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Presented by Sherri Powell & Fort Bend ISD Digital Learning Department A Slamming Way to Engage Students with Poetry.

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1 Presented by Sherri Powell & Fort Bend ISD Digital Learning Department A Slamming Way to Engage Students with Poetry #digpoetry

2 What is a Poetry Slam? Poetry Writing Performance Competition

3 Poetry Slam & Poetry Playground English Language Arts TEKS & Technology Applications TEKS TA TEKS 1)Creativity and Innovation 2)Communication and Collaboration Language Arts TEKS (3 rd -5 th Grade) 1)Students are expected to write poems that convey… 2)Students write literary texts to express their ideas… 3)Students use elements of the writing process (planning, drafting, revising, editing)…

4 When Setting Your Dates... Be aware of school and district wide events Check the testing schedules (STAR, TLA, AP Exams, etc.) Consider upcoming holidays and breaks The best time of the day is... PM During the last two periods of the day When available to meet via distance during a common time (bell schedules may vary)

5 Event Location Consider...  Library  Auditorium  Classroom But also consider Internet access, lighting, projection and/or television monitors

6 Equipment Setup Videoconferencing unit Screen and/or Monitor Podium Other options: Skype School-wide Slam District-wide Slam (at a central location)

7 Poetry Slam Rounds For the fall semester, each round was held on separate dates and times for the middle and high schools: MS-November 13 th (2:00pm-3:45pm) HS-November 14 th (1:00pm-2:30pm) MS-November 20 th (2:00pm-3:45pm) HS-November 21 st (1:00pm-2:30pm) Round 1 Round 2 Spring Secondary Poetry Slam:

8 Check with Administration Parent Permission Media/Photo Release Check w/others that may be involved (sponsors, Librarians, etc.) Special Permissions


10 Spread the Word!! Infographic Logo Website Flyer

11 Registration  School  Sponsor/Contact  Location (where the event will be held within the school)  Number of Students Participating  Student’s Names & Grade Level Once registrations were completed, sponsors were sent “Gearing Up for the Poetry Slam” via which included : Rules & Guidelines Poetry Slam Rubric Videoconferencing Etiquette for Participants & Audience

12 Guidelines 1. Maximum of 10 students per school, 6th-12th grade *Don’t worry about the drop-outs, competition will still go on 2. Prepare your students. Make sure that they know that the event will be LIVE! 3. Poetry must be ORIGINAL! 4. PLEASE PROOFREAD THE POEMS! No Profanity or Improper Content !!! *Edit and filter through all submitted poetry 5. All poems must be submitted prior to the competition via 6. No props or music allowed * Verbal sound affects, singing, and rapping is permitted. 7. Poems should be presented in no less than 30 seconds and no more than 2 minutes *Points are deducted for under/over time

13 How to Avoid the Mishaps Questionable Poetry*Vulgar language* Sexual References You Never Know Who’s Listening & Watching…

14 Pre-Slam Activities... for You & the Poets! Schedule dates/times/locations for prepping poets Secure a location to hold the event Inform staff of students that will be absent from class Spread the word for support Invite your audience PLANPREPAREPRACTICEPERFORM

15 Prepping Your Poets One sponsor shared… “Students use Google Docs to write their poems. They use the Google Docs sharing function to share their poems with me and some of their classmates (if they choose). I read their poems, comment on their work, and offer one to two constructive suggestions to improve their poem.”

16 *Some students have their poem in hand and often refer to it when needed. What if they forget their lines?

17 Judge Selection  District Personnel  ELA Department Heads  Digital Learning Specialists  Helping Teachers  Community Stakeholders (District approved)

18 Scoring Online Scoring via Google Forms Paper Scoring (optional)

19 Secondary Poetry Slam Scoreboard Secondary Poetry Slam Scoreboard In Real-time using Sharepoint or Google spreadsheet List Students’ Names

20 Awards

21 Celebrating Our Poets Poetry Slam Celebration May 14 th 6:00pm-8:00pm FBISD Administration Annex Fall and Spring Poetry Slam winners are invited! Students perform for a live audience including parents and other invited guests. Special performances, musical entertainment & refreshments are provided.

22 Celebrating Our Poets  Publicize  Share student feedback  Invite Administrators  Tweet

23 Follow Up Activities  Thank You’s…  Poetry Slam Club—keeping it going!  Poetry book of winning poems (flip book)  Keep sponsors in the loop

24 For those that are too young to compete and just want to share... Online Registration: Open for 2 weeks Videoconferences: Runs for 1 week

25 Registration & Sign-Up Forms

26 Contact & Resources Us: Resources can be found on our District’s website: *Join in on the spring Poetry Slam by simply #digpoetry

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