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Altmetrics 與機構典藏 臺大圖書資訊學系 副教授 唐牧群 2014 臺灣學術機構典藏 (TAIR) 研討會 1.

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Presentation on theme: "Altmetrics 與機構典藏 臺大圖書資訊學系 副教授 唐牧群 2014 臺灣學術機構典藏 (TAIR) 研討會 1."— Presentation transcript:

1 Altmetrics 與機構典藏 臺大圖書資訊學系 副教授 唐牧群 2014 臺灣學術機構典藏 (TAIR) 研討會 1

2 Altmetrics “" the creation and study of new metrics based on the Social Web for analyzing, and informing scholarship."” Coined by Jason Priem in 2010 “ the study and use of non-traditional scholarly impact measures that are based on activity in web-based environments.” POLS 2014 臺灣學術機構典藏 (TAIR) 研討會 2

3 The thrusts behind altmetrics: evaluation Reflect the concern over “journalization of science” – Outputs The rise of social media as a place to generate scholarly impacts – Impacts 2014 臺灣學術機構典藏 (TAIR) 研討會 3

4 Changing definition of scholarly outputs The new NSF policy states: “Acceptable products must be citable and accessible including but not limited to publications, data sets, software, patents, and copyrights. “ “Altmetrics give a fuller picture of how research products have influenced conversation, thought and behaviour.” Heather Piwowar 2014 臺灣學術機構典藏 (TAIR) 研討會 4

5 Alternative research outputs Research database Scientific software Poster and presentation at conferences, in particular in the medical sciences Electronic theses and dissertations Performances in film, theater, and music Lectures, online classes and other teaching activities 2014 臺灣學術機構典藏 (TAIR) 研討會 5

6 More inclusive evidences of impact 2014 臺灣學術機構典藏 (TAIR) 研討會 6

7 Chen, K. H., Tang, M. C., Wang, C. M., & Hsiang, J. (2014). Exploring alternative metrics of scholarly performance in the social sciences and humanities in Taiwan. Scientometrics, 1-16. 2014 臺灣學術機構典藏 (TAIR) 研討會 7

8 8

9 9

10 10

11 2014 臺灣學術機構典藏 (TAIR) 研討會 11

12 2014 臺灣學術機構典藏 (TAIR) 研討會 12

13 2014 臺灣學術機構典藏 (TAIR) 研討會 13

14 – ‘…We rely on filters to make sense of the scholarly literature, but the narrow, traditional filters are being swamped… …the growth of new, online scholarly tools allows us to make new filters: these altmetrics reflect the broad, rapid impact of scholarship in this burgeoning ecosystem. We call for more tools and research based on altmetrics.’ Link to the altmetrics vs. traditional data for an Ebola article in Nature Link to the altmetrics vs. traditional data for an Ebola article in Nature The thrusts behind altmetrics: discovery 2014 臺灣學術機構典藏 (TAIR) 研討會 14

15 2014 臺灣學術機構典藏 (TAIR) 研討會 15

16 Researchers’ view 2014 臺灣學術機構典藏 (TAIR) 研討會 16

17 Current altmetrics efforts Altmetric / with Scopus Altmetric Plum Analytics /now with EBSCO Plum Analytics – Launched in2011 by former librarians Mike Buschmen and Andrea Michalek Impact Story Reader Meter ALM 2014 臺灣學術機構典藏 (TAIR) 研討會 17

18 data sources 1) Policy documents We track a wide range of public policy documents for mentions, and are adding more every month. 2) Mainstream media You can check out the news sources page on the Altmetric website for the latest listnews sources page of news sources that we track. 3) Social media data Twitter ‧ Facebook (public posts only) ‧ Google+ ‧ Pinterest ‧ Reddit Sina Weibo ‧ PubPeer and Publons ‧ LinkedIn groups Blogs (this is a manually curated list - currently this contains over 8,000 blogs) Sites running Stack Exchange (Q&A) ‧ Reviews on F1000 ‧ YouTube... & many smaller sources 4) Online reference manager and publisher download count data Mendeley CiteULike 18

19 Altmetric example 19 Source weight News8 Blogs5 Q&A forums2.5 Twitter1 Google+1 Facebook0.25

20 Plum analytics Metrics – Usage - Downloads, views, book holdings, ILL, document delivery Usage – Captures - Favorites, bookmarks, saves, readers, groups, watchers Captures – Mentions - blog posts, news stories, Wikipedia articles, comments, reviews Mentions – Social media - Tweets, +1's, likes, shares, ratings Social media – Citations - PubMed, Scopus, patents Citations 2014 臺灣學術機構典藏 (TAIR) 研討會 20

21 Source: (Lin & Fenner, 2013). 2014 臺灣學術機構典藏 (TAIR) 研討會 21

22 Source: (Lin & Fenner, 2013). 2014 臺灣學術機構典藏 (TAIR) 研討會 22 Impact Story

23 Traditional repository metrics Download counts Page views Google analytics – Geographic access, referral links, search terms Some citation metrics 2014 臺灣學術機構典藏 (TAIR) 研討會 23

24 Example of using almetrics in IR 2014 臺灣學術機構典藏 (TAIR) 研討會 24 An example article from University of Massachusetts Medical Schoolexample

25 Value of Altmetrics for IRs Demonstrate impact of open access, recruit new content Showcase social importance of content Add more context and meaning to download counts Provide authors with more comprehensive understanding of their readership and lead to new collaborators 2014 臺灣學術機構典藏 (TAIR) 研討會 25

26 Existing barriers Limited DOI implementation Author disambiguation 2014 臺灣學術機構典藏 (TAIR) 研討會 26

27 Useful references Bernal, I. (2013). Open Access and the Changing Landscape of Research Impact Indicators: New Roles for Repositories. Publications, 1(2), 56-77. Lin, Jennifer and Martin Fenner (2013). Altmetrics in evolution: defining and redefining the ontology of article-level metrics. Information Standards Quarterly, Summer, 25(2): 20-26. Konkiel, S., & Scherer, D. (2013). New opportunities for repositories in the age of altmetrics. Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 39(4), 22-26. Mounce, R. (2013). Open access and altmetrics: Distinct but complementary. Bulletin of the American Society for In formation Science and Technology, 39(4), 14-17. Palmer, Lisa A. (2013), "Altmetrics and Institutional Repositories: A Health Sciences Library Experiment". University of Massachusetts Medical School. Library Publications and Presentations. Paper 142. Roemer, R. C., & Borchardt, R. (2013). Institutional Altmetrics and Academic Libraries. Information Standards Quarterly, 25(2), 14. 2014 臺灣學術機構典藏 (TAIR) 研討會 27

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