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20th Annual Black Solidarity Conference at Yale Grievance Presented by Umoja.

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1 20th Annual Black Solidarity Conference at Yale Grievance Presented by Umoja

2 What is Umoja? ● E ducates & C elebrates A frican- A merican C ulture ● Founded in Fall 2011 ● Unity by understanding cultural differences ● Designed to be an inclusive safe-space in which students of all origins and backgrounds can learn and discuss life experiences that relate to the group’s mission to foster a positive atmosphere for growth and to learn as individuals and holistically.

3 Black Solidarity Conference at Yale C ommunicate. N etwork. C onsolidate. ● The Black Solidarity Conference at Yale is an annual forum dedicated to providing a highly conversational and interactive platform for students of color to effectively express their opinions and ideas surrounding contemporary concerns. ● Founded in 1994 as an extension of Black Solidarity Day ● It is the largest undergraduate conference at Yale, with an attendance of over 700 students of color nationwide ● Past speakers include: Spike Lee, Tavis Smiley, Angela Davis, Cornel West, Michael Eric Dyson, Jeffrey Johnson, Kathleen Cleaver


5 20th Annual BSC at Yale presents: The Ties That Bind: Unique In Our Blackness, One in Our Struggle (February 19th-22nd 2015) “ Shifting the dialogue to promote unity and meaningful action as we strive to understand and fight against systematic oppression”

6 Today’s Grievance Hotel Cost $1,835.40

7 Cost of Attendance Breakdown Yale Hotel (from room confirmation)Transportation Summary of Room Charges Thursday, February 19, 2015 - Sunday, February 22, 2015 (3 nights) Cost per night per room (USD) 133.00 Estimated government taxes and fees per night - 19.95 Total for stay (for one room) - $458.85 $458.85 x 4 rooms = $1,835.40 Van Rental $300 each $300 x 2=$600 Tolls/Gas= $200 Parking: $20 per day $20 x 4 days= $80 Total needed to budget for during Spring Semester=$880 (minus what is left from the Fall semester budget) Registration Early Registration per person= $105 For 14 members $105 x 14= $1,470

8 Benefits of Attendance ● Integrate and network with other Black student run organizations at other colleges and universities. ● Expand our life experience for us, not only as Wells College students but also as students of color. ● Educate Umoja members in order to educate the rest of campus. ● During the Spring Semester, we will host an event in the String Room Art Gallery or Long Library where we will discuss what we learned at the conference about ways to overcome systematic oppression

9 Want to know more... ● ● Conference-at-Yale/227773974049611 ● Twitter: BSC_2015

10 U moja thanks you for your continuous support! Questions or Comments?

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