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The Digital Imperative Martin Ferguson – Director of Policy & Research, Socitm Civica, November 5, 2014 Follow

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1 The Digital Imperative Martin Ferguson – Director of Policy & Research, Socitm Civica, November 5, 2014 Follow us

2 Extreme digital Annapurna Circuit

3 Overview Digital – future state Core principles – innovate, redesign, collaborate Digital in health and care The digital imperative – implications and reflections

4 Digital future state … paradigm shift Connecting Cambridgeshire unlocking capacity in communities Evidence-based analytics in Norfolk for service transformation

5 Digital future state … people at the centre East Riding of Yorkshire – people focused, digital redesign of services and business processes Living Well project in Cornwall and Neighbourhood Networks in Leeds addressing lonely older adults

6 Digital future state … more than just a last minute bolt-on Casllwchwr Primary School in Swansea transforming access to information and literacy Glasgow Smart City demonstrator addressing health, safety and sustainability

7 Digital future state … unlock cost savings and increase productivity Bristol City migrating its ICT infrastructure to cloud Kent CC saved 90% of £800k childminder approvals budget by working with a local partner and to introduce an online interface

8 Core principles Innovate – adaptive innovation to empower people Create, learn, repeat Engage service users and supply side in service design and delivery Build digital capability in communities Shift ownership of data, information and technology to the user Pragmatic risk and opportunity assessment

9 Core principles Redesign – ‘digital by design, open by default’ Co-design services around local priority service outcomes Digitally-enabled, using open and reusable standards Access anywhere, anytime, any device People first, performing processes, underpinned with information and enabled by technology

10 Core principles Collaborate – share and re-use resources and assets Join-up service delivery Collaboratively developed, open, digital delivery processes and services Jointly commission ICT infrastructure and services Pool budgets, share staff and skills Measure, capture and share holistic benefits and savings

11 Digital in health and care Sam’s story

12 Digital in health and care Care Act Integration – Better Care Fund, Pioneer Sites and Technology Fund Personalisation Prevention

13 Digital in health and care

14 Current position: Systems designed with the provider/commissioner in mind, not the services user Too many paper-based processes in health and social care Risk averse cultures lead to little information shared between professionals or systems Traditional market model, with small number of suppliers focusing on council back office systems Proliferation of apps

15 Digital in health and care Future position: User at the heart of the system, with the same level of customer service/ interaction as in other areas of life Adult social care professionals and providers embracing technology as a key part of getting the job done A fully joined-up information ecosystem within health and care, including other critical agencies Use of big data: effective prediction (through analytics) and prevention (pre-emptive interventions) Dynamic market, open to innovation

16 Digital in health and care Socitm with (ADASS-IMG) invited by DoH to establish a Dissemination and Engagement Programme (England) Primary focus: information and technology implications of health and social care reform, including Care Act (2014). Target audiences: Socitm members, social care ‘informatics’ professionals, and other local public and third sector stakeholders, including those involved in health care

17 Digital in health and care Summits Leeds: 25 September 2014 London: 8 October 2014 Regional workshops 24 Oct - West Midlands, Birmingham 11 Nov - North East, Durham 18 Nov - North West, Blackpool 25 Nov - Yorkshire & Humber, Leeds 2 Dec - South, Guildford 5 Dec - London 9 Dec - South West, Exeter

18 The digital imperative Local public services Capabilities IT issues

19 The digital imperative ‘Open by default’ Procurement (CCS - LASA) Contracts Data Security Systems APIs … platforms, patterns, commodities, open source

20 The digital imperative Suppliers Opening up their systems Opening up new relationships Becoming a critical part of the new digital public services landscape Innovation - redesign - collaboration

21 Extreme digital “We want to be adopters – 3 panels cancelled and 18 months so far …” “All I want to do is find my Dad a care home…” “I’m a carer. Please help me find respite care …” ” My brother might still be alive if his GP, mental health and social care had shared his information …” “My daughter has ME. Help! Ten organisations all with own ideas about what’s best for her...” “My mum is lonely and lacking in confidence after my dad died. I am 200 miles away …”

22 Thank you @martinjf52

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