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CLA webinar: SHRM FOUNDATION October 22, 2014 Ashlee Droscher Smith, Director of Development.

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1 CLA webinar: SHRM FOUNDATION October 22, 2014 Ashlee Droscher Smith, Director of Development

2 Agenda 2014: Accomplishments and Anticipate SHAPE 3.4: ideas to finish the year! Questions, answers, ideas, and suggestions

3 Who are we: SHRM Foundation Vision The SHRM Foundation is the globally recognized catalyst for shaping human resource thought leadership and research. SHRM Foundation Mission The SHRM Foundation advances global human capital knowledge and practice by – providing thought leadership and educational support, and sponsoring, funding and – driving the adoption of cutting-edge, actionable, evidence-based research.

4 What we do:

5 Educational Products Accomplishments: New Effective Practice Guidelines Report: Leveraging Workplace Flexibility for Engagement and Productivity New case study DVD: Investing in Older Workers Launch of Thought Leadership Report: Evolution of Work and the Worker Anticipate: Aging Workforce Initiative products: – Effective Practice Guidelines Report: Engage and Retaining Older Workers – Two Executive Briefings: Strategically Engaging Mature Workers and Changing our Perceptions of the Aging Workforce New Effective Practice Guidelines Report: Evaluating Worksite Wellness: Practical Applications for Employers All products are available for complimentary download at:

6 Research Accomplishments: Research grants: 32 grant proposals received, and 2 were conditionally funded for a total of $215,000: Bridging Communication Gaps in HR by Mapping Constructs and Findings Free-Riding in Global Virtual Teams: An Experimental Study of Antecedents and Strategies to Minimize the Problem Sixteen research projects are currently in process totaling $1,555,497 Anticipate: Announcement of new research based on the fall funding cycle. The SHRM Foundation is the leading funder of HR research.

7 Research: Thought Leadership Initiative Three themes: 1.Evolution of 'Work' and the 'Worker' 2.Engaging and Integrating a Global Workforce 3.Use of Talent Analytics for Competitive Advantage Accomplishments: Thought Leader Retreat held late September in Las Vegas, NV. #TL14 Theme report launched in June during Annual Conference Executive round table, and summary, held in March at USC Anticipate: Further conversation about this topic Release of theme 2 in 2015 Digital Hub: Follow on twitter: #FutureHRTrends

8 Scholarship & Awards Accomplishments: More than 100 scholarships awarded to HR professionals! 81 certification scholarships 20 academic scholarships Dissertation Award Winners: Patricia Dahm, Sung Doo Kim, Eric Lin, Margaret Luciano Debbie Mackey, Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville is awarded Advisor of the Year Anticipate: SHRM Foundation Student Scholarship Program deadline: November 1, 2014 Announcement of winners for: HRM Impact Awards, Losey HR Research Award, and Susan R. Meisinger Fellowship for Graduate study in HR

9 SHAPE 3.4

10 SHAPE 3.4, step 1 STEP 1: Make a monetary contribution directly from chapter’s/council’s funds by December 31. – Donation of ANY amount – From council/chapter account How do I find out if we have donated? Visit Click “Volunteer Resources” Choose “Overview” Click “Contribution Reports”

11 SHAPE 3.4, step 2 STEP 2: Depending on your goal, complete the following activities: 1.Designate a Foundation Liaison 2.Host a special event to benefit the SHRM Foundation 3.Conduct a Chapter Leadership Campaign 4.Increase chapter’s contribution over its 2013 contribution Awards = monetary contribution +: 1 activity for Foundation Champion & Silver 2 activities for Gold award level 4 activities for Platinum award level

12 SHAPE 3.4, breakdown Designate a Foundation Liaison – If you have a Foundation Core Leadership Area (CLA) Liaison, you’ve met this requirement. – This role may be combined with another volunteer leader role. Host a special event to benefit the SHRM Foundation – 50/50 raffle (check state regulations) – Bake sale (pumpkin pies, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin cake!) – Blue jeans meeting (donate $10 and to wear jeans at next meeting)

13 SHAPE 3.4, breakdown Conduct a Leadership Campaign to encourage members to lead by example by making their individual donations of at least $25 each with an optimal goal of 100 percent participation. – Important words: “encourage” “optimal goal” – If you do not reach 100% or each do not give $25, it’s okay! – Hosting a Leadership Campaign: Recruit a campaign lead – President/Director, Elect, Foundation Liaison Lead makes a donation first Lead promotes donation and asks for others to join, by a deadline: – During a meeting – Via an eNewsletter – In your monthly newsletter – By phone call to members

14 SHAPE 3.4, breakdown Increase your chapter’s / council’s contribution to the SHRM Foundation over its 2013 contribution. – 2013 contribution = monetary donations from chapter/council to SHRM Foundation – 2014 total annual contribution = monetary donations + recognition credits Recognition credits (reflecting donations from individual members of the chapter) will be awarded to the chapter/council, and will be counted towards the chapter’s/council’s total annual contribution (in addition to their chapter’s monetary contribution) when determining if the chapter /council has increased their overall contribution over the previous year in their efforts to fulfill their SHAPE requirements. How do I find out our recognition credits?

15 NEW Contribution Reports

16 REMEMBER: Silent Auction to benefit SHRM Foundation Seeking items to help raise funds! Contact by November 7 BIG THANK YOU: North Dakota SHRM ▪ South Dakota SHRM ▪ Rhode Island SHRM Oklahoma SHRM ▪ Big Bend Chapter ▪ Wisconsin SHRM Western North Carolina Chapter ▪ Colorado Donations must be received by Dec. 31 To be counted towards SHAPE, chapter, council and individual donations must be received by the end of the year!

17 Resources SHRM Foundation web site: (click the Volunteer Resources tab on the top-right) – Start with the “Volunteer Success Guide” – NEW as of October 20 – Contribution Reports, sorted by region, show total given from chapter/council AND recognition credits from individuals Volunteer Leaders’ Resource Center SHRM Foundation Staff

18 Contact us! @SHRMFoundation Ashlee Droscher Smith, M.S. Director, Development 703.535.6291 Request resources: Elissa Soares Foundation Administrator

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