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CDSL Welcomes You.

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1 CDSL Welcomes You

2 Enhancements in Depository and KRA

3 CDSL Group Promoted by CDSL (51%) and Insurance companies (49%)
Central Depository Services (India) Limited Depository Services e-Voting National Academic Depository Go Green Services Authentication Service Agency (ASA) for UIDAI CDSL Ventures Limited Wholly owned subsidiary of CDSL KYC Registration Agency 1st and largest KRA with over 12 mn KYCs Authentication User Agency (AUA) for UIDAI Central Insurance Repository Limited Promoted by CDSL (51%) and Insurance companies (49%) Facilitates policyholders to hold insurance policies in electronic form

4 Securities under Custody
CDSL Today ! BO Accounts 9.2 million Situated in 23,000 pin-codes DPs Registered 575 Operating from over 11,000 locations Issuer Companies 8709 Unique companies Equity, Debentures, Bonds, Mutual Fund Units, G-Secs, CDs, CPs, etc. Securities under Custody Volume 18,950 crore Value Rs.14,05,300 crore Nov 2014 infoline. Pincode N/a The here and now of CDSL We are at par with the competition in terms of securities admitted. Currently CDSL has admitted issuer companies of which 204 are not admitted with the other depository, while there are 184 companies which are not admitted on CDSL but are admitted on the other depository CDSL has a wide network of DPs across the country. These DPs are located in 2029 pin code locations and have a DP presence in not only Tier 1 cities but also Tier 2 & 3 cities. For efficient settlement planning CDSL allows a payin to be done directly from the clients account directly to the CH/CC. Thus, CMs having a POA of their client account can do payin on T day itself which would help the DP to get release of margin. Further available quantity is picked up at the time of pay-in, thus reducing losses due to shortages. The other options of doing early payin / Normal Payin and Auto payin through the pool account still remains for CMs. In payout, CMs can also give a break up to the CH/CC so as to give direct credit into the clients account.

5 Current Enhancements

6 CDSL - DP Admission Limited Purpose DP
The minimum net worth requirement for a stock broker to become CDSL DP is Rs.2 crores New CDSL DP category 'Limited Depository Participant' Stock broker having net worth of not less than Rs.1 crore Increase net worth to atleast Rs.2 crores in the next 2 financial years

7 CDSL SYSTEMS Single File (Common) Upload for all types of transactions
Single download transaction report (DP57) for convenient Back office Updation. CDAS application has been made available as a browser based version to keep pace with the new technology and provide greater flexibility and ease of use. CDSL has obtained ISO certification for not only its main site, but also for its DRS from world renowned certifying body DNV. CDSL has obtained BS :2007 certification for its Business Continuity Management System

8 CDSL Process DP-BO Agreement has been replaced with Rights and Obligation documents Transfer of securities which are under Inactive or Lock-in Target demat account is within CDSL Balances under Pending Demat / Remat / Destat / Restat will also be transferred Scanning of Delivery Instruction Slips (DIS) For operational ease, CDSL has provided a facility to DPs to upload scanned images in the System directly Scanned Images will be stored by CDSL, hence the DP need not store any DIS after upload nor take backup of the same CDSL will also provide the Pending DIS Scan report so that there is no Non-Compliance by the DP

9 CDSL – IAPs and Training
NISM (National Institute of Securities Markets) CDSL is an NISM Accredited CPE Provider for conducting CPE Programmes for NISM Series - VI: Depository Operations Certification Examination (DOCE). CDSL has conducted 59 NISM DOCE –CPE training programmes across the country and has trained Officials. CDSL has been conducting various training programmes across the country to help prepare for NISM VI: DOCE. Audio visual tutorial has been prepared by CDSL which is uploaded in YouTube. 10000 officails trained, Compliance officers 1232 & Auditors training 1785

10 CDSL – IAPs and Training
IAPs (Investor awareness programs ) Conducting IAPs across the country free of cost to Investors In association with DPs and media Distribution of booklets i.e. investor guides and Q&A on demat DP Training Over officials of DPs across the country Over 1200 Compliance Officers & Over 1785 officials of Auditors 10000 officails trained, Compliance officers 1232 & Auditors training 1785

