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Central Depository Services (India) Limited 14th ACG Cross Training Seminar.

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1 Central Depository Services (India) Limited 14th ACG Cross Training Seminar

2 Demataterialisation (Demat) and Rematerialisation (Remat) of Securities No Immobilization Beneficial Owner Level Accounting No Nominee level accounting Challenges Multiple Exchanges Multiple Clearing Corporation Multiple Depositories Depository in India Started in 1996 More than 2 Crore (20 million) demat account Approximately INR 75 Lakh Crores (USD 1360 Billion) 29-May-2012Central Depository Services (India) Limited 2

3 Admission criteria Approval/ Registration Certificate - Regulator Renewal after 5 years Permanent Registration Branches Service Centres 29-May-2012Central Depository Services (India) Limited 3 ParticularsNSDL #CDSL DPs registered283568 Service Centres1404510740 # - NSDL website [NSDL at a glance May 19, 2012]

4 Admission criteria Allocate ISIN - NSDL Create ISIN in system Activate ISIN Block / Deactivate ISIN Automatically on maturity date Due to Corporate Action Due to Regulatory orders 29-May-2012Central Depository Services (India) Limited 4 ParticularsNSDL #CDSL Issuers Admitted98679797 ISINs1922921652 # - NSDL website [NSDL at a glance May 19, 2012]

5 Admission criteria Checking documents at CDSL Monitoring expiry of RTA registration Beneficiary Holding Position (BenPos) Weekly (Friday) Month end On demand RTA to be registered with both the Depositories before they start operations 29-May-2012Central Depository Services (India) Limited 5

6 GSec pertaining to Central Government State Government Issued/Controlled by Central Bank Reserve Bank of India (RBI) NDS (Negotiated Dealing System) CDSL - RTA Demat /Remat of Gsec Processing of Interest / Redemption 29-May-2012Central Depository Services (India) Limited 6

7 Subscription /Buying or Redemption/Selling through Trading Platform Order Entry Platform AMC RTA Depository through DP Types of Mutual Fund schemes Open ended Close ended Interval Funds Exchange Traded Funds Fixed Maturity Plans 29-May-2012Central Depository Services (India) Limited 7

8 Clearing Corporation of Stock Exchanges does clearing & settlement of Trades Settlement cycles Money as well as Securities simultaneously T + 2 (equities, debentures, etc.) T + 1 (Corporate Bonds, SLB) T + 0 (Corporate Bonds) Securities and Money on different dates T + 0 (Mutual funds – redemption - securities) T + 1 to T + 7 (Mutual Funds – redemption - money) Runs on time schedules From 0900 hours to 1700 hours 29-May-2012Central Depository Services (India) Limited 8

9 IPO / FPO Setup of IPO/FPO Client (BOID) verification IPO Basis of Allotment Allotment Blocking securities Trading approval Unblocking securities on day of trading FPO Listing approval Allotment Trading approval 29-May-2012Central Depository Services (India) Limited 9

10 Corporate Action types Only Credit (Bonus, etc.) Only Debit (Redemption, etc.) Both Debit & Credit (Split, Demerger, etc.) Processing at SOD EOD Online Processing type Automatic Manual 29-May-2012Central Depository Services (India) Limited 10

11 Internet access to account easi easiest Corporate Announcements SMS alerts (SMART) Debits, credits, Change in address/PoA/signature, etc. Grievance Redressal Mechanism – Arbitration Investor Awareness Programs (IAPs) 29-May-2012Central Depository Services (India) Limited 11

12 Commodity Exchange types Commodity types Settlement types e-Warehouse Receipts ICIN creation Demat Remat Revalidation 29-May-2012Central Depository Services (India) Limited 12

13 Central Depository Services (India) Limited 14th ACG Cross Training Seminar

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