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French Revolution DBQ Steps.

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1 French Revolution DBQ Steps

2 Step 1 (Question) Step 1: Understand Terms of questions
Question: Evaluate the grievances of the Third Estate prior to the French Revolution of 1789, and analyze the extent to which they were addressed during the course of the revolution to 1792. Grievances- concerns/complaints (+ or -) Addressed-to face up to or acknowledge a problem or issue Any other terms that you don’t know?

3 Step 1: continued Tasks of question
Question: Evaluate the grievances of the Third Estate prior to the French Revolution of 1789, and analyze the extent to which they were addressed during the course of the revolution to Evaluate=Discuss the advantages and disadvantages, or the positive and negative aspects, of a topic. Analyze= Conduct an in depth examination of an event and reach conclusions regarding its importance or its relationship to other events.

4 Tasks Continued “Evaluate the grievances” involves a discussion of the positive and negative aspects of the grievances, the advantages and disadvantages and of how well founded the grievances were. Note that simply identifying the grievances is a step in answering the question but does not include an evaluation. “Analyze the extent to which they were addressed” involves an examination of the degree to which the Third Estate faced up to their grievances.

5 Step 2: Personalize the Question
Evaluate any grievances (complaints/concerns) with your parents, a friend, or teacher. Ex: Curfew, allowance, grade, etc. Are your grievances + or -? Are they well founded, is it reasonable to ask for something different? How did you confront the person about the grievance? Face to face, text, phone, facebook?

6 Step 2: personalize the question
Using your previous knowledge what were some of the Grievances from the 3rd estate and how did they try and get those grievances met?

7 Step 3 and 4 Step 3-Read and relate documents to question Step 4- Recognize POV (Point of View) Grievance on taxes a High Priest might have a different point of view than a peasant. Note format: Who(pov) What Where When Grievances Extent Doc 1 Doc1 Doc3 Doc4 *While reading documents look for similarities and differences between docs.

8 Step 5: Group documents Types of Grievances (Political, Social, Economic) Extent addressed (Speeches, petitions, violence) pov

9 Step 6: Thesis Must include all parts of question
Evaluate the Grievances Analyze the extent to which they were addressed Answer question do not repeat question

10 Step 6: Thesis Example The Grievances of the Third Estate were about political, economic, and social inequalities that existed in France prior to the French Revolution of The extent to which the revolutionaries addressed these grievances ranged from speech and petitions to violence and finally to political and legal reform.

11 Step 7: Body Form you body in two ways (Must talk about both in every paragraph) Groupings of grievances Extent they were addressed (used in example) Topic sentence-state what you are talking about from thesis (start of second paragraph) Prior to 1782, the revolutionaries addressed their grievances through various forms of speech and through petition. (include docs that were forms of speech or petition and that were grievances about political, economic, and social inequalities).

12 Step 7: Body Cont. Transition sentence to 3rd paragraph: the many grievances and variety of sources demonstrate the strong desire for change in the beginning stages of the French Revolution. Paragraph 3: (Violence)Topic sentence-docs- transition sentence Paragraph 4: (Political and legal reform) Topic sentence-docs-transition sentence.

13 Step 8: Conclusion and Significance
Tie whole paper together and state what the significance was of the French Revolution. EX: The French Revolution was an event that was inspired by both the Enlightenment and the American Revolution. It further promoted the ideals of liberty and equality, ideals that today, in America, we sometimes take for granted. Many people in the world, especially women, are still struggling to gain both liberty and equality.

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