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Write & Publish a book :Process UNIVERSITY OF RIVERSIDE GLOBAL EDUCATION CONFERENCE Author Shailesh Kadakia, CFO Matrix Writers & Publishers November.

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2 Write & Publish a book :Process UNIVERSITY OF RIVERSIDE GLOBAL EDUCATION CONFERENCE Author Shailesh Kadakia, CFO Matrix Writers & Publishers November 2013 Miracle Art of producing Scientific book Unique Physics of Light and Astronomy Apply modern tools to journalism Copyright Matrix Writers & Publishers 1

3 Contents 1. Subject/Audience Matters.…………...…….……........3 2. Process and Steps to Write….………………….........4 3. Registration for Library Cataloging………….....…...5 4. Manuscript Preparation………………………...……...6 5. Book Cover/Inside..………..………...…………......…..8 6. Text Content………………………..………...…….........9 7. Chapter and Term Index…...……………………..…..10 8. Book Closing Format………….…...……...................11 9. Marketing for Success……………………….………..12 10. Printshop Interface…………...………..…….…..........13 11. Introductory Sections……..……………….……....14 Copyright Matrix Writers & Publishers 2 UNIVERSITY OF RIVERSIDE

4 1. Subject/Audience Matters Types of books Story book: Romance, fiction, play, adventure & etc. Reference book: For extensive study of a topic Text book: Book for perpetual students of Science, math, engineering, technical & professional studies Text book includes question, answer, problems, exercises, and problems for extra credits with study guide optionally Question varieties: Review, thought and exploration. Formats: Print, E-pub and E-PDF Audience: Children, Adult, Students at Schools, Community Colleges & Accredited Universities Copyright Matrix Writers & Publishers 3 UNIVERSITY OF RIVERSIDE

5 2. Process and Steps to Write Registration for library cataloging Manuscript preparation Book cover design Content text preparation Automatic insertion of indexed terms Insert Chapter and Term index End of chapter format Marketing Printshop interface Items in book introduction Copyright Matrix Writers & Publishers 4 UNIVERSITY OF RIVERSIDE

6 3. Registration, library cataloging A. Assign ISBN (International Standard book number)  Bowker Identifier (BI) Services: ISBN & Barcodes  Website of BI:  Prepare information: author’s bio & book focal points  Purchase barcode for set price, Bowker Identifier (BI)  Set price 4 times the best (most) estimated cost  Example Printshop quote $40.00  set price $160.00  Distributor commission 20% and discounts 50%  Profit $8/book sold, operating profit 5% net B. Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN)  Website:  LCCN Tentatively assigned, permanent when  printed copy shipped to Library of Congress. Copyright Matrix Writers & Publishers 5 UNIVERSITY OF RIVERSIDE

7 4. Manuscript Preparation A. Book Title: Concise, Eye catching & strong message B. Use MS Word software for text, figures and tables C. Determine font/size and indentation  Chapter title heading font/20, content index font/12  Section/subsection heading red colored text size 18  Indent paragraph, 1 st 0”, all other 0.5”  Text font style/size Times new roman (TNR) / 11  Line spacing multiple 1.25  Design Chapter starting, header and footer, & photos  Header: Even page – page no., Chapter #  Odd page – page no., Chapter title  Different first page, footer page no. Copyright Matrix Writers & Publishers 6 UNIVERSITY OF RIVERSIDE

8 Manuscript Preparation  Figure/Table : Embedded text font/size, TNR / 12  Figure description font/size, TNR / 10 spacing single  Insert descriptions for figure & tables in TC form  Enclose figures with light blue colored rectangle  Enclose all equations with light brown rectangle  For copyright protection on figure description add (After source name, year), Add copyright Skylativity®  Design Summary section, include subsections  Definitions, Concepts and Principles, Analysis model for problem solving, and Applications  Design Exercises section, include Questions & Problems for Exploration  At chapter end include “What is next?” section Copyright Matrix Writers & Publishers 7 UNIVERSITY OF RIVERSIDE

9 5. Book Cover/Inside Pages Acquire template from Printshop (Dimensions) Cover: Artistic look, excellent colored graphic objects Primary title top right, Secondary left bottom & author Design spline size W x L x H, name, LCCN, logo & edition Create table of constants, physical and cosmological on last page. Energy spectrum, Planck’s theory or Particle collider inside the back cover Include Neutrino detector photo and energy to mass transformation Yang Mill mechanism behind front cover Back Cover: Highlights of principal ideas Reviews of another book produced by the same author from experts on the topic. ISBN, Publisher Logo and barcode/price Copyright Matrix Writers & Publishers 8 UNIVERSITY OF RIVERSIDE

10 6. Text Content Linguistics: Rhetoric description of theory & principles Explicate sophisticated ideas narrating simple examples Include ample diagrams for complete understanding Derive essential expressions to solve exercise problems Identify Scientist name who invented novel concepts Prepare and insert, tables and Figures using MS word Chapter title, succinct and meaningful, Include table of contents at the start of chapter Law description and definitions name in boldface Enable problem solving skills by providing figures and adequate information in exercise problems Add objective questions to test understanding of concepts and theories. Copyright Matrix Writers & Publishers 9 UNIVERSITY OF RIVERSIDE

11 7. Chapter & Term Index Auto insert: Chapter index, table of figures (TOF) & table (list) of tables (TOT) Create Chapter title, table description, figure description and subsection heading: MS word TOC & Styles feature Click references and insert table of contents, TOF & TOT Auto create term index: create a file of indexed terms Automatic mark index terms in entire text by applying mark entry on file of indexed terms Insert index by clicking reference & insert index feature Adjust the font and style of terms index & Chapter index Update chapter index, table of figures, list of tables and index of terms, click reference  update table Use cross reference to create link for quick access Copyright Matrix Writers & Publishers 10 UNIVERSITY OF RIVERSIDE

