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University Manual Project Gary Hamilton Johnson Kwong Robin Tomasso Barbara Brunson Hassan Halati.

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1 University Manual Project Gary Hamilton Johnson Kwong Robin Tomasso Barbara Brunson Hassan Halati

2 Project Goal Develop an online central repository for the University manual and University policies.

3 Functional Requirements Updated policies Updated policies Keep track of revisions (to the extend possible) Searchable Easy to maintain

4 Completed Activities 1. Locate and Review different copies of the UM and consolidate if needed. Different copies with different update levels Outdated sections Incomplete policies –Decision: Focus on Academic Policies 2. Review implementation at other campuses and develop a framework for the online UM –Decision: Fresno State

5 Completed Activities 3. Digitize the UM chapters and relevant policies 4. Identify and locate the policies to be loaded into the database Division websites Catalog College websites Different format and sometime rewritten Academic Senate archives – reviewed 20 years of history Separation into administrative and Academic is difficult

6 Completed Activities 5. Finalize the framework for Cal Poly, Pomona, design interface and develop design documents Hierarchical framework Classification by function/constituency Unique numbering system 6. Develop the user interface, database, and website Academic Resources Keyword search capability

7 Completed Activities 7. Update identified policies and populate the data base Many required to be updated Recommended changes to each policy was prepared Recommended changes were categorized into: Editorial Collective Bargaining Agreement Delete Major revision Catalog

8 Completed Activities 8. Prepare packages and submit for Administrative and Academic Senate review and their recommendation to the President for approval.

9 University Manual Organization and Shared Governance 100-200 Academic Manual 1000-2000 Administrative Manual 2001-3000

10 Academic Manual 1000-2000 Academic Organization and Services 1000-1100 Curricular Policies 1100-1200 Grading & Student Affairs 1600-1700 Research & Instructional Support 1200-1300 Academic Personnel Policies 1300-1400 Academic Standards & Regulations 1400-1500 General Policies 1500-1600

11 Academic Organization and Services 1000-1100 1001.Academic Organization and Services (UM 201) 1002.Faculty Statement on Academic Freedom 1003.Policy on ancillary units General Policies 1500-1600 1501.Program discontinuation policy and procedure 1502.Criteria for honorary degrees 1503.Interdisciplinary Mandatory Orientation 1504.Policy on Hiring of Immediate Relatives (UM 301.11)

12 Organization and Shared Governance 100-200 University Organization 100-119 Shared Governance and Consultation (120-129) 101.Vision Statement 102.Mission Statement 103.Organization (UM 102.1, UM102.2) 104.Cal Poly Kellog Unit Foundation (UM 104) 121.Academic Senate Constitution (Appendix 17) 122.Academic Senate By-laws 123.Staff Council Constitution and bylaws (appendix 33) 124.Associated Students, Inc. Constitution and bylaws (Appendix 34) 125.Consultative Process (UM 102.3) 126.Presidential Orders (UM 102.4) 127.Interim Policy on Policy Creation and Development 128.Policy on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

13 Academic Standards & Regulations 1400-1500 1401. Add/Drop Policy (UM 402.72) 1402. Policy on Academic Integrity 1403. Interim Policy on Sales of Course Material 1404. Policy on Cheating and Plagiarism 1405. Policy on student leave of absence (UM 402.74) 1406. Policy on Absence from Class (UM 402.78) 1407. Policy on Exclusion of Students from Classes (UM 402.79) 1408. Minimum Scholarship standards (UM 402.51) 1409. Policy on Maximum Unit Load – Undergraduate Program (UM 402.71) 1410. Policy on Maximum Unit Load – Graduate Program (UM 402.71) 1411. Policy on Transfer Credit - Undergraduate (UM 402.52) 1412. Policy on Credit by Examination (UM 402.53) 1413. Policy on retroactive Withdrawal (UM 402.73) 1414. Policy on Repeating Courses (UM 402.75) 1415. Policy on Academic Petitions (UM 402.9) 1416. Taping of Faculty Lectures (UM 402.8) 1417. Academic renewal 1418. Auditing 1419. Concurrent enrollment in pos t baccalaureate program 1420. Course syllabus 1421. Disqualification-reinstatement for graduate students 1422. Graduate writing test-undergraduate 1423. Holding of records 1424. Master’s degree requirements 1425. Office hour policy 1426. Policy on Academic minors 1427. Petition of courses and grade forgiveness 1428. Transfer credit-graduate program 1429. Transfer to another master’s program 1430. Academic Standing – Undergraduate (UM402.52) 1431. Administrative Academic Probation and Disqualification 1432. Bachelor Degree requirements 1433. Concurrent registration 1434. Courses taken by Post baccalaureate Students 1435. English language proficiency – graduate program 1436. Graduate Writing Test – Graduate Program 1437. Minimum Grade Point Average – Graduate Program 1438. Participation in Graduate ceremonies 1439. Policy on Final Exams 1440. Requirement in Mathematics Proficiency – Undergraduate students 1441. Second Baccalaureate Degree 1442. Time limit – Graduate program 1443. Selection of elective courses bu non-majors in impacted majors 1444. Change of major 1445. Graduate comprehensive exam 1446. Honors policy 1447. Condensed course during summer quarter 1448. Service learning designation

