.

10 小马托福 010- 62699622 First, after a devastating fire, forests are choked with dead trees. If the trees are not removed, they will take years to decompose; in the meantime, no new trees can grow in the cramped spaces. Salvage logging, however, removes the remains of dead trees and makes room for fresh growth immediately, which is likely to help forest areas recover from the disaster. Also, dead trees do more than just take up space. Decaying wood is a highly suitable habitat for insects such as the spruce bark beetle, which in large numbers can damage live, healthy spruce trees. So by removing rotting wood, salvage logging helps minimize the dangers of insect infestation, thus contributing to the health of the forest. Third and last, salvage logging has economic benefits. Many industries depend upon the forests for their production, and because of this a fire can have a very harmful effect on the economy. Often, however, the trees that have been damaged by natural disasters still can provide much wood that is usable by industries. Furthermore, salvage logging requires more workers than traditional logging operations do, and so it helps create additional jobs for local residents.

11 小马托福 010- 62699622 笔记: Salvage logging -- SL 总: SL good to 森 & ¥ 1.after fire, choked with trees make room for fresh growth 2.Be suitable for insects insects infestation 3.SL - economic benefits/$ jobs SL × 森 & ¥ 1. tree growth × Natural D enrich soil 对树的 成长好 SL—lack nutrients for growth 2.not all insects are harmful SBB good ones: birds &other good insects—contributors 3.EB is 小、时间短 helicopters $ /jobs 暂时的 / 专业 的 outsiders> local residents

12 小马托福 010- 62699622 时态问题?

13 小马托福 010- 62699622 The passage claims that salvage logging can create many beneficial aspects, while the lecturer holds the idea that it will give rise to several environmental damages rather than benefits, and the economic benefit is not a guarantee. First, the opinion expressed in the passage is that removing the remains of dead trees after a forest fire can make space for new trees to grow because it will take a long time for dead trees to decompose, which will occupy the limited space. However, the lecturer considers that it may not create a suitable environment for fresh trees to grow. Dead trees actually can enrich the soil during its decomposition, which will provide nutrients for new trees’ growth. Secondly, the passage says that rotting trees will give rise to the insects’ population, which in large numbers will damage trees. So removing dead trees can decrease this possibility. Nevertheless, while the lecturer agrees that rotting trees will create more insects, she doesn’t think it is a bad thing. It has been proved that spruce bark beetle didn’t cause much harm since a long time ago. In addition, decaying trees can also provide habitats for birds and other beneficial insects, which can positively contribute to the growth of trees. Finally, the passage claims that salvage logging has economic benefits by providing materials to wood industries and removing the dead trees can create many opportunities for local people. To the contrary, the lecturer believes that the economic benefits of salvage logging are small and short. It will cost a great deal to transport these dead trees and the job opportunities for local people are just temporary.

14 小马托福 010- 62699622 Independent Writing Brainstorm Nowadays, young people do not respect their teachers as much as they did in the past. 一边倒? 往前推原因 / 往后看现象 平衡写?

15 小马托福 010- 62699622 Thank you very much!

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