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Level 3 Language Arts with Ms. Sheri Lesson 60 Final Assessment.

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1 Level 3 Language Arts with Ms. Sheri Lesson 60 Final Assessment

2 test taking tips Before we begin we will review some test taking tips. review Before the test, you may want to review any worksheets or journal entries from lessons 1-29 to refresh your memory. * *This is especially important for concepts that may have been difficult the first time.

3 test taking tips Here are some test taking tips that might help during the test. relax First of all, relax. You want to do your best, but being really nervous will not help you. enough sleepeaten breakfast Next, make sure you have gotten enough sleep and eaten breakfast.

4 Read the instructions twice Read the instructions twice to be sure you understand what you are being asked. skip If you are still unsure, skip the question and go back to it later.

5 best guess If you are still unsure of an answer after you have skipped it, make your best guess. stand up deep breath If you are getting tired or nervous, stand up, take a deep breath, and then continue with the test.

6 You should have your own paper copy of the final assessment in front of you as we continue. I will read the instructions for you for each section. Make sure you reread the instructions yourself to be sure you understand what is being asked.

7 Final Assessment Write the part of speech (preposition, conjunction, verb, noun, adjective, or adverb) of the bold word on the line. 1.Do you like vanilla or chocolate ice cream?_ 2.I usually eat vanilla ice cream.___ 3.Ice cream is served in cups and cones.____ 4.The ice cream is in the freezer. _____ 5.Here is a small bowl of ice cream for you.__ 6.Why don’t you eat some with me?________

8 Write the letter of the definition that matches the definition. 7.______SettingA. The people or animals that the story is about. 8.______CharacterB. The place where the story happens. 9.______Plot C. The action of the story.

9 Write metaphor, simile, or idiom on the blank after each statement. 10. Mom was upset about my messy room, but I think she was making a mountain out of a molehill. _____________________ 11. The wind was a bear. ____________ 12.Jake ran as fast as lightning._________

10 Find the mistakes in the following sentences. Write C for capitalization, O for organization, P for punctuation, or S for spelling mistakes. 13.once a week, we go to dance class._____ 14. At the YMCA downtown. ___________ 15.The taecher has a lot of energy. ________ 16. Charlene Max and Trina take the class too __________

11 Put an X beside the fact that does not support the main idea. 17.Benjamin Franklin was an innovative man. ______ Benjamin Franklin invented the Franklin stove. ______ Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston on Milk Street. ______ Benjamin Franklin started the first library.

12 Put a check mark( √) beside all the things you should do when writing a rough draft. _____ Use complete sentences. _____ Draw all charts, graphs, and illustrations. _____ Stay on topic _____ Include important details.

13 Circle the linking words in the following statement. William was a great fisherman. As a result, everyone wanted him to be on their fishing boat during the contest.

14 Write T for true or F for false on the following statements. _____Guide words are found on the top of every page of a dictionary. _____ Words are listed in a dictionary by order of importance. _____ Dictionaries also list the pronunciation and part of speech of words.

15 Put an X beside the item that is NOT part of a friendly letter. ______ date ______ greeting ______ body ______ foot ______ closing ______ signature

16 Put an X beside the item that is NOT part of the writing process. 24.______ rough draft ______revision.______proofread ______listening ______publication

17 25.Find the misspelled word in the list. A.hostess B. wildernessC. behinde colt moold fold kiend grind wild told wind almost child volt bolt

18 D. strewE. newtralF. pewter mildoo crew feud nephew ewe curfeu review feudal blew chew flew screw G. eightyH. belief I. value nabor shield virtue weight receipt issu freight achieve glue vein field argue

19 J. awake K. ago L. comma ultrah abuse adopt galore salute appeal abode maternal alfalfah avert exkavate amaze M. visionN. thredO. useing action heavenhoping lotion feather safely mision steady likeness invasion wealth careless

20 P. triesQ. nameingR. safely buried careless driving babys finer played copied loveablesupplyed trying sincerely tries Read the passage below. Answer the questions that follow. Magician of the Sea What do three hearts, eight arms, and one huge brain add up to? An octopus, a creature that can do amazing things. Octopuses are extremely intelligent...

21 26. List ways an Octopus defends itself. ___________________________ 27. How are an octopus and a chameleon alike? a. They both like to hide on the ocean floor. b. They can both change the color of their skin. c. They are both invertebrates. d. They both use their arms to kill predators.

22 28. Explain how shooting ink helps an octopus to escape from predators._____________________________________ 29. What happens to an octopus if it loses one of its eight arms? a. It will grow a new one. b. It will die. c. It is no longer poisonous. d. It can swim faster.

23 30. What is the author's purpose for writing this article. a. to explain how octopuses eat, live, and play b. to show how dangerous octopuses are c. to describe the physical characteristics of octopuses d. to explain how octopuses protect themselves

24 Mary Had Some Bubble Gum Anonymous Mary had some bubble gum, she chewed it long and slow, and everywhere that Mary went her gum was sure to go. She chewed the gum in school one day, which was against the rule, the teacher took her pack away and chewed it after school.

25 31. Which best describes where Mary chewed her bubble gum? A. home B. everywhere C. playground D. bedroom 32. Why did the teacher take Mary’s bubble gum? A. Chewing gum was against school rules. B. Mary could have choked on the gum. C. The teacher wanted the gum. D. Blowing bubbles got Mary in trouble.

26 33. What lesson did Mary most likely learn from her punishment? A. Teachers like to break rules. B. It is best to stay after school. C. It is best to follow rules. D. Principals like to chew gum. 34. What did the teacher do with the gum after school? A. She threw the gum away. B. She chewed the gum. C. She put the gum into her book bag. D. She gave the gum back to Mary.

27 35. If Mary finds out what happened to her gum, how will she most likely feel? A. joyful B. upset C. thankful D. worried Too Strange To Be True Will saw an odd creature. He saw a strange, bizarre creature. The strange creature was purple with orange dots. It had three eyes and five feet...

28 36. This story is about A. strange colors. B. what cannot be true. C. odd creatures from the sky. D seeing hard-to-believe things. 37. If something is bizarre, it is A. odd. B. grit. C. an alien. D. a creature.

29 This is the end of the final assessment. 38. Fill in the chart to show how the alien is different from you Number of eyes Number of feet Number of noses alien you

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