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Help Office – Data Flow Diagram

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1 Help Desk@LG Office – Data Flow Diagram
Slide No : 1 of 4 Help Office – Data Flow Diagram Track individual grievance status in website Acknowledgement with Grievance No & Password Citizen By Hand or Post LG Office Data Entry in Website Monitor overall grievance Status in website Forward through website Departments “Receipt of Grievance” in website “Update Action Taken” in website “Close Grievance” in website Stage - 1 Stage - 2 Stage - 3

2 Help Desk@LG Office Action By Departments (in Website)
Slide No : 2 of 4 “Grievances” Classification – Public Grievance (Road, water, law & order etc.,) Supporting documents from citizens NOT mandatory. Forwarding by LG office to Depts in electronic mode. – Individual Grievance (Financial assistance, employment etc.,). Supporting documents from citizens mandatory. Forwarding by LG office to Depts in electronic mode, as well as in hard copy. – Grouped into “Major Category” and “Sub Categories” Action By Departments (in Website) Stage – 1 : “Receipt of Grievance” - Is Common , to be done within 2 days (Excl Holidays) , from date of forwarding Stages – 2 & 3 : “Grievance” Action Period Simple – To be closed within 15 days (from Date of forwarding) Medium – To be closed within 30 days (from Date of forwarding) Complex – To be closed within 90 days (from Date of forwarding)

3 Help Desk@LG Office Requirements at Departments : Critical factors :
Slide No : 3 of 4 Requirements at Departments : Computer with Internet Connectivity to access website (Leased line , Broad Band) Designated authority to update website on “Action being taken” and “Grievance redressed (Closed)” Designated authority to monitor status of Grievance redressal Critical factors : Citizens will be warned that grievances that are incorrect / deliberately defaming will attract action. If any grievance requires more information from citizen, the details will be published by Department in website. Citizens will see Status of Action taken on grievance by department online. “Closure of Grievance” will be done by departments directly, without routing through LG office.

4 Help Desk@LG Office Screen Shots of Portal follows Slide No : 4 of 4
A link will be provided in home page of A & N website to website, for access by Departments. The will be online from 25th Sep 2012. Each Department provided with individual “Login” and “Password” to access the website. Website demonstration will be given from 3:30 pm on 24th Sep 2012 at NIC office in GPOA Complex of CPWD, Ranchi Basti (near Dairy Farm), Port Blair. Departments to depute concerned Officials to attend programme. The “Login” and “Password” details will be provided. NIC Contact details : (Office Phone) , Sh Gopal Krishna (Mobile ) Sh Gautam Gupta (Mobile ) This Presentation is also available in home page of A & N Website as a link with title “Presentation on Help Office”. Screen Shots of Portal follows

5 Grievance entry and forwarding by LG Office

6 Acknowledging Grievance received from Citizen

7 Dept Acknowledging ‘Receipt of Grievance’ forwarded by LG Office

8 Dept Updating on ‘Action Taken’ on Grievance

9 Citizen tracking Grievance status


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