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1-157 21 Ways To Connect & Integrate Social Media Into Classrooms Presentation : 2012 Dr. Howie DiBlasi (Retired C.I.O.) “Emerging Technologies Evangelist”

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1 1-157 21 Ways To Connect & Integrate Social Media Into Classrooms Presentation : 2012 Dr. Howie DiBlasi (Retired C.I.O.) “Emerging Technologies Evangelist” Digital Journey Twitter = hdiblasi

2 2-157 Dr. Howie DiBlasi Extensive experience Education field, (20 years) Business leader, (10 years) C.I.O. (14 years) Recognized as “Vocational Teacher of the Year” for the State of Arizona Finalist in the “Top Secondary Leaders in America”. C.I.L.C with the "Pinnacle Award" for outstanding Professional Development Programs I.S.T.E. as the “Best of the Best” for outstanding Professional Development Programs for 2011.

3 3-157 You are free: to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the work Under the following conditions: Attribution Noncommercial — You may not use this work for commercial purposes. Share Alike If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one.

4 4-157

5 5-157 Think you know TWITTER. Think again!

6 6-157 “There's something going on here that's hard to explain.“ Bob Dylan Quote.. on a visit to Israel in the early 1970s

7 7-157 Categories of Social Media: 1. Social News 2. Social Bookmarking Social Networking 4. Social Collaborations 5. Social Photo and Video Sharing

8 8-157 Top 5 Most Popular Social Networking Sites | Sept. 2012 1 Facebook 750,000,000 1 Facebook 2 Twitter 250,000,000 2 Twitter 3 LinkedIn 150,000,000 3 LinkedIn 4 MySpace 70,500,0004 MySpace 5 Google Plus+ 65,000,0005 Google Plus+

9 9-157 Why Twitter? What’s the point of Twitter?

10 10-157 twitter in 60 seconds!!

11 11-157 What can I do with Twitter ? Instant updates News Friends and family Homework Ask for recommended books Ask for help or advice Tweet about a useful web resource Provide a daily tip Tweet about your school's website Answer someone else's general question Ask others for favorites

12 12-157 Why, again, dear educator, aren’t you on Twitter? If you were on Twitter… Scott McLeod

13 13-157 @hdiblasi

14 14-157 How do you use Twitter in the Classroom/Administration TodaysMeet

15 15-157 Create a Twitter account and start sending “Tweets” Free online account Find friends and colleagues -Follow @ D DM # (send) short updates-tweets, of 140 or fewer characters

16 16-157

17 17-157 WeFollow is a site where Twitter users can add themselves to three categories. Jump on over to these categories (called tags) to find educators to follow: teacher, edtech, education, educator, principal, or see the entire list of tags.WeFollowteacher edtecheducation educator principalentire list of tags

18 18-157 Educators connected world wide every day….

19 19-157

20 20-157

21 21-157

22 22-157 Directory Links on Twitter Desktop Applications for Twitter Twitter Organization Manage Multiple Twitter AccountsManage Multiple Twitter Accounts Twitter for Companies Firefox Plugins Send to Twitter using Voice Blackberry Clients iPhone Twitter Apps Twitter on any Mobile device Twitter on Windows Mobile Post via Mobile Send via eMail Counter to show followers Enhance your Tweets Follow Tools Top Twitter Lists Visual Map of Twitter Posts Share Files, Pictures & Videos Share Info from Webpages Monitor for Keywords & Whats HotMonitor for Keywords & Whats Hot Monitor Conversations Monitor Trends Autoresponder & Automatic TweetsAutoresponder & Automatic Tweets Autopost your Blog entries to TwitterAutopost your Blog entries to Twitter Evaluate your Twitter Profile Twitter Statistics and Graphs Twitter Dictionary Twitter Directory

23 23-157 10 Things Teachers Should Know to Get Started with Twitter 10 Things Teachers Should Know to Get Started with Twitter Posted by Tony Vincent Tony Vincent 10 Things Teachers Should Know to Get Started with TwitterTony Vincent Free online service where each user has his or her own webpage that they update as often as they want 140 characters or less at a time. Users update their pages with news, conversation, resources, questions, quotes, humor, and sometimes useless information. People often call these short posts updates or tweets. Many educators use Twitter to connect, collaborate, ask questions, and build a sense of community. This is called microblogging because it's like having a blog where the posts are very short. Here are some recent tweets I saw when I logged into my account:

24 24-157 Five Ways Twitter Will Make You Smarter 1. You get access to different points of views. 2. The people you follow point you to great resources you wouldn’t find otherwise. 3. You can poll your followers. 4. You can learn what educators are saying about your district or school. 5. Twitter will make you a better writer.

