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Depository Services e-Voting National Academic Depository Go Green Services Authentication Service Agency (ASA) for UIDAI Central Depository Services.

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3 Depository Services e-Voting National Academic Depository Go Green Services Authentication Service Agency (ASA) for UIDAI Central Depository Services (India) Limited Wholly owned subsidiary of CDSL KYC Registration Agency 1 st and largest KRA with over 12 mn KYCs Authentication User Agency (AUA) for UIDAI CDSL Ventures Limited Promoted by CDSL (51%) and Insurance companies (49%) Facilitates policyholders to hold insurance policies in electronic form Central Insurance Repository Limited

4 9.2 million Situated in 23,000 pin-codes BO Accounts 575 Operating from over 11,000 locations DPs Registered 8709 Unique companies Equity, Debentures, Bonds, Mutual Fund Units, G-Secs, CDs, CPs, etc. Issuer Companies Volume 18,950 crore Value Rs.14,05,300 crore Securities under Custody


6 * Limited Purpose DP * The minimum net worth requirement for a stock broker to become CDSL DP is Rs.2 crores * New CDSL DP category 'Limited Depository Participant' * Stock broker having net worth of not less than Rs.1 crore * Increase net worth to atleast Rs.2 crores in the next 2 financial years

7 * Single File (Common) Upload for all types of transactions * Single download transaction report (DP57) for convenient Back office Updation. * CDAS application has been made available as a browser based version to keep pace with the new technology and provide greater flexibility and ease of use. * CDSL has obtained ISO 27001 certification for not only its main site, but also for its DRS from world renowned certifying body DNV. * CDSL has obtained BS 25999-2:2007 certification for its Business Continuity Management System

8 * DP-BO Agreement has been replaced with Rights and Obligation documents * Transfer of securities which are under Inactive or Lock-in * Target demat account is within CDSL * Balances under Pending Demat / Remat / Destat / Restat will also be transferred * Scanning of Delivery Instruction Slips (DIS) * For operational ease, CDSL has provided a facility to DPs to upload scanned images in the System directly * Scanned Images will be stored by CDSL, hence the DP need not store any DIS after upload nor take backup of the same * CDSL will also provide the Pending DIS Scan report so that there is no Non-Compliance by the DP

9 * NISM (National Institute of Securities Markets) * CDSL is an NISM Accredited CPE Provider for conducting CPE Programmes for NISM Series - VI: Depository Operations Certification Examination (DOCE). * CDSL has conducted 59 NISM DOCE –CPE training programmes across the country and has trained 1398 Officials. * CDSL has been conducting various training programmes across the country to help prepare for NISM VI: DOCE. * Audio visual tutorial has been prepared by CDSL which is uploaded in YouTube.

10 * IAPs (Investor awareness programs ) * Conducting IAPs across the country free of cost to Investors * In association with DPs and media * Distribution of booklets i.e. investor guides and Q&A on demat * DP Training * Over 10000 officials of DPs across the country * Over 1200 Compliance Officers & Over 1785 officials of Auditors


12 * Electronic access to securities information * Easi enables demat A/c holders (BOs / Brokers) to view the holdings and transactions * Anytime/Anywhere access to the demat account through CDSL’s website * Transaction information for last 7 days * Valuation of their holding * Information on Corporate announcements on a separate tab * BO can add/modify Mobile Number for SMS Alerts * BOs registered for easi/easiest can now freeze /unfreeze their securities at their convenience.

13 * Electronic access to securities information and execution of secured transactions * All the benefits of easi are available * BO/CM can enter debit/credit instructions on the internet. * Easiest has two types of facility a) Trusted A/c b) Account of choice * BOs using Easiest can now transfer securities to any 4 pre-notified accounts including CM a/c. * BOs can use their existing Class 2 digital signature for using Easiest- Account of choice.

14 * TRUST -TRansactions Using Secured Texting * Mobile Application for Payin which the BO can use anywhere/anytime. * BO can confirm instructions for trades done on a stock exchange by sending an SMS using any Android mobile phone * BO can also confirm using GPRS based version of TRUST for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows based mobile devices * TRUST application has now been hosted on Google Play Store for Android Users.

15 * CDSL’s e-Voting System enables investors to cast their votes pertaining to company resolutions through * e-Voting can be used for AGMs, EGMs, Postal Ballots and any other meeting * 3345 companies have signed e-Voting Agreement & 2923 companies have Used CDSL’s e-Voting Platform * Automated system which records votes and gives results instantaneously. * Corporate and MF can now use CDSL’s e-Voting Platform * Single Sign-on to enable online customers to vote

16 * CDSL Ventures Limited (CVL) is the first and largest KRA with over 1.2 crore KYC and 3152 Intermediaries registered * Intermediary can check in CVL KRA, the KYC status of a customer across all KRAs * CVL - KRA Interoperability enables intermediary to download KYC data available in other KRA * Registered Users of Intermediaries can get the Investors KYC status using SMS. User can also download the data using SMS facility. ABCDE1234F KYC REGISTERED

17 * Statement Dispatch: * Dispatch of transaction cum holding statements on behalf of Depository Participants * Personalised Billing/Ledger of the client can be dispatched. * Database of Distinctive Number (DNs) * Maintained by Depository to facilitate capital reconciliation * Facility for DN database inquiry through ‘CDAS’ for DPs * Participants are required to check the correctness of the ISINs based on DNs before entering the demat request


19 * E-KYC (electronic, paper-less KYC experience to Aadhar holders) will be soon available through CVL. * Approx 71 crore Aadhar cards have been issued * KYC details available in Aadhar can be downloaded by the intermediary using two Options: * OTP Authentication * Biometric Authentication

20 Demat A/c ( Equity, Debt, MF) Pension Products Corporate FDs Bank FDs Postal Saving Schemes Insurance

21 * Investors will be able to view their entire investments in Mutual Funds and Securities held in demat A/c in a single Consolidated Account Statement sent by the Depository

22 * Single KYC can be used across all segments of the Financial Markets. * Uniform KYC norms will encourage Investors to participate in Indian capital markets.


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