12 8. Book Closing Format End final chapter with sections future and final thoughts Appendix A: Classification of fundamental particles Appendix B: Complete energy quanta spectrum Appendix C: The Greek alphabet and English equivalent Appendix D: Physical, astronomical & cosmological constants. Unit conversion tables for measurements Appendix E: Glossary Appendix F: History of Quantum physics & Cosmology Appendix G: References for extensive knowledge General Index Inside back cover, photographs and tables Copyright Matrix Writers & Publishers 11 UNIVERSITY OF RIVERSIDE

13 9. Marketing for Success Multiple outlets to drive volume business and profit Word of mouth tough sell, width of audience Essential components of volume business, market book E-PDF & E-pub on On-line & Google books Print books: Barnes & Noble, Books a Million Stores Direct marketing via publisher/author’s own website Market book via well known distributor, low overhead AtlasBooks & BookMaster™, Free Bookmarks, pens Use cross reference to create link for quick access Connect text book with University for large volume Increase exposure by donating to famous libraries Advertise book on social media Facebook and Google Multiple websites: Copyright Matrix Writers & Publishers 12 UNIVERSITY OF RIVERSIDE

14 10. Printshop Interface Compare prices among different vendors ~ 40% Price function of several factors Paper stock, book size, Hardcover & paperback, print color vs. black and white Input format requirements, word doc, PDF, and etc. Book cover according to Printshop template Always request proof read copy Consider all facts before selecting Printshop vendor Copyright Matrix Writers & Publishers 13 UNIVERSITY OF RIVERSIDE

15 11. Introductory Sections Preface, impressive and rhetoric Acknowledgement, include contributors & SW vendor List buyers of previous publications Universities, Libraries and Professors Prologue Word of caution and advice to the reader Request for feedback and suggestion to improve text Response to blogs and CD study guide Copyright Matrix Writers & Publishers 14 UNIVERSITY OF RIVERSIDE

16 Next Adventure Unique Physics of Light and Astronomy Copyright Matrix Writers & Publishers 15 UNIVERSITY OF RIVERSIDE

17 Social Media Websites 1 : Websites 2 : You tube : True Physics of Light Distributor : Search: True Physics of Light Beyond Relativity on Google : Barnes & Noble: Amazon: LinkedIn: Facebook : Light-Beyond-Relativity/745919252090131 & Tweet Copyright Matrix Writers & Publishers 16 UNIVERSITY OF RIVERSIDE

18 Gratitude & Credits BookMasters & Atlas Books Barnes & Noble Books on Amazon and Google Books MS Word 2007, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe PDF Book1One Printing & Binding Services Bowker title registration services Research: Wikipedia and Hyper-physics websites Web-Links http://www.barnes& Copyright Matrix Writers & Publishers 17 UNIVERSITY OF RIVERSIDE

19 President Barack ObamaPresident George W. Bush Dr. Jaffer Amin RaytheonJayant Kadakia, Uncle Kirit Dharia CousinCrystal Kadakia Daughter Dr. Raj Singh UO Riverside Dr. Munawar Karim SJFC Dr. Lyndon Taylor UTA Dr. Richard Metzner UTA Dr. Steven Manly UOR Dr. Thomas Morgan UOR Dr. Christopher O’dea RITDr. Michael Kotlarchyk RIT Dr. Maddu Karunaratne UPJDr. Cynthia Galovich UNC Dr. Keith Hipel UOW, CanadaDr. Ingo Leubner RPCN Dr. Francisco Ben, UOA AustraliaMark Mitchell, Philosopher Dr. Meftah Aerov Jussiev, France Dr. Irbah Abdanour, France Steve Royal (Friend)Maureen Nielsen, Editor Hui Ouyang GraphicsWilliam Huther, Cover Design Brian Arrighetti EditorDavid Damico Web Sudhir Shah CousinMihir Shah (Friend) Copyright Matrix Writers & Publishers 18 Acknowledgements UNIVERSITY OF RIVERSIDE

20 Andrew KoyoumjianMatthew Grote Martin SloanRoger Hansen Michael GornishMichael Spronz Trevor StevensonDavid Traynor Derek LeeOscar Tovar Pamela Soeth, MCC Saul Schuster, MCC Samuel PooleShahid Zaheer Michael Stumvoll, GermanyDaniel Merriam Evan SmithDr. Ingo Leubner Dr. Francisco Ben, AustraliaLarry Hernandez, MCC University of Texas TX Bush Institute & Library, TX University of Pittsburgh PA Ronald Reagan Library CA University of Pittsburgh PAHighland Community Library Monroe Community College NYCentral Library South NY Brighton Library NYUniversity of Rochester The American Library IndiaBritish Council Library California State University CAMiraCosta College CA Copyright Matrix Writers & Publishers 19 Clients & Libraries UNIVERSITY OF RIVERSIDE

21 True Physics of Light Beyond Relativity Second Edition Copyright Matrix Writers & Publishers 20 UNIVERSITY OF RIVERSIDE

22 Copyright Matrix Writers & Publishers 21 Shailesh (Sky) Kadakia US Citizen UNIVERSITY OF RIVERSIDE

23 Three triumphs of 20 th Century Globalization of Internet & Social media NW Computerization of Classrooms & E-books Invention of particles in Standard model chart Three greatest Challenges of 21 st century Spacecrafts travelling at the speed of light Source of gravity and speed of propagation Containing radiation hazards from nuclear disaster Questions & Answers Copyright Matrix Writers & Publishers 22 Future Research UNIVERSITY OF RIVERSIDE

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