25 25-157 >> Check out Twitter Search Twitter SearchTwitter Search

26 26-157 >>>> CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT After signing up for TwitterTwitter Click Settings in the upper-right corner Account tab to complete your profile information. Input your profile-user's name, location, website, and short bio Find others to follow Lets try one follow FIRST: Locate the search BOX Type in: hdiblasi or Type in: Tony Vincent Click FOLLOW

27 27-157 >>> Your turn: CHECK this out WeFollow Twitter users can add themselves to three categories Jump on over to these categories (called tags) to find educators to follow: Teacher Edtech Education technology education educator, principal, or see the entire list of tags.educatorprincipalentire list of tags

28 28-157 From the WEB SITE TOP Educators/Leaders/Administrators to follow on TWITTER ( Download word doc here )Download word doc here

29 29-157 Educators on Twitter is a Google Docs spreadsheets where nearly 1,000 educators from around the world have added themselves to the database.Educators on Twitter Twitter 4 Teachers is a wiki listing educators in two dozen categories, including National Board Certified Teachers, Science Teachers, Math Teachers, Principals, Elementary Teachers, and Music Teachers.Twitter 4 TeachersNational Board Certified TeachersScience TeachersMath TeachersPrincipalsElementary Teachers Music Teachers Who Should I Follow gives suggestions for new Twitter friends. This service works best when you are already following several.Who Should I Follow

30 30-157 Anatomy of a Tweet @ D or DM # Hashtags #TCEA or #FETC or #fetc

31 31-157 THINGS I REALLLY need to know about sending a “TWEET” Public replies begins with the @ symbol Direct messages are not public They MUST have a D not a @

32 32-157 Two ways to send a private direct message Go to a user's Twitter page and click message under Actions on the left side of the page. Another way is to begin your message in the Twitter update box with the letter d or D followed by the username and message

33 33-157 One catch when it comes to direct messages. You can only send direct messages to users that are following you. For example, I am following Ellen Degeneres but she is not following me. Therefore, she cannot not receive direct messages from me.Ellen Degeneres

34 34-157 RT and then an @ symbol That's called a retweet username after the @ symbol is the one who originally posted the message. Sample: RT @WDWFanZone An Extra Special Disney Birthday… #fb RT @RRUEduStudies: Leadership 2.0 – Open Course #leadership20

35 35-157 Click Advanced Search Advanced SearchAdvanced Search From the page to fine-tune your!/search-advanced

36 36-157

37 37-157 10 Twitter Tips & Tricks By Beirut 10 Twitter Tips & Tricks By Beirut Beirut 1. Search for Yourself: Twitter has an API call limit of 150 calls an hour. Every time your Twitter client searches for replies, DMs, or tweets, it wastes a call. Use a search for your own name instead of a replies column in your Twitter client, thus saving APIs and getting the same result!(The only downside is that people with protected updates won’t show up). 2. Use Friendfeed: Friendfeed is a very good resource for searching for old tweets. Twitter Search only goes back a few weeks, but Friendfeed allows you to find any old tweet.Friendfeed 3. Use Groups: Even when you are following a large number of tweeps, you really pay close attention to only a sum of their tweets. By creating groups in your Twitter client, you have a column with those tweets that really count! 4. Don’t Use & in Your Twitter Profile: For some reason, the “&” symbol doesn’t get along well with Twitter and won’t be displayed properly. 5. 125 is the new 140: Although you can now tweet more than 140 characters, the whole purpose of Twitter is the short messages. Shorten your tweets to 125 (or shorter if you can) to encourage easy retweets and added comments. 6. Search for Yourself: Twitter has an API call limit of 150 calls an hour. 6. Time Matters: Search your subject on Google and click “Realtime” from the left hand column. Take a look at when people discuss your topic most on Twitter. 7. Discover Your Worth: Check out your Twitter score on Twitter Grader to see how you rank amongst other Tweeters. You can check your Klout score as well.Twitter GraderKlout 8. Find Tweeps Near You with Similar Interests. Take advantage of the Places options in the advanced Twitter search interface to filter tweets to a certain area. 9. Tweet Completely: Not everyone is reading all your tweets in a row. A single tweet can show via RSS,, in a Google Alert, etc. If your tweet relies on a previous tweet for context, it won’t make 10. Position Your Links: Sometimes it makes sense to not run a link at the end of the tweet. More people may click on it if it’s in the middle or at the beginning- partly because it looks different, so it draws the eye.

38 38-157 25 ways to teach with Twitter by Sonja Cole Ask for recommended books, lesson ideas, or teaching tools. Be sure to thank the people who respond. Ask for help or advice about a professional question. Write a book list one tweet at a time, or link to a book list on the web. Tweet about a useful web resource, a particular blog post, video, website, book, product or service that teachers would find useful. Provide a daily tip like a word of the day, book of the day, random trivia, useful fact, teacher tip or helpful resource. Share new studies of interest to other teachers. Celebrate timely events. Tweet about your school's website, blog and/or podcast Link to a book trailer or video booktalk you create Start a Twitter book club and tweet your reactions to the book as you read. Invite followers to an event (online or offline).

