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1 The Blitz Adventures A WWII Story 2 3 4 Chapter 1: London’s Falling Jessica, Tom and their dog Sammy were quite happily wandering amongst the rubble.

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2 1 The Blitz Adventures A WWII Story

3 2

4 3

5 4 Chapter 1: London’s Falling Jessica, Tom and their dog Sammy were quite happily wandering amongst the rubble on Oxford Street – glad to have some time off school. It was quiet today – Londoners where they lived were getting very fed up of the never-ending bombing of the last few days, and despite not wanting to let Hitler get to them, faces on the streets were glum. Their mum had sent them out of the house – she was deep in discussion with the neighbour Mrs Fitzroy – debating about whether she should send them away with the other evacuated children.

6 5 “It’s not fair!” moaned Tom, scuffing his feet along the pavement. “I don’t want to go to the countryside – it will be so boring there – nothing to do; no excitement to be had…” Jessica couldn’t help interrupting her brother, “Exciting!” she exclaimed. “Are you mad! Look at the state of this street – if this is what you call exciting then you must be more stupid than I thought!” Last night had been another night of yet more heavy bombing over the skies of London. They had spent the night in the Anderson shelter which was dark and damp and neither of them had had much sleep.

7 6 Suddenly Sammy started barking loudly. His tail wagged excitedly and the two children stumbled as quickly as they could over broken bricks and glass to reach him in order to find out what the commotion was all about. Tom, wheezing heavily, reached the dog first but stopped dead in his tracks a few metres away. Sammy was now hopping around, yelping like a cat on a hot tin roof.

8 7 “Crikey boy!” gasped Tom, shaking his head. “What have you found there?”

9 8 V2 BOMB Child curled up asleep Stacks of Sugar, butter and bacon Box of Grenades

10 9 Chapter 2: The V2 Bomb “Quick come here you silly dog!” Exclaimed Jessica as she ran and grabbed Sammy, Sammy was going crazy for attention of Tom and Jessica “WOW BOY what is it” Tom saw a massive V2 bomb lying amongst the rubble, it looked like a rocket what has fallen down from space Tom and Jessica had a very good “ I can see pressure meter on the bomb it is on critical, this makes it even more hazardous!” shouted Tom. With out a warning the bomb launched into the rubble, making a crash noise in the ground “Careful it might explode”….

11 10 Chapter 2 – A child curled up asleep The child looked cold, dressed only in a vest Jessica and Tom stood startled staring at the little girl. She was curled amongst the rubble so you could barley see her. It looked as if someone had walked over her hand because there was a footprint on it Jessica wanted to hold the gorgeous little girl. “Is she alive or dead?” asked Jessica nervously as she stretched her arm over to reach the baby’s heart. All of a sudden the baby wriggled violently and began to cry and wail immediately Sammy went over and sniffed the baby, she stopped crying. And gave us a great smile. Tom Reached out and picked her up. The children smiled At each other. Jessica said to tom she wanted the little girl as a sister and tom wanted her as a sister too a “No we will go and ask mum!” tom said excitedly.

12 11 Chapter 2 – Stacks of Butter, sugar and Bacon… Lying there all alone was the sweet crunchy sugar that looked like and felt like pure crystal shimmering in the daylight. Also it was scatted across the historic mucky floor. The sweet smelling sugar with a large split in the mucky old packaging. All of a sudden some other delicious smell of the sweet food from no where, the smooth fell of silky butter like animals fear. “Come here Tom I want you to fell it” said Jessica with excitement.

13 12 Chapter 2 – A Box of Grenades The large wooden box was lying on the rubble. It was full of grenades. The grenades were small green objects with a delicate pin that was attached to the top of the grenades. The lid was open on the box. Some grenades were on the gravel. “What are these weird things”? Cried Tom noisily as he stepped closer and closer to the grenades. “NO TOM STAY BACK ONE COULD BLOW ANY MINUITE!” Shouted Jessica loudly as she went to go grab Tom by the collar of his t-shirt. All of a sudden black smoke hissed as the grenade was beeping as if it was going to explode. With out warning the grenade started to shake as if it was nervous. “Let’s get Sid the ARP warden!” Said Tom in a worried voice. “Right good idea quick” shouted Jessica in distraught they turned and ran.

14 13

15 14 Their mother Sid ARP Warden School Headmaster Their father They ran as fast as their legs would carry them – desperate to find help. As they careered around the corner of Tottenham Court Road they went flying as they met head on…

16 15 Chapter 3 – Their mother! As the two children ran as fast as they could round the corner they accidentally bumped into a lady with brown hair and blue eyes Jessica ran up to her and shouted “MUM MUM!” As she put her arms to Jessica Tom shouted “NO GET OFF HER!” But as the lady turned around her noticed it was his mum. Tom excitedly ran up to her Jessica said “can we show you something mum” they all walked in a line to the corner of the street. Mum put her hand on her heart thinking it was there Dad dead As the children took mum to the sugar butter and bacon she heard the sirens on a police car they all got Scared tom cried Jessica come on we need to hide Yelled tom as they zoomed to the food there was A little hide out so we both went in.

17 16 Chapter 3 –Sid the ARP Warden! “Go and get the local ARP warden (Sid) for help” Jessica yelled Tom sprinted to get Sid, he finally got there “Sid come quick there’s a bomb and we think its going to blow up!” “Ok ill come as fast as I can” Sid grumbled because he had been asked for help three times already. By now Tom and Jessica was getting very scared. Sid had short blond hair with ARP wardens uniform on witch was blue when Sid saw the gigantic V2 bomb he searched it like a police dog sniffing and drawling every were (Sid dint believe it at first but when he saw it his mouth dropped in astonishment. He could hear air or gas leaking out of the bomb “this means it ganna blow every one get inside” “wait where’s Tom yelled Jessica!.....

18 17 Their Father... As the two children were running Jessica with the baby in her hands they bumped into a man they said sorry but when they looked up it was their father! He was very dirty and had a cut on his face. He asked them what they were holding “it’s a baby” Tom said excitedly as he cuddled his dad. They all walked home together to surprise their mum about their dad. “MUM, MUM I have found dad” shouted Jessica. Mum said she would adopt the baby but they didn’t get it checked over and it died a few weeks later.

19 18 The School Headmaster “What are you doing?” exclaimed the head master. “Thank god” Jessica said. It was their head master, Mr Anderson. “Please, please help us!” They said. He ran as fast as he could. All of a sudden the bomb exploded. Flames few through the air! Then there was silence.

20 19 This adventure text has been brought to you by… Jordan, Rachel, Heather Callum, Becky, Amanda & Sophi We hope you have enjoyed our story based in WW2?

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