14 Academic Personnel Policies (1300-1400) Appointment & Evaluation Policies 1300-1325 1301.Temporary Faculty Appointments (UM 301.232) 1302.Trustee Professor Appointment (UM 301.233) 1303.Volunteer Faculty and staff Appointment (UM 301.24) 1304.Adjunct Professor Appointment (UM 301.241) 1305.Joint Appointments (UM 301.3) 1306.Department Chair Appointment (UM 301.4, Appendix 15A) 1307.Appointment of Acting Department Chair for Summer Quarter (UM 301.42) 1308.Extra Quarter Appointment (UM 301.8) 1309.Faculty Reassignment Policy (UM 301.72) 1310.Policy on Management Personnel Plan (MPP) Appointments (Appendix 14) 1311.Recruitment and Appointment Procedure for Tenure-line Faculty (Appendix 38) 1312.Policy on Faculty Re-appointment and Tenure (UM 301.1, UM 301.2) 1313.Faculty Return Rights (UM 301.52, Appendix 24) 1314.Probationary Appointment (UM 301.231) 1315.Visiting Faculty Appointment 1316.Acting Chair for Summer Quarter (UM 301.24) Resignation, Retirement, and separation 1390-1400 1391.Recognition of retirement and emeritus policy (UM 312.21, UM 312.22, UM 312.23) 1392.Separation for lack of funds or lack of work (UM 312.3) 1393.Separation of personnel (UM 312) to be deleted

15 Academic Personnel Policies 1300-1400 Performance Evaluation 1325-1350 Workload and Compensation 1390-1400 1391.Faculty Salary schedules – (to be deleted) 1392.Merit salary adjustment (UM 309.4) to be deleted 1393.Overtime (UM 309.53) 1394.Public service for another agency (UM 309.61) (to be deleted) 1395.Honoraria (UM 309.62) 1396.Additional Employment compensation (UM 309.7) 1397.Faculty Workload ( UM 302) 1326.Department Chair Evaluation (Appendix 15a) 1327.Policy on Faculty Evaluation (UM 305.1, UM 305.11, UM 305.12, UM 305.13, UM 305.14, UM 305.15) 1328.Retention, Tenure and Promotion Policy and Procedure (Appendix 16) 1329.Student Evaluation of Teaching (UM 3015.15, Appendix 10) 1330.Evaluation for Certification of Faculty Employment beyond age of 70 (UM 305.17) 1331.Evaluation of Academic Administrators (UM 305.16) 1332.Temporary Faculty Range Elevation 1333.Certification Beyond Age 70 (UM 305.17)

16 Academic Personnel Policies (1300-1400) Grievance and Disciplinary Action 1350-1360 1351.Faculty Grievance, Reprimands, Suspension and Disciplinary Action (UM 307.1 UM 307.12, Appendix 22, Appendix 30) 1352.Faculty rights in student grievance procedure (Appendix 21) Professional Leave, Sabbatical, and difference in pay policies 1375-1390 1376.Sabbatical and Difference-in-pay leaves (UM 308.4), Appendix 26 1377.Professional Leave request procedure 1378.Faculty professional leave with pay request form (appendix 26a) 1379.Faculty off-cycle difference in pay leave request form (appendix 26c) 1380.Faculty off-cycle professional leave request form (appendix 26c) 1381.Leave of absence without pay (UM 308.4, UM 308.53, UM 308.54, UM 308.55, appendix 27)