39 39-157 25 ways to teach with Twitter by Sonja Cole Link to photos of your classroom. Share teaching humor. Retweet someone else's post that you found interesting. Say thanks when someone retweets you or mentions you in their tweets. On Fridays, recommend other tweeters that your followers should check out. Answer someone else's general question, and reply to those who ask you a direct question. Schedule to meet fellow teachers at a conference, or organize a professional tweet-up in your area. Make a personal connection by sharing your favorite teaching resource, lesson idea, new book, blog post, etc. Ask others for favorites. Post requests for people to come and speak at your events. Find summer work or school employment postings Ask for something free Join a Twibe. A twibe allows you to follow a group of like-minded people

40 40-157 39 Cool Twitter Tools WeFollow - Twitter directory and search. Find Twitter followersWeFollow Listorious - Twitter people search and lists directory.Listorious Fllwrs – Keep track of who follows/unfollows you.Fllwrs

41 41-157 WeFollowWeFollow - Twitter directory and search. Find Twitter followers WeFollow

42 42-157 Utilities and Tools twitcam - Stream live video on Twitter.twitcam Buffer - Automagically shares your articles, pics and more.Easily add great articles, pictures and videos to your Buffer and we automagically share them for you through the day!Buffer TweetBackup – Free backup for your Twitter.TweetBackup Twilk - Put your Twitter followers on your background.Twilk Flickr my Background – Put your latest Flickr images on your background.Flickr my Background Twileshare - Upload and share files on Twitter.Twileshare Twitvid - Easily share videos on Twitter.Twitvid Tweetwally – Create a tweet wall to organize and share tweets.Tweetwally Tweetburner – Tracking the links you share on Twitter.Tweetburner

43 43-157 twitcamtwitcam - Stream live video on Twitter twitcam

44 44-157 SEARCH TOOLS Twitter / Search – See what’s happening right now (official).Twitter / Search PostPost – Awesome stuff gets lost on Twitter. Strip-search your timeline.PostPost Snap Bird - Search beyond Twitter’s history.Snap Bird – Word cloud Twitter search BackTweets – Search for links on Twitter.BackTweets Tweet Scan – Twitter and micro blog search.Tweet Scan

45 45-157 Twitter / SearchTwitter / Search See what’s happening right now (official). Twitter / Search

46 46-157 COOL TWITTER VISUALIZATIONS A World of Tweets - Very cool heatmap of latest worldwide tweets.A World of Tweets Tori’s Eye - Cool origami-looking Twitter visualization.Tori’s Eye TweepsKey - A graph that unlocks the power of your tweeps.TweepsKey Revisit - Real-time visualization of latest 200 tweets around a given topic.Revisit Mentionmapp - A “mind-map” style Twitter visualization.Mentionmapp The View from Above - Flashes of light appear based on geographic tweets.The View from Above

47 47-157 TweepsKeyTweepsKey - A graph that unlocks the power of your tweeps. TweepsKey

48 48-157 The View from AboveThe View from Above - Flashes of light appear based on geographic tweets. The View from Above

49 49-157 When To Send Tweets Tweriod favorite in terms of algorithm the app takes into account a great number of different parameters, and calculates a very accurate result. TweetWhen Great tool shows you the best times to tweet based on your previous 1,000 tweets. Similar to WhenToTweet, the process is super fast, meaning you will have your results in a few seconds. TweetReports Different approach by gathering the tweet statistics from your top 25 influential followers into its “Follower Analysis” feature. The spikes indicate when these users are most active and, therefore, likely to see your tweets. Additionally, the app

50 50-157

51 51-157 Services for Pre-Scheduling Your Twitter Updates Services for Pre-Scheduling Your Twitter Updates Tweetlater Free-Professional -Schedule tweets — Plan, set & forget FutureTweets- you can choose for your update to appear as coming “via web,” rather than from the service.FutureTweets Twuffer:Twuffer Twuffer (Twitter buffer, get it?) is a super-simple example of a Twitter post-dating service-set your time zone and select how you’d prefer the time and date to appear. Scheduling a tweet is easy — just type what you’re going to say into the box, set the time and date you want it to go live, and hit the “set status!” button.

