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2 HISTORY NOSOS = DISEASE (pathos=suffering) First nosode used by Hahnemann : Psorinum, but not for scabies. It was proven as a general remedy. Nosodes have been called “oral vaccines”. Hering introduced Lyssin in 1833, long before Pasteur’s work on rabies. Influenzinum a big help in treating the 1919 flu pandemic.

3 My interest in nosodes Prof Francisco Eizayaga 1928 - 2001

4 Dr F.Eizayaga ► Prof of homeopathic medicine at the University of Buenos Aires. Full time homeopathic practice from 1952. Taught all over the world. Came to England to lecture in 1984. The Midlands Branch has a copy of the tapes. Particularly interested in homeopathic treatment of epidemics. (meningitis)

5 Eizayaga said ► Likelihood of getting a good prescribing match ie a constitutional remedy (especially in a G.P.setting) is low. ► To improve the outcome possibilities add in a nosode. ► The remedy and nosode seem to work on different parts of the immune system.

6 NOSODE Medicine derived from pathological material. May be of plant, animal or human origin. Includes micro-organisms, diseased tissue, or the product of disease processes, such as discharges and effusions. Ref: International Dictionary of Homeopathy. J. Swayne 2000

7 Isodes The use of medicines derived from the causative agent of the disease itself, or from a product of the disease process, to treat the condition. Includes organisms and allergens.

8 Autonosode Nosode prepared from pathological material produced by the patient’s own disease process. Blood (autohemic); secretions; warts; Haemophilia. In my thesis for the Fellowship of the Faculty.. The Treatment of people with haemophilia with homeopathy. Brit Hom Journal April 1991 Vol 80 No2.

9 Ideas Acne bacillus Animal dander cat; dog; horse. Arthritides OAN RAN Bacteria & viruses. Anthrax; Brucellin; Campylobacter; Chlamydia; Clos diff; C.M.V.; E.Coli; Haemophilus; Leptospirosis; Malaria co; Meningococcus; Pasturella pestis (plague); Pneumococcus; Pyrogen; Salmonella; Toxoplasmosis, Typhoid; Viral hepatitis; Viral diarrhoea, Viral pneumonia; etc.

10 More Ideas 1 Calc Phos Renalis for renal stones. Candida Cholesterolinum Chocolate Cigarette smoke Drugs & medication (Atorvastatin) Gary (case 1); radiation & chemotherapy. Exhaust fumes Factor viii haemophilia Flu & cold prevention, Oscillococcinum (Anas Barb) Swine flu Influenzinum

11 Case one, Gary Gary, aged 63 with Fibrosing Alveolitis. On Atorvastatin for 18/12. SoBr and lethargic. CXR..FA. Years and years of simmering resentment in his job. Rx Staphysagria 200 and Atorvastatin 200, alt weeks. After 6/52 slowly feeling better despite a bout of pneumonia. 2 other cases of FA + Atorvastatin online 3/12 later a course of Prednisolone… DU Deceased 8/12 later. Cause unknown to me.

12 Instructions for taking anti- flu remedy (30C) Prevention: If in contact: One dose sucked or chewed daily for one week, then a dose twice a week until the threat has passed. Otherwise: 3 tabs in one day every 4 weeks. Treatment : One dose three times daily when severe, then daily until relief, plus a remedy for the flu like Eupatorium. General Instructions: There is no possibility of this medicine interfering with any conventional medication you take. Take it before food or drink. This medication has not been tested in clinical trials.

13 More Ideas 2 Glandular Fever Hormones: Folliculinum; Oophorinum (ovarian gland); LH; Post pit; Thyroid; Progesterone; Estrogen; Testosterone; Adrenaline (M.E.) etc Herpes Simplex and Zoster Human Papilloma Virus: papillomas (Ca bladder, oral, larynx, cervix, bile duct, prostate) CASE 2 H.Pylori (ca stomach)

14 Case two, Gregg aged 32 Bladder Ca, took 9/12 to diagnose. Started with back pain, then UTI with blood. Too advanced for treatment. Used Ramakrishnan method with Terebinthina 200 and Carcinosin 200 and HPV 200 tabs weekly 6/52 later, felt a million times better. The HPV really helped. 90% less pain. 4/52 later. Scan. Ca reduced by 50% 3/12 later scan no visible ca in bladder, but secondaries in spine and hips. Lost contact.

15 More ideas 3 Food Wheat; Lactose; Milk etc (Sarco-)Lactic acid (runners) Lymphosarcoma Leukaemia: lymphatic, myeloid, (myeloma?) Lupus Moulds, mixed; MAP M.S. Mycoplasma (pneumonia) MRSA CASE 3 Parkinson's Perfume “parfum” asthmatics

16 Case three Leo aged 22 # ankle. Pinned. Infected wound and bone with MRSA. On a/b drip for 3 weeks, losing weight, fever, in a lot of pain. Wound discharging. Mum afraid he would die. Consultant happy for him to have homeopathy. MRSA 200, Arnica 200 and Symphytum 200. Fever reduced, pain went, started eating, drip came down, out of bed, went home all in a week. Now runs marathons.

17 More Ideas 4 Pertussis Plants & flowers… Hay fever, pollen Poly Bowel Nosode Psoriasis Pyrogen Respiratory Bacillinum; Catarrh vacc; Tonsillinum; Influenzinum

18 More ideas 5 Saccharum Off, p 1244 1001 Small Remedies; & p 564 Boericke Secretin Co Streptoccin Tom CASE 4

19 Tom, with Tourette’s

20 Case Four Tom aged 11 Tourettes syndrome diagnosed 2 years previously. Tics, facial, vocal (barks like a dog). Repertorisation…. Belladonna 30 tds for 3 days per week. No change for 3 weeks then a slow improvement. Mum said she had heard that the latest research showed patches of inflammation in the brain due to streptococcal toxin. He had a long history of tonsillitis treated with Pen V. Add Streptococcin 200, 3 tabs monthly. Mum reports his Tourettes is perfect !!!

21 More Ideas 6 Staphylococcin strep/staph mix Swimming pool water Uric acid Variolinum (Molluscae) Vaccines & immunisations; (Never Well Since syndrome; Autism): See sheet DPT; Meningo; Rubella; Pertussin; MMR; Polio CASE 5 Work/household… brick dust, gloss paint, printer’s ink, house dust etc Potentise anything that is causing a problem.

22 Case five Anne aged 61 Post Polio Syndrome. With fibromyalgia syndrome and spondylitis. Remedies given… Carcinosin 30 for 3 days per week and Polio 30C 3tablets every 3 months as required. After 3 months… a big improvement.

23 What is available, but no-one wants GLUTEN PEANUT

24 New nosodes I would like to have Prostate cancer Glue ear Gingivitis nosode Ankylosing spondylitis

25 WHICH NOSODES HAVE I NOT TRIED? FSH Jacques Jouanny “The Essentials of Homeopathic Therapeutics”. Menopause, esp hot flushes. HCG for weight loss. A recent article in the Sunday times about a NMQ homeopath.

26 And Finally This is not a complete list. Look for others yourself. Go back to work on Monday and remember the nosodes. It is an easy way to revitalise your practice, even the serious and difficult cases. THANK YOU


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