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1 The Blitz Adventures A WWII Story 2 3 4 Chapter 1: London’s Falling Jessica, Tom and their dog Sammy were quite happily wandering amongst the rubble.

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2 1 The Blitz Adventures A WWII Story

3 2

4 3

5 4 Chapter 1: London’s Falling Jessica, Tom and their dog Sammy were quite happily wandering amongst the rubble on Oxford Street – glad to have some time off school. It was quiet today – Londoners where they lived were getting very fed up of the never-ending bombing of the last few days, and despite not wanting to let Hitler get to them, faces on the streets were glum. Their mum had sent them out of the house – she was deep in discussion with the neighbour Mrs Fitzroy – debating about whether she should send them away with the other evacuated children.

6 5 “It’s not fair!” moaned Tom, scuffing his feet along the pavement. “I don’t want to go to the countryside – it will be so boring there – nothing to do; no excitement to be had…” Jessica couldn’t help interrupting her brother, “Exciting!” she exclaimed. “Are you mad! Look at the state of this street – if this is what you call exciting then you must be more stupid than I thought!” Last night had been another night of yet more heavy bombing over the skies of London. They had spent the night in the Anderson shelter which was dark and damp and neither of them had had much sleep.

7 6 Suddenly Sammy started barking loudly. His tail wagged excitedly and the two children stumbled as quickly as they could over broken bricks and glass to reach him in order to find out what the commotion was all about. Tom, wheezing heavily, reached the dog first but stopped dead in his tracks a few metres away. Sammy was now hopping around, yelping like a cat on a hot tin roof.

8 7 “Crikey boy!” gasped Tom, shaking his head. “What have you found there?”

9 8 V2 BOMB Child curled up asleep Stacks of Sugar, butter and bacon Box of Grenades

10 9 Chapter 2: The V2 Bomb Tom and Jessica backed away tripping over the destroyed buildings. “What is it?” whispered Tom frantically, his hand was trebling with fear “I’ll get help!” gasped Jessica manically. As Tom looked at the cylindrical shape he thought what could happen if the bomb blew up- he would be toast! Sammy yelped, he was bored not being the centre of attention! As Tom circled the bomb, he saw the … German sign! He gasped. Without warning a ticking noise started. “Jessica!” he yelled frantically. Tom walked the bomb he saw letters or numbers that he did not recognise “Sammy get of, it might blow!” yelled Tom. Sammy was jumping on Tom’s worst night mare! Meanwhile, Jessica sprinted past the rubble to find help! She slipped on some ash … She looked up and saw Sid (the local ARP warden) “what’s the rush about?” asked Sid helping Jessica up “thank goodness I found you!” exclaimed Jessica.

11 10 Chapter 2 – A child curled up asleep Lying motionless, was a abandoned child asleep on the street. “Is he dead?” asked Tom cautiously as he went over to look at child. “Of course he’s not dead !” replied Jessica. As Tom got closer and closer the boy, he started to wake – up. The boy looked about the age of seven. He had blood all over his face. He was wrapped in blankets. All of a sudden he began to wail uncontrollably. “ Hello there, what’s your name ?” asked Jessica polity as she rubbed his head, trying to calm him down. “ My name is Peter.” sobbed the boy. Peter wasn’t breathing properly. “ Get some help “ whispered Peter softly. Jessica stumbled as she ran through rubble to find help. Will she find help in time ?

12 11 Chapter 2 – Stacks of Butter, Cheese and Bacon…. “Oh my gosh,” shrieked Jessica shocked as she discovered stacks of sugar, butter and bacon. Tom rushed over to see what was going on and then he saw the sight too. “We had better not tell anyone we found this because it’s been so long we’ve had such delicious, scrumptious food like this,” stuttered Tom as he dribbled with the smell of the irresistible meat. “Everyone would beat us for this,” explained Jessica seriously as they started carrying the food. “Well then we’d better find a safe place to eat it,” suggested Tom. “But were can we find a safe place to eat it?” questioned Jessica. “Ur… what about that dark alley.” “Yeah – perfect,” uttered Tom. In a hurry to find the long dark alley, the children and their dog Sammy, sprinted through the almost destroyed and demolished streets. As they sprinted, they went round the corner and bumped right into the school headmaster! He was tall, pale and had dark shades perched on his nose. “And what do we have here?” he murmured. Tom knew how much the school headmaster didn’t like him. “If you please excuse us – we err… just getting medicine for our mother.” Jessica stuttered.

