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Human Resources & Organisational Development

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1 Human Resources & Organisational Development
Our Vision: 'To create an inspiring place for people to work, develop and achieve their full potential whilst delivering the University’s ambitions’ Inspiring | Developing | Achieving

2 Human Resources & Organisational Development
HR & OD is changing! What is our aim? Building on work begun under the Culture, Leadership and Management project we are modernising how we work to improve the staff and student experience and position us as a modern, forward thinking employer supporting the University to be a sustainable and successful organisation

3 Human Resources & Organisational Development
About us as a department: New mission and strapline to convey succinctly what we are aiming to deliver and the key values within this in terms of how we work with the organisation Our Vision: 'To create an inspiring place for people to work, develop and achieve their full potential whilst delivering the University’s ambitions’ As a place of learning, ensure the value of continuous learning and development for all ‘Inspiring, Developing, Achieving’ We aim to inspire and enable others to do the same - to be an inspiring place to work and learn Developing a culture of success and high performance

4 Human Resources & Organisational Development
What’s going to be different this term…………? How we ‘look’ ! – rebuilt HR web pages improving your user experience, updated recruitment documentation with new image Policies revised and increased in scope fit for a 21st century, modern employer A new staffing structure that supports our vision, University strategic aims and values HR & OD more visible working out in our staff community In 2014/15, developing a People Strategy to support the University strategic framework We want your feedback – tell us what you think This are just the initial changes – more to come as we build on these…..

5 Human Resources & Organisational Development

6 Department of Human Resources & Organisational Development
Director & Assistant to the Director Deputy Director (Business Partnering & HR Operations) (Organisational & Staff Development HR & OD Management Team Corporate HR Business Partnering Organisational & Staff Development HR Operations Business Partners Recruitment Team Management Information HR Services Assistant Business Partners Department of Human Resources & Organisational Development Inspiring | Developing | Achieving

7 HR&OD Operations Recruitment: HR Services: Management Information:
Rachel Ford / Elizabeth Taylor (Starting 15 September 2014) HR Services: Emily-Jane Cunningham, Becky Hunt, Elisabetta Ebani, Kenza Pickford & Liz Welch Management Information: Chris Senior, Mandy Dyer & Nicola Woodbridge

8 What We Do! HR Services First line advice and general queries
Pre-employment checks Offers, contracts and amendments Inputting employee data Temporary and Sessional Staff Research Passports Maternity, paternity and adoption Leavers Probation Cyclescheme Associates Smartcards Kenza, Emily-Jane, Becky and Elisabetta, Liz Telephone: (78) 2514

9 What We Do! Recruitment Team
Advice and guidance on recruitment campaigns & processes Placing Adverts I-Grasp Administration References and invites to Interview Interview Packs Advice on selection methods and assessments Rachel + Elizabeth Telephone: 01227 (78) 2441 01227 (78) 2714

10 Management Information Team
What We Do! Establishment Management Reporting Support and training on HR System Support to VT2000 and I-Grasp Systems Statutory Returns Annual Employment Report Developing M.I systems and reporting Chris, Mandy and Nicola Telephone: Ext or Ext. 3172

11 HR Business Partners Supporting strategic issues
Provide advice to our faculties and directorates. They advise and coach senior managers in the development and implementation of their business objectives in line with the University’s strategy and objectives. This includes guidance on organisational change, talent and succession, workforce planning, organisational development and advice and guidance on complex employee relations case work. Contact your Faculty/Department HR Business Partner: Simon Wright Education & PVCE&SE PVCRKE Ext. 2693 Lesley Pomeroy A&H, H&W & VC Ext. 3161 Nick Baser SAS, PVCR Ext. 3250

12 Assistant HR Business Partners Advising line managers
The Assistant HR Business Partners provide advice, guidance and support to line managers on non routine issues including: Case advice relating to discipline, grievance and performance management Guidance on the management of absence Support for the process of organisational change Contact your Faculty/Department Assistant HR Business Partner: Helen Hogg Education & PVCE&SE PVCRKE Ext. 2874 Harriet Mill SAS & PVCR Ext. 2714 Suzanne Stokes A&H, H&W & VC Ext. 2886

13 Corporate HR Supporting our strategic agenda
Julia Manwaring is our Corporate HR Advisor responsible for supporting the development and implementation of contemporary employment policy and practice in support of our People Strategy. Julia is also responsible for maintaining our pay and grading structures and assisting in the creation of reward and recognition plans for the University. Julia also oversees the delivery of our portfolio of HR projects. Julia Manwaring Ext. 2613

14 Organisational & Staff Development
Supports managers, other internal development providers and our HR&OD colleagues to deliver development solutions at an individual, team or organisational level that support strategic aims and our People Strategy. Tracy, Kath, Lynne, Sally Support team: Yvonne, Jane, Jess Contact the team in regard to: Bespoke team development support Leadership and Management development incl. coaching and mentoring Advice and support on induction and appraisal processes Funding process for further study. Programme Director and Sessional staff development Initial contact to:

15 Human Resources & Organisational Development
Bringing the vision to life

16 Human Resources & Organisational Development
Key Priorities 2014/15 Embedding the new structure, ways of working and enhancing the HR & OD service to managers and staff Policy development framework Culture, Leadership and Management programme University Staff Survey and IiP Role review – building fairer and transparent reward and recognition for academic roles and LDTC (locally determined pay group) Moving toward options for manager and employee self service in 2015

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