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KODIAK PLANE UPDATE JANUARY 16, 2009 (Use Page Up/Page Down to advance slides)

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1 KODIAK PLANE UPDATE JANUARY 16, 2009 (Use Page Up/Page Down to advance slides)

2 Our Faithful Prototype is still hard at work. Here she is getting ready for still more flight testing of the cargo pod and new ventral tail fins for added stability.

3 #0001 belongs to The Spokane Turbine Center: This is the missionary training Kodiak now based in Spokane, Washington adjacent to the Moody Bible Aviation training school. Being the first Kodiak, there were defects in the paint job so here she is with her new colors receiving some maintenance.

4 #0007 is being delivered to The US Department of Interior, Fish and Game Dept. Paul Schaller, Quest Aircraft CEO proudly turns over the keys to the US Department of Interior. Now off to Boise, Atlanta and Louisiana…….

5 #Note the turned down exhaust stacks for added visibility when counting birds and animals from the air. Ducks, you are numbered!.

6 #0008 is our first missionary Kodiak going to JAARS and destined for service in Papua New Guinea: Dave Voetmann and Tom Hamilton, as the Quest Project Co-Visionaries, had the honor of giving the keys to David Reeves, JAARS President..

7 #0008 departed snowy Sandpoint last Saturday for her maiden flight to JAARS headquarters in Waxhaw, South Carolina.

8 #0008 arrives safe and sound in Sunny South Carolina after a long wintery cross-country flight.

9 No shortage of excited JAARS personnel to welcome their first of several long awaited Kodiaks. (JAARS stands for Jungle Aviation and Radio Services and is a support arm of the Wycliffe Bible Translators).

10 #0009 is now in Everett Washington just north of Seattle for paint and is expected back to Quest next Friday. This is a fast turnaround by our painting group at Paine Field, Everett. The commercial customer delivery is expected on the 27 th. #0010 below: The engine is on and the last of the electrical installation is being completed..

11 #0011 is the next missionary Kodiak slated for delivery to Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) by March: She is getting her wings installed and will be moved to assembly station 5 next week. Her engine arrives January 21 st. About every tenth Kodiak is slated for missionary work. They get much tender loving attention and added excitement!.

12 #0012 is coming along well in assembly station 3: And #0013 is not far behind in Stage 2.

13 #0014 & #0015 are in the foreground with #0012 & #0013 in the background: The Production floor shows fuselage fixtures (Stage 1) in foreground..

14 0017 & #0018 are in the Floor framing & Skinning fixtures:.

15 Other Quest employees are busy finishing up the parts-setup-cart for the floor of #0020 and getting more parts through the machine shop and inspected to be ready for more……… This has already been a great couple weeks in 2009 and we are very excited and grateful to God, especially for #0008 and its safe arrival in North Carolina. We are also very grateful to all of you who have been such a crucial part of this amazing missionary effort with your sacrificially giving and prayers every day for the success of this strategic project. We would ask you to continue and to be especially diligent to pray over the next couple weeks as this is a critical time financially for Quest Aircraft. Thank you all for being such faithful partners and friends. We have toiled together and now we rejoice together with the first missionary Kodiaks slated for overseas ministry being delivered.

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