52 52-157 Twuffer TwufferTwuffer

53 53-157 CLIENTS / INTERFACES / MANAGERS Twitbin – Well-designed Twitter client for Firefox with powerful features.Twitbin HootSuite - Dashboard for teams using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.HootSuite Destroy Twitter – Powerful and lightweight. Lets you filter the noise!Destroy Twitter Hibari – A clean Mac Twitter client. Blocks annoyances and reveals gems.Hibari Echofon - Full-featured, super-clean Twitter apps for Mac, Win, Mobile.Echofon ManageFlitter - Nice Twitter account management.ManageFlitter Twidget – Twitter dashboard widget for Mac.Twidget

54 54-157 TweetDeckTweetDeck – Brings more flexibility and insight to power users. TweetDeck

55 55-157 After You have been sending Tweets For 30-60 days All My Tweets - View all your tweets on one page.All My Tweets TwitterForBusyPeople - A whole new way to interact with Twitter.TwitterForBusyPeople

56 56-157 All My TweetsAll My Tweets - View all your tweets on one page. All My Tweets

57 57-157 MEASURE YOUR INFLUENCE PeerIndex - Own your influence.PeerIndex Klout - “The standard for influence”Klout Twitter Grader Tweeteffect

58 58-157 Twitter Grader

59 59-157

60 60-157 Account Summary Full Name:Howie DiBlasiHowie DiBlasi Bio:Technology Consultant: My special interest and passion is 21st Century Learning and how to change the world of education. I provide Keynotes,Workshops and PD. Location:Austin TX [Twitter Elite in Austin TX][Twitter Elite in Austin TX] Followers:3,462 Following:159 Website:http://www.drhowie.com Tweeting Since:2007-07-24 21:51:24 (5 years, 2 months, 6 days) [tweet this][tweet this] Who else?Find out who started on twitter the same day as @hdiblasiwho started on twitter the same day as @hdiblasi

61 61-157 Group Tools BirdHerd - Twitter made easy for groups and teams.BirdHerd Nurph - Group Twitter chat, hashtag streaming and more.Nurph Chitty Chat - Tweet privately with a group.Chitty Chat GroupTweet - Helping groups communicate privately on Twitter.GroupTweet TweetChat - Cool tool for chatting in real time using hashtags.TweetChat Twibes - Twitter groups.Twibes

62 62-157 BirdHerdBirdHerd - Twitter made easy for groups and teams. BirdHerd

63 63-157 3 kinds of people 1. Visitors 2. Renters 3. Owners

64 64-157

65 65-157 39 Ways To Connect & Integrate Social Media Into Classrooms Presentation : 2012 Dr. Howie DiBlasi (Retired C.I.O.) “Emerging Technologies Evangelist” Digital Journey Twitter = hdiblasi

66 66-157 from the book: The Backdoor to Enlightenment:The Backdoor to Enlightenment: Eight Steps to Living Your Dreams and Changing Your WorldEight Steps to Living Your Dreams and Changing Your World

67 67-157 Will you be the 10th person? For every nine people who denounce innovation, only one will encourage it. For every nine people who do things the way they have always been done, only one will ever wonder if there is a better way. For every nine people who stand in line in front of a locked building, only one will ever come around and check the back door. Our progress as a species rests squarely on the shoulders of that tenth person. The nine are satisfied with things they are told are valuable. Person 10 determines for himself what has value.

68 68-157

69 69-157 buffsclass 1.flashcards,read "Poppa's New Pants" complete p.362 #1-5 on notebook paper9:02 AM Apr 2nd from web9:02 AM Apr 2nd 2.Mathp.fractions, flashcards, wbp.197, read30min.8:33 AM Apr 1st from web8:33 AM Apr 1st 3.Math p.fractions, flashcards, WBp.195, read 30 min8:40 AM Mar 31st from web8:40 AM Mar 31st 4.enjoy your weekend don`t forget to go to studyisland.com9:26 AM Mar 27th from web9:26 AM Mar 27th 5.Don't forget Award's Ceremony today at 1:30!4:33 AM Mar 27th from web 4:33 AM Mar 27th

70 70-157 Using Twitter as an Education Tool Storytelling Silver Spring International Middle School George Mayo, an eighth grade English teacher

71 71-157 Storytelling Silver Spring International Middle School l Collaboratively write a story by students. Students around the world via-Many Voices Twitter account Add to an ongoing story with individual "tweets." 6 weeks-100 students-6 different countries Story finished. "It was incredibly simple and really amazing, “Suddenly kids in China had written a chapter for the book." Afterward he made the book available for his students

72 72-157 Some of the highlights: An increase of "class chatter" Using Twitter to have conversations inside and outside of the class Develop a sense of "classroom community“ Instant feedback. Track a conference or seminar. Follow a professional or famous person. Public notepad. Writing assignments. Grammar. Maximizing the teachable moment.

73 73-157 Resources Educators Test the Limits of Twitter Microblogging Tool 25 ways to teach with Twitter by Sonja Cole 100 Excellent, Educational Twitter Feeds - excellent-educational-twitter-feeds/ excellent-educational-twitter-feeds/

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