13 12 Chapter 2 – A Box of Grenades “Oh my goodness, Sammy!” shrieked Tom frantically as he reached out towards the box “Tom!” snapped Jessica “Leave them!” The children stepped back. Suddenly Sammy sprinted past and over to the box. Jessica ran to the box as well. She peered into the crate. There before her were at least 40 grenades “What’s that?” exclaimed Tom excitedly. Jessica didn’t answer. All of a sudden they heard a terrifying sound. They turned. There in a corner was a dark green sphere. It was a grenade! Sammy was running towards it! “Sammy!” Tom screeched as he ran towards the dog. Jessica ran after the dog. The grenade was as black as night. Sammy nuzzled the black sphere. “We gotta go get help.” Tom screeched as he dashed around the p lace.

14 13

15 14 Their mother Sid – ARP Warden School Headmaster Their father They ran as fast as their legs would carry them – desperate to find help. As they careered around the corner of Tottenham Court Road they went flying as they met head on…

16 15 Chapter 3 – Their mother! They ran around corner after corner knocking into many people. Suddenly they bumped into their mother. “Mum, mum!” Jessica screamed. “Mum help mum!” their mum walked towards them. “OK what’s up?” Mum asked. They all dashed to the spot they had left Sammy at. “What have you found?” Mum shouted, as she stepped back. There was a terrible bang!!! “What am I going to do?” Mum screamed. She rushed home! “What is she doing?” They yelled. Moments later their mother came back with a bucket of water. “What’s that mum?” asked Tom rather perplexed. Mum poured the water over the grenades.

17 16 Chapter 3 –Sid the ARP Warden! “Me and Tom have found a live bomb!” blurted out Jessica. Sid’s eyes widened and started asking loads of questions, Jessica couldn’t answer them. All she could whisper was “follow me.” And then she ran of to Tom.Sid followed her! When she got there, Jessica paused, she heard the ticking noise. She cautiously walked towards Tom; his face was white as a piece of paper! Sammy was jumping around trying to get some attention. Sid saw the long cylindrical shape, he tripped over. Sid was usually a fearless man with short ginger hair. He dashed to a phone to call the fire brigade. Tom was motionless Jessica felt sick inside, she was nervous. Sid seemed to take forever! When the fire brigade got to the scene, Tom and Jessica was still trebling with fear. When they turned round to go home the ticking stopped …

18 17 Chapter 3 –Their School Headmaster! The school headmaster looked behind them. “What is that is that food because if it is I would be welcome to share it with you secretly,” he explained. Tom looked astonished and Jessica was expressionless and they both stood there motionless. “Can you meet us in the alley on Chadfod street?” asked Tom. “Of course I can,” replied the headmaster. So hat night they waited for him but instead an army soldier came. “All right hand it over” he demanded. The soldier had grenades on his hips and as he went for Jessica Tom grabbed a grenade. “Don’t move” shouted Tom but he went for him. All of a sudden the pin fell of and there was a loud Bang…

19 18 Chapter 3 –Their father! “Hello! Hello?” shouted Jessica madly as she searched for help. Jessica felt nervous, she didn’t know what to do. Meanwhile Tom was getting worried – “What will we do if Peter dies?” thought Tom. Jessica found a person – she could see him from a distance. She looked closer and realised it was her dad. “Weren’t you meant to be at war in France?” asked Jessica suspiciously as she got confused. “ I got injured and had to come back “ replied Dad. Dad and Jessica ran back to Peter and Tom. Dad leant over the small boy who was pale and looked lifeless. Peter suddenly stopped breathing, Dad put the air mask in peter’s mouth. It was to late. Peter had died.

20 19 This adventure text has been brought to you by… Kariss, Cameron, Sajjad and Danielle – 6ND We hope you have enjoyed our story based in WW2?

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