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Google Docs and Drive – The Basics INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY.

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1 Google Docs and Drive – The Basics INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY

2 Instructional Technology Department Meagan Pelfrey- Media Services Clerk Pamela Martinez- Instructional Technology, Library, and Media Services Department Secretary Victoria Cochran- District Instructional Technology Strategist Sandra Rodriguez- Instructional Technology, Library, and Media Services Coordinator

3 Session Objectives To learn what Google Docs and Drive is. To learn how to use Google Drive. To learn the possibilities of using Google Drive in the classroom.

4 Google Docs and Drive What is Google Drive? Google Docs and Drive is a place to store photos, videos, documents, and other files that you would like to keep. Access these stored items from any device that has internet access. What do you need in order to access Google Drive? A Gmail account.

5 What can you do with Google ? Take notes from a meeting and share with colleagues. Create a grade level or department folder so that all members have access to it. Use translate to translate documents. ( Tools> Translate document) Have students create documents or presentations on Drive in case they do not have access to Microsoft office at home. Use Google Forms to create pre-assessments or survey students. Create Calendars to share with students, colleagues, or administrators. Use Google Talk to invite an expert to chat live with your students. Create a site for your class through Google Site. Have your students create group pages. Check out the Google Global Science fair to submit science projects.

6 Session Agenda What is Google Docs and Drive? Creating a Gmail Account Logging into Google Drive Creating Folders Uploading documents Moving documents Creating documents Sharing, editing, and commenting on documents

7 How can I use Google Drive in the classroom? Create folders and documents to share with students, parents, teachers, and administrators. Have students submit assignments via Google Drive. Use Drive for peer review, or group activities as it allows real-time editing. Use Drive for silent group discussions.

8 Creating a Gmail accoung Go to to create an email

9 Logging in to Google Drive Go to Use your Gmail credentials to log in.

10 Creating Folders Click on the folder + sign Or Click on Create and select Folder

11 Uploading Documents or Folders Click on the up arrow- upload sign and select either files or folders.

12 Moving Documents or Folders To move documents or folders, click the folder or document and drag them to the folder in which you choose to store them. To move more than one document or folder at a time, click on one, press and hold shift, and select the remaining folders you wish to move, then drag the folders or documents to the folder of your choice.

13 Creating documents To create a document, click- create and select the type of document you would like to work with.

14 Sharing Documents To share a document, simply click the share button on the right hand corner. You can share this document to any contacts you have added to your Gmail contact list, or simply type out that persons email address. The person receiving it should also have a Gmail account.


16 Once you have added an email address or contact, click edit options. You can share and not allow editing or you can allow editing, commenting, etc.

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