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Why Use Social Media for Rotary? Peter Borner The Rotary Club of Towcester.

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1 Why Use Social Media for Rotary? Peter Borner The Rotary Club of Towcester

2 Before we start… Which Clubs do not have a regularly updated web site? ◦ For the clubs that do have a web site:  How often is it updated?  Who in the club can update the web site?  Who can add comments and rich content (Webmaster? Any Club Member? Any Rotarian? The General Public?)  How many visitors does your web site receive each week? (Club Members? Other Rotarians? The General Public?) Who uses Social Media? ◦ Facebook  How many Facebook users do we have here this evening?  Which clubs have a Facebook page?  Who is worried about exposing their personal information on Facebook? ◦ Twitter  Does anyone Tweet personally?  Which clubs use Twitter to publicise their activities?  Who follows you and who do you follow? ◦ You Tube  Do any clubs create videos and post them to You Tube?  Does anyone know about the 100’s of Rotary videos hosted on You Tube? ◦ LinkedIn  Who has a LinkedIn Profile?  Are you a member of the Rotary International group on LinkedIn? ◦ Other sites  Anyone ever heard of or use Vimeo? My Space? Plaxo? Others? Blogging ◦ Does anyone write a Blog? ( Personally? For Work? For Rotary?)

3 Putting things in context… The objective is to reach as many people as possible, as many times as possible, so that: 1. They hear the Rotary name and associate it with the great work we do in service to others locally, nationally and internationally. 2. They learn about and become supporters of the activities and the fellowship at their local club. 3. They expand the family of Rotary by becoming potential members or friends of Rotary.

4 Facebook allows us to quickly, easily and seamlessly share stories, photographs, upcoming events, etc., with our “friends” who can then comment and share their thoughts with us. My Personal Facebook pagePersonal The Rotary Club of Towcester’s pageRotary Club of Towcester’s ◦ A word on Facebook Security and Privacy

5 Twitter is similar to Text Messaging. Anyone that follows you on Twitter will see the messages you post (your “Tweets”.) It is sometimes referred to as Micro Blogging: My personal Twitter Feedpersonal The Rotary Club of Towcester’s Twitter FeedRotary Club of Towcester’s ◦ A word about Tweets, ReTweets and Direct Messages  @user (e.g. @TowcesterRotary) at the beginning of a Tweet notifies the user that you have replied.  @user in the middle of a Tweet is a “mention” and just provides a link to that users Feed.  #hashtag (e.g. #EndPolioNow links Tweets together so that they can be easily searched.  RT @user is a way of quoting someone's tweet, word for word. Sometimes you'll also see (via @user) This means the same thing  DM @user is a way of sending a private message directly to a user.

6 You Tube is a video sharing site… Free to Join. Free to post and share videos. Rotary has over 100 videos that you can use posted on You Tube. ◦ Subscribing to RI’s You Tube Channel. ◦ Sharing videos on Twitter, Facebook and Email. ◦ Embedding videos on your club web site.

7 LinkedIn is a business and personal networking site based on the principles of 6 degrees of separation. Share information about yourself. Record your connections with other LinkedIn users. Gain trusted recommendations to new contacts from within your personal network. ◦ My personal LinkedIn profile.personal ◦ The Rotary International Group on LinkedIn.Rotary International ◦ The Rotary Presidents Group on LinkedIn.Rotary Presidents

8 Blogging Blogging is an online diary and ideally suited to budding authors! If you blog… publicise your blog posts using Twitter and Facebook. If you want to Blog… try WordPress.WordPress ◦ My Blog Site.Blog

9 Messages to take back to your clubs: Social Networking: 1. Works best if everyone in the club joins in and contributes content. 2. Has the potential to reach more people, more quickly, than any other form of PR. 3. Provides a two way mechanism for communicating with the world. 4. Is safe and secure. To get the most from Social Networking: 1. Embrace the technology and don’t be afraid to use it. 2. Be open and inclusive. 3. Invite comment and interaction. 4. Use multiple channels and cross post on all of them: ◦ Facebook ◦ Twitter ◦ LinkedIn ◦ Blogging ◦ You Tube

10 Thank you Connect with me: ◦ Facebook: ◦ Twitter: @PeterBorner ◦ LinkedIn: ◦ Blog: ◦ Email: Connect with Towcester Rotary: ◦ Facebook: ◦ Twitter: @TowcesterRotary

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