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Tau Beta Pi Initiate Pizza Party & Information Session Thursday, 12 February 2015.

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1 Tau Beta Pi Initiate Pizza Party & Information Session Thursday, 12 February 2015

2 What is TBP? 2 nd oldest honor society in the US Only honor society representing all engineering disciplines 242 chapters across the US with over 559,000 members Top 1/8 of Junior Class, 1/5 of Senior Class Purpose: “to mark in a fitting manner those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character as students in engineering, or by their attainments as alumni in the field of engineering, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in engineering colleges”

3 Tau Beta Pi at Iowa State One of the most active and awarded chapters in the country 6+ service projects per year Social events Career-oriented events Opportunity for involvement and leadership All ISU engineering buildings and several others (18 total) named for TBP members Every Dean of Engineering has been a TBP member, including the present Dean, Dr. Sarah Rajala

4 Service Projects Spring 2015 Roller Coaster Competition Adopt-A-Highway Fall 2015 Pi Mile Run Building the Future Adopt-A-Highway.

5 Benefits of Membership Tau Beta Pi Graduate Fellowships ($10,000) and Undergraduate Scholarships ($2000) available o 4 scholarships awarded to IA A members last year Leadership opportunities o Cabinet Positions o Small Group Leaders FE and PE test preparation materials Graduation Stoles

6 Benefits of Membership Subscription to The Bent and The Bulletin Networking within the college and within the entire Tau Beta Pi organization o Jobs o Graduate Schools o Academic Positions Exclusive company presentations Guest Speakers Link to more information:

7 How To Get Involved Cabinet Elections of open positions each semester General Meetings Meeting are held every other week Committee Meetings Chapter projects, Initiation, Chapter Improvement Projects Small Group Leadership

8 Initiation Process Overview Activities throughout the semester crafted to assess: Character Commitment to Service Leadership Dedication Tau Beta Pi is not merely a résumé-builder Payment of fee does not assure membership; active participation in initiation activities is essential

9 Initiation Process Components Participate in at least:  Three of 4 Small Group Meetings  One Committee Meeting  One Engineering Futures Session  One Service Project  One General Meeting/Presentation  Bent Polishing  Quiz  Initiation Ceremony 10-12 hours overall...

10 Initiation Process Explanations  Engineering Futures Session This is a 2.5 hour session teaching engineering soft skills (this semester the sessions will devoted to Team Building). These sessions were developed for professionals in Fortune 500 companies and you get them for free!  Bent Polishing The bent is the symbol of TBP. You are given an unpolished 4” bronze bent and spend about 45 min. polishing it using our files, sanders, and buffers. We put a ribbon on it and you will wear it around your neck during the initiation ceremony.  Quiz We will ask you to do a little bit of research on Tau Beta Pi (through links to the Iowa Alpha and National TBP website) and take a short, simple quiz on Blackboard.

11 Where does my initiation fee go? One time $80.00 fee makes you life member of Tau Beta Pi! $45.00 of fee goes to National Headquarters, includes: 4-year subscription to The Bent Tau Beta Pi Bulletin Access to Tau Beta Pi Job Board $35.00 of fee stays with Iowa Alpha to support: Food for Information session and FAC Tau Beta Pi Bent for initiates to polish Food for Engineering Futures participants Cost of Initiation Ceremony & Banquet Funding of Chapter Outreach activities

12 Initiate Small Groups Spring Semester Small Groups will plan: Fall 2015 Pi Mile Run ( 3.14 mile - 5K race ) Alumni networking event Tau Beta Pi Apparel for Sale to Members Social Event for the Chapter Outreach to Students not in Tau Beta Pi Branding of Iowa Alpha/Tau Beta Pi at ISU Speakers for General Meetings/Events

13 Next Steps  Small Group signup on Blackboard Week of 16-20 February  Attend 3 of 4 small group meetings Beginning week of 23-27 February  Attend Engineering Futures Session Saturday, 28 March  Attend Bent Polishing Sunday, 8 or 29 March  Perform Service Activity Roller Coaster Competitiion – Thursday, 9 April Adopt a Highway Cleanup – Sunday, 19 April  Participate in General Meeting - Small Group Presentation Monday, 30 March  Attend a Committee Meeting – Officer Election Monday, 6 April  Attend Tau Beta Pi Initiation Ceremony - Sunday 26 April (you must attend to become a member)

14 Questions? Feel free to contact: New Members - Spring 2014 (79 initiates was largest initiation class since 1992) Nolan Dickson, Initiation Officer – Joseph Shrestha, Graduate Initiation Officer – Amy Seibert, Iowa Alpha President – LeVern Faidley, Chief Advisor –

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