17 Curricular Policies 1100-1200 1101.Curriculum Development and Procedure (UM 103.2, Appendix 2) 1102.Change of Curriculum (UM 402.4) 1103.Policy on Curriculum deviation (UM 402.41) 1104.Guide to Assessment-program review 1105.Assessment in lieu of One Program review 1106.Curriculum Development guide 1107.Academic Program review process Research & Instructional Support 1200-1300 1201.Use of Human Subjects in Research (UM 103.4, university policy) 1202.Interim policy on administration of grants and contracts in support of sponsored programs 1203.Conflict of interest and financial disclosure – Principal Investigator 1204.Animal care and use in research 1205.Intellectual Property 1206.Interim policy on eligibility of Principal Investigators 1207.Misconduct in research

18 Grading & Student Affairs 1600-1700 1601.Grading Policy (UM 402.3) 1602.Grade Point System (UM 402.32) 1603.Credit by Examination (UM 402.53) 1604.Graduate student working as teaching assistant 1605.Grade appeals 1606.Use of undergraduates to teach

19 Administrative Manual 2000-3000 Staff and Administrative Personnel Policies 2400-2500 Human Resources (2600-2700)

20 Staff and Administrative Personnel Policies 2400-2500 Appointment of support staff (UM 301.22) Assignment to Academic-Administrative Positions Covered by the MPP (UM 301.5, UM 301.9, Appendix 14) President, Vice President, Dean, Director Appointments (UM 301.6) Policy on Reassignment of Staff and Administrative Personnel (UM 301.71) Probationary assignment of staff and administrative personnel (UM 301.12, UM 301.13, UM 301.1031) Work Schedules for Administrative and Support Staff (UM 302.3) Support staff Promotion (UM 306.1) Personnel Appointment and Promotion 2401-2450 Personnel Evaluation 2450-2475 Evaluation of Administrators (UM 305.3, Appendix 18) Support Staff Performance Evaluation (UM 305.2) Grievance Support staff and Administrative Personnel Grievance (UM 307.2)

21 Human Resources General Policies (2600-2700) Personnel Conduct 2600-2625 2601.Employee Conduct (UM 303) 2602.Misuse of the Property and Material (UM 303.1) 2603.Political Activities (UM 303.2) 2604.Employee liability (UM 303.3) 2605.Smoking Policy (UM 303.4) 2606.Racism (UM 303.5) 2607.Sexual Harassment 2608.Zero Tolerance 2609.Nepotism 2610.Drug Free workplace statement and Policy (appendix 37) Travel Policies (2625-2640) Official Travel (UM 304, UM 304.1, UM 304.2) Use of State Vehicle for field trips (UM 304.3) Use of Private Vehicle (UM 304.4) Out of State Travel (UM 304.5) Travel Outside the United States (UM 304.6) Absence from Duty 2640-2650 Reporting absence from duty (UM 308.1) Absenteeism (UM 308.21) Sick Leave (UM 308.2) Military leave (UM 308.3) Staff Leave of absence without pay (UM 308.52, UM 308.54, UM 308.55) Vacations and Vacation Accrual (UM 308.6) Holidays (UM 308.7) Other absences (UM 308.8)

22 Compensation and Benefits (2650-2675) Human Resources General Policies (2600-2700) Categories of Employee services (UM 309.1) Pay Periods (UM 309.2) Salary Schedule (UM 309.3) – to be deleted Merit Salary Adjustments- Probationary and Tenured Faculty (UM 309.41) Staff Salary (UM 309.42) Overtime (UM 309.53) Compensation from Sources other than University (UM 309.6) Public Services for another agency (UM 309.61) Honoraria (UM 309.62) Additional Employment Compensation (UM 309.7 Benefits (UM 310) Resignation, Retirement, and separation Resignation UM 312.1 Retirement and Continued Employment beyond mandatory retirement age (UM 312.2) Recognition of retirement and emeritus policy (UM 312.21, UM 312.22, UM 312.23) Separation for lack of funds or lack of work (UM 312.3)

23 Online University Manual ual ual

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