11 Value Additions In terms of incremental market share of new accounts opened, CDSL has continued to maintain the lead in the last 3 years. During FY CDSL had 70% Market Share of new accounts added FY CDSL had 62% and During FY CDSL had 69% Market share CDSL has 473 DPs offering DP services from over 6000 locations as compared to 276 DPs with the other Depository. These DP offer services from 2029 pincode locations Currently CDSL has 8 regional offices. These offices provide CDSL with a local presence, DPs can be supported locally improves response time in servicing DPs and most importantly we are able to obtain valuable feedback from the DPs.

12 Easi – Internet Based Electronic access to securities information
Easi enables demat A/c holders (BOs / Brokers) to view the holdings and transactions Anytime/Anywhere access to the demat account through CDSL’s website Transaction information for last 7 days Valuation of their holding Information on Corporate announcements on a separate tab BO can add/modify Mobile Number for SMS Alerts BOs registered for easi/easiest can now freeze /unfreeze their securities at their convenience.

13 Easiest- Internet based
Electronic access to securities information and execution of secured transactions All the benefits of easi are available BO/CM can enter debit/credit instructions on the internet. Easiest has two types of facility a) Trusted A/c b) Account of choice BOs using Easiest can now transfer securities to any 4 pre-notified accounts including CM a/c. BOs can use their existing Class 2 digital signature for using Easiest- Account of choice.

14 TRUST - Mobile Based TRUST -TRansactions Using Secured Texting
Mobile Application for Payin which the BO can use anywhere/anytime. BO can confirm instructions for trades done on a stock exchange by sending an SMS using any Android mobile phone BO can also confirm using GPRS based version of TRUST for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows based mobile devices TRUST application has now been hosted on Google Play Store for Android Users.

15 e-Voting CDSL’s e-Voting System enables investors to cast their votes
pertaining to company resolutions through e-Voting can be used for AGMs, EGMs, Postal Ballots and any other meeting 3345 companies have signed e-Voting Agreement & companies have Used CDSL’s e-Voting Platform Automated system which records votes and gives results instantaneously. Corporate and MF can now use CDSL’s e-Voting Platform Single Sign-on to enable online customers to vote

16 CVL KRA CDSL Ventures Limited (CVL) is the first and largest KRA with over 1.2 crore KYC and 3152 Intermediaries registered Intermediary can check in CVL KRA, the KYC status of a customer across all KRAs CVL - KRA Interoperability enables intermediary to download KYC data available in other KRA Registered Users of Intermediaries can get the Investors KYC status using SMS. User can also download the data using SMS facility. ABCDE1234F KYC REGISTERED

17 CDSL –Other Updates Statement Dispatch:
Dispatch of transaction cum holding statements on behalf of Depository Participants Personalised Billing/Ledger of the client can be dispatched. Database of Distinctive Number (DNs) Maintained by Depository to facilitate capital reconciliation Facility for DN database inquiry through ‘CDAS’ for DPs Participants are required to check the correctness of the ISINs based on DNs before entering the demat request

18 Future Enhancements

19 E-KYC E-KYC (electronic, paper-less KYC experience to Aadhar holders) will be soon available through CVL. Approx 71 crore Aadhar cards have been issued KYC details available in Aadhar can be downloaded by the intermediary using two Options: OTP Authentication Biometric Authentication Aadhar card data as on

20 Single Demat account Demat A/c (Equity, Debt, MF) Pension Products
Corporate FDs Bank FDs Postal Saving Schemes Insurance

21 Consolidated A/c Statement (CAS)
Investors will be able to view their entire investments in Mutual Funds and Securities held in demat A/c in a single Consolidated Account Statement sent by the Depository

22 Single KYC for all financial products
Single KYC can be used across all segments of the Financial Markets. Uniform KYC norms will encourage Investors to participate in Indian capital markets.

23 Thank You

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