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Fernbank 5th Grade IB Exhibition Project

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1 Fernbank 5th Grade IB Exhibition Project
Feb. – May 2012

2 What do I need to do? (the short version)
Pick a topic ----Plan to connect with another classmate’s topic so that you can collaborate on Oral/Visual Presentation ----Decide on Action Plan (one for group) Research! Write a Research Paper (due April 16) Create an oral/visual Presentation (due May 16, 17, 18)

3 Pick a topic (Review this along with charts of Central Ideas in Packet)
Read over all Central Ideas… pick one Consider all the “Systems” for that Central Idea… select a System Choose a topic of inquiry that connects to that system (many choices are provided, but students may come up with their own) -----Library advice!: Make sure to have several reliable Information Sources* before you commit to a topic! Topic due Feb. 23… Teacher will either approve topic choice or suggest changes

4 *Remind me about different kinds of Information Sources…
Books Websites (not Wikipedia) Reference Books (and websites!) Periodicals (magazines!) (print and online) Interviews Be wise in your choices… look for trustworthy, AUTHORATIVE sources! Required for this project: At least 3 sources at least 2 Books Bibliography using Worksheet (Ms. Jacobs will review in library)

5 Now that you have a Topic…
Research! ----Read your information sources ----Take notes (use index cards) ----Organize how you will write your paper (Working with others to do your Presentation in May? Plan for each person to perhaps focus on different aspect of topic) ----Thesis Statement due Feb. 28

6 Research Paper needs to …
Have a Title Page Be 2-4 pages long, no more 12 point font Double spaced End with a Bibliography*

7 *Remind me about a bibliography…
What is a Bibliography? A detailed list of your information sources! (Otherwise known as a “References” or “Citations”) Use the worksheet from library (posted on 5th grade web page… Ms. Jacobs will review with class) Make sure to gather Bibliography info as soon as you know you will use a particular source… Title, Author, Publisher, Copyright date… Web address (simple form)… etc

8 Create Your Action Plan!
Write a short description of how you can take action to help your community with issues related to your topic of inquiry Working as a group? One Action Plan for whole group… The plan must be something that you could actually accomplish, but, Students do not have to actually finish doing their Action Plan by the presentation date

9 Oral/Visual Presentation in May
Collaborate … work with at least one other person (four maximum in group) Share what you have learned from doing your Research Paper Share about your Action Plan 5-10 minutes long Be creative with visuals! Backboard, Powerpoint, video, costumes, props, music, poetry… (no food!) Plan and practice! Give Presentation to panel of teachers, parent, administrators You will see rubric ahead of time Top presentations will be videotaped to share with whole school! More details later…

10 Timeline for Exhibition
Feb. 23: Topic due Feb. 28: Thesis statement and Action Plan due March 8: Note cards and bibliography check March 15: Graphic Organizer due March 23: First draft of paper due (March 31-April 8: Spring Break) April 16: Final draft due April 23: Working on Visual/Oral Presentation May 16, 17, 18: Visual/Oral Presentations (by homeroom)

11 Thanks for creating your Exhibition Projects, 5th graders
Thanks for creating your Exhibition Projects, 5th graders! We look forward to learning from you about our community and world, and how we can take action to help others!

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