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Creating a Social Media Strategy. You can not do this alone: Create a Team! Ask yourself some questions! The beginning.

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1 Creating a Social Media Strategy

2 You can not do this alone: Create a Team! Ask yourself some questions! The beginning

3 SWOT Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats

4 Key Questions What do we want to accomplish? Main Objective: To cultivate interactive relationships with the customers of the Orange County Library System and promote OCLS programs, services and information.

5 Key Questions Who is our audience? Customers of the OCLS, members of the Central Florida Media, Local social media influencers, and families.

6 Audience Facebook Insights!

7 Key Questions What Message do we want to convey? We are an indispensible value to our community and offer many services. We are cool and technologically engaged.

8 Key Questions What are our resources? Social Media Specialist Team Social Media

9 Key Questions Which Social Media platforms? Facebook Twitter Foursquare Goodreads Google + Instagram Tumblr You Tube Pinterest Blogs RSS

10 Key Question Where can we promote our Social Media Presence? Website Posters Newsletters Emails Window clings Flyers Bookmarks Online Catalog

11 Key Questions What is our measurement for success? Interaction Reach Increased Library Use

12 Interaction How many times someone retweeted, replied, favorited a tweet or commented or liked a Facebook or other Social Media site post. If you want interaction post things like this…

13 Reach: 2475 Engaged Users: 290 Talking About This: 255 Virality Rate: 10.3%

14 Reach Observation: Text only posts get more reach then other posts most of the time but not all of the time. But they get less interaction.


16 Analytics Likes, Followers, Check In’s Facebook Insights – 1.92% average virality, 1% average goal, not just about overall likes! Hootsuite Pro Klout Pinterest Analytics

17 Library Use Hard to measure! Social Media is Public Relations!

18 When to Post? Twitter Best Overall: Mondays Best Time Overall: 9&11a.m. /1&4p.m. Weekends: 12-2p.m./3-4p.m. Weekdays: 3-6p.m.

19 When to Post? Facebook Best Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday Best Times*: ?

20 What to Post? “Content is King.” Experiment & find what works! Use your Social Media Strategy to find focus.

21 What to Post? Ask Questions “Like” if you have your library card memorized. I wish ____________ had a sequel. Cool graphics. Photos What’s happening right now. Trends – use good ideas you find from others. Post, retweet, & like other organizations comments. 80/20 or 90/10 Experiment! Google Alerts

22 What to Post? Content Calendar Google

23 Content Calendar

24 Basic Content Plan

25 Schedule Posts Facebook Scheduler Hootsuite

26 Reputation Management How do we handle a social media crisis? Yelp

27 Strategic Goals for Social Media I. Strategic Goal: Enhance Facebook Timeline Page. II. Strategic Goal: Increase system-wide involvement in Social Media. III. Strategic Goal: Create social media campaigns focusing on content creation. IV. Strategic Goal: Develop relevant system of Social Media Measurement. – Maintain an average virality rate of 1% or over on Facebook posts. V. Strategic Goal: Connect to Local social media and blogging community.

28 Helpful Resources Social Media Plan Template:

29 Lynette Schimpf email: Facebook: Orange County Library System (FL) Twitter: @oclslibrary Thank You!

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