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OJS and PlumX: Altmetrics at the University of Pittsburgh and beyond

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1 OJS and PlumX: Altmetrics at the University of Pittsburgh and beyond
Timothy Deliyannides and Clinton Graham University Library System University of Pittsburgh PKP Annual General Meeting Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC October 3, 2014

2 Goals of the program Serve our publishing clients
Embed PlumX Widget in all Pitt journals Demonstrate impact of published articles Serve the PKP community Develop OJS Plugin for PlumX that anyone can use Enable sharing of OJS article-level usage data with any external metrics/analytics system

3 Why altmetrics? More comprehensive Covers impact of online behavior
Citations, usage, social media Covers impact of online behavior Because scholars increasingly work online Measures impact immediately Because citation counts take years to appear in literature

4 Why altmetrics matter to scholars
Shows impact now, not years later Especially helps early-career researchers Helps researchers by generating interest from Publishers and journal editors Grant-funding agencies Research institutions Employers (current and future) Can also help with Reputation promotion and management

5 Pitt and PlumX
Pitt was PlumX’s first partner, beginning in 2012 Integrated with IR, 4 subject repositories and 37 OJS journals Traditional citations & newer metrics Scopus, CrossRef, PubMed Central, USPTO Twitter, Facebook Wikipedia Mendeley Gathers information in one place (profiles) while scattering and sharing it in other places (widgets) Does not include some proprietary data – some entities like Web of Science/Thomson-Reuters and Google Scholar have not shared this information with Plum as of yet We were early partners with Plum Analytics (2012) in using their altmetrics service, PlumX We are focusing at present on using the PlumX widget to share altmetrics and convey the impact of Open Access to our students and faculty

6 Here’s a small sampling of some of the metrics that PlumX employs—from 37 different sources as of May 2014 Find out more here:

7 Article-level widgets
Display item-level metrics Embedded in Article abstract page for OJS journals Institutional repositories Older-style Plum widget on the left Newer style “Plumprint” widgets on the right and bottom


9 Configuring the Plugin
Home > User > Journal Manager > System Plugins > Generic Plugins > Plum Analytics Artifact Widget Settings Plum Analytics Artifact Widget Settings With this plugin enabled, the Plum Analytics Artifact widget will be added to your articles. The article's DOI will be used to link to the PlumX artifact metrics. For details and examples of the different widget settings, please see the PlumX Widget Page. Widget Type * Summary Horizontal Below the article’s abstract Popup Summary Details Hide When Empty Show Border This is an example of the plugin setup which the journal manager will use to configure the display of the PlumX widget. Dropdowns and checkboxes provide a simple interface to set the HTML options for the standard widget. Hide the PlumPrint Popup Alignment Display Orientation Width Display Widget *

10 Positioning the widget
OJS Header Left Sidebar Article Title Plum Analytics Widget Block Above the article’s title Right Sidebar Article Abstract The plugin can place the widget in a number of the OJS template hooks, or in a widget block, which can be manipulated like any of the other block plugins. Below the article’s abstract Article Footer In the article’s page footer Plum Analytics Widget Block OJS Footer

11 Sending the data ? API OJS ALM PlumX
The core issue remains: how to get the metrics from OJS to Plum? Currently, journal managers need to export statistics by hand from OJS and upload them to a PlumX AWS instance. A preferable method would be to enable PlumX to harvest these statistics via an API in OJS.

12 SUSHI-Lite SUSHI (COUNTER) but, Article and Web Services focused
PIRUS REST JSON XML NISO work-in-progress SUSHI-Lite is the candidate protocol.

13 SUSHI-Lite Pitt ULS PlumX NISO (with industry standards)
but, any OJS host PlumX but, any compliant consumer NISO (with industry standards) So any arbitrary ALM use-case

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