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The Target Model of human behavior & performance Fred Nickols, CPT 1.

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1 The Target Model of human behavior & performance Fred Nickols, CPT 1

2 The Target 2 © Fred Nickols 2010

3 The Human 3 © Fred Nickols 2010

4 The Goal 4 © Fred Nickols 2010

5 The Perception 5 © Fred Nickols 2010

6 The Actions 6 © Fred Nickols 2010

7 The Conditions 7 © Fred Nickols 2010

8 The Target Model © Fred Nickols 2010 8

9 Implications  The target is the right one  The performer is committed to hitting that target  The performer can gauge his or her own progress and success  The performer has an adequate repertory of behavior  The performer can vary his or her behavior as required  The performer is not overwhelmed by circumstances 9 © Fred Nickols 2010

10 10 A Case in Point © Fred Nickols 2010

11 The Operation 11 © Fred Nickols 2010

12 12 Ideally… © Fred Nickols 2010

13 Hypotheses 13 Assumed ReasonsRelated Questions The applicants are making so many careless errors because they do not understand how important the registration form is to them. In short, they don’t care. Producing a “clean and complete registration form” is not a goal of theirs. Do the applicants understand that an incorrect or incomplete registration form will likely delay their taking the test and, in turn, delay their certification, licensing and employment as well as any income from that employment? The forms are riddled with errors because the applicants can’t judge for themselves whether or not they’ve filled out the form properly. How would the applicants know whether or not they had filled out the form correctly? There are so many coding errors because there is some kind of special problem associated with the codes. Where and how do the applicants obtain the codes they are supposed to enter on the form? © Fred Nickols 2010

14 Investigation  Nowhere were the registrants advised regarding the consequences of failure to complete the form properly  Nowhere were they advised how to tell if they had completed the form properly  The code list was in numeric order, not alphabetical order 14 © Fred Nickols 2010

15 The Solution  The instructions were re-written Advised as to consequences “Clean & complete” defined w/examples  An alphabetical code list was provided 15 © Fred Nickols 2010

16 The Results 16 © Fred Nickols 2010

17 Some Sources  Behavior: The Control of Perception, 2 nd Edition (2005), William T. Powers. Benchmark Publications.  Making Sense of Behavior: The Meaning of Control (1998), Powers, W.T. Benchmark Publications.  “A Perceptual Control Theory Primer,” Nickols, F.W.A Perceptual Control Theory Primer 17 © Fred Nickols 2010

18 More Implications 18 © Fred Nickols 2010

19 Contact Info 19 Fred Nickols Managing Partner Distance Consulting LLC 1558 Coshocton Ave – Suite 303 Mount Vernon, OH 43050 (740) 504-0000 © Fred Nickols 2010

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