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Andrea Michalek  Co-founder and CEO #altmetrics.

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1 Andrea Michalek  Co-founder and CEO @amichalek  @plumanalytics #altmetrics

2 Plum Analytics Measuring Research Impact Please tweet at will: @amichalek @PlumAnalytics #altmetrics Plum Analytics Confidential 2

3 Current State of Scholarly Measure Plum Analytics Confidential 3

4 Reality of Scholarly Communication Plum Analytics Confidential 4

5 Traditional Citation Based Products Plum Analytics Confidential 5

6 Products including Altmetrics Plum Analytics Confidential 6

7 altmetrics 7 #altmetricsallmetrics

8 Open Access = Open Metrics Plum Analytics Confidential 8

9 Open Access = “Buyer” Changing Closed publications how much your university uses the collection Open publications how much the world uses your research Plum Analytics Confidential 9

10 What is Plum building? Next generation impact analysis metrics for scholarly research. Aggregating artifact and author level metrics into a researcher graph. Metrics captured and correlated at the group/collection level (think: lab, department, museum, journal, etc.) 10 This graph will power intuitive research directories and visualizations. Plum Analytics Confidential

11 Plum Impact Reports Measure people, labs, departments, institutes, universities Plum Analytics Confidential 11

12 Metrics are not the same 12 Plum Analytics Confidential

13 Different categories of impact Usage Downloads, views, book holdings, ILL, document delivery Captures Favorites, bookmarks, saves, readers, groups, watchers Mentions Blog post, news story, Wikipedia article, comments, review Social Media Tweets, Google +1s, likes, shares, ratings Citations Web of Science, Scopus, Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic Search 13 Plum Analytics Confidential

14 First Plum Customer – University of Pittsburgh “We expect Plum to enhance the value proposition of the Open Access initiative here at Pitt by providing new and current impact metrics for research that is made more accessible.” - Rush Miller, Director of University Library System 14 Plum Analytics Confidential (Ric Evans photo)

15 Thank You! Andrea Michalek 215-280-1805 @amichalek Plum Analytics Confidential 15 Mike Buschman 206-331-7297 @mikebuschman @plumanalytics

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