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Digital Martin Ferguson Director of Policy & Research.

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1 Digital Insights @ Martin Ferguson Director of Policy & Research

2 WORKSHOP What digital is … What might digital mean for … What is Digital Insights and how might I use it? Digital service design People and skills Other resources

3 IMAGINE … “L’imagination est plus importante que le savoir.” Einstein

4 WHAT DIGITAL IS … ‘It goes beyond further rounds of process automation to transform processes, business models and customer experience by exploiting the pervasive digital connections between systems, people, places and things. Technologies such as smartphones, tablet computing, social media, big data, analytics, cloud computing, remote sensing and others provide the raw materials to forge a new edge.’ Source: Gartner, The Digital Edge, 2012


6 WHAT MIGHT DIGITAL MEAN … For me? For my team? For my organisation? For my locality?

7 WHY DIGITAL INSIGHTS? Reform strategies: Reset System re-design East of Suez (Hood, 2010)



10 SCOPE What digital is What business problems digital addresses Why digital is relevant to Local Public Services Why digital is not the Localegov programme of 2002 When to apply digital When not to apply digital Who digital is relevant to Who’s at risk of being excluded and what to do about it How Local and Central digital strategies inter-relate How service design can benefit from embracing digital


12 WHO’S INVOLVED? Local Government Digital Alliance Local Government Association Local Public Services CIO Council Local Government Delivery and Contact Councils LocalGov Digital Leaders Network DCLG ITW Networks Universities Suppliers and Socitm Premium Partners

13 HOW MIGHT YOU PLAY YOUR PART? Define Discover Envision Design Enable

14 HOW MIGHT I USE DIGITAL INSIGHTS? Define – the focus and scope of your digital programme Discover – stories about what can be done with digital Envision – what digital services might look like in your locality Design – an iterative process to test and implement new service configurations Enable – the building blocks, methods, tools and skills needed.

15 DIGITAL SERVICE DESIGN Service models Ten design principles Four phases


17 W

18 SERVICE DESIGN PRINCIPLES How relevant are these to local public services design?

19 L

20 L

21 FOUR PHASES How would these work for you?

22 PEOPLE & SKILLS Service mangers Designers Developers User researchers Web operations Performance analysts

23 LESERKOMMENTARSPALTEN HÖLLENLÄRM … NEXT STEPS Socitm resources, products and services Socitm’s new Digital Consulting services Agile ‘pocket guide’ Insight research report: Digital delivery – the next generation - exemplars External resources Socitm Region and local workshops Priority services – model designs

24 REFLECTION ….. “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” Einstein Go to: ghts

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