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October GBM with Apprenda Thursday, October 9 6-7PM Mothers.

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1 October GBM with Apprenda Thursday, October 9 6-7PM Mothers

2 Agenda Upcoming Events Member Recognition Announcements Apprenda

3 Annual Alumni Social When: Saturday, October 11 2-4pm Where: Blitman Room in ECAV All members and alumnae are encouraged to come enjoy an afternoon of networking and sharing. Food will be provided.

4 Book Club! Thursday, October 16 th 5:30 to 6:30 PM Union 3511 "Letters to a Young Scientist" by Edward O. Wilson

5 Inside Scoop on Undergraduate Research Co-Hosted with WMP/NSBE/SHPE/SASE Tuesday, October 22 nd 7-9PM DCC 318 Interested in getting research experience? Want research scholarships? Want to present your research? Then join us for this exciting event about Undergraduate Research!

6 Members of the Month! RPI SWE is proud to announce our September Members of the Month! Mariana Basilio Alex Kotsakis Congratulations!

7 Freshmen Election Winners Congratulations to Erika Nelson and Laura Gillespie!

8 SWEatshirts for Sale! Order your SWE sweatshirt today! $25 for National Members and $32 for anyone else Email with style preference and size or fill out the form in the weekly e-mail! Charcoal Grey & yellow/green, Charcoal Grey & white, Black & yellow/green, or Black & white

9 Facebook Like our page on Facebook (RPI SWE) for updates on events and other cool things! Ask us questions and keep up with what SWE is up to. Twitter Follow us on Twitter @RPISWE for quick updates of what’s going on in SWE! Don’t forget to tweet at us Instagram NEW RPI SWE Instagram: @rpi_swe Follow us for an activity point! Screenshot and send to Got a cool RPI SWE photo? E-mail and your picture could end up on our page! TELL YOUR FRIENDS! SWE Social Media: Get Involved!

10 Knowledge source tip of the month! Interviewing! Firm handshake- show you’re confident Listen to the interviewer- be able to actively follow up with informed questions, shows interest Keep answers concise but informative- you want to get to the point but also answer the complete question. Picking a single point to conclude at can help streamline thoughts Silence is not a bad thing. Clarity- if asked something you are uncertain of, don’t be afraid to get clarification. This way you can clearly and confidently answer the question

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