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Destination Research with Scenario TDC 200 TB D.Madeley Nhu-Y & Anna.

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1 Destination Research with Scenario TDC 200 TB D.Madeley Nhu-Y & Anna

2 EST AFRICA : Keyna  Clients: Ms Alexia Rodrigez & Ms Anabella Marttinez  Destination: Mount Kenya  Central of Kenya, located in Nairobi.

3 MNE  They are the best friend and looking for the best experience at South Africa.  They do not know what is the best time to do this  They have had a experience as travelers, but want to the best value for their money

4 KENYA  Capital: Nairobi (Biggest city in Kenya)  Major Cities: Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru & Kisumu  Gateway: Jomo Kenyatta International  Airport Code: NBO  Currency: Shilling  Currency Conversion Rate: 50 cent = 40 Shilling  Languages: Swahili & Broken English  Time Zone: GMT + 3  Voltage: 240 Volts

5 Climate  Winter ( June to September)  High Temp: 20 degree  Low Temp: 13 degree  Average Precipitation: 7.8 cm  Spring ( April to May + Raining Season)  High Temp: 22 degree  Low Temp: 16 degree  Average Precipitation: 18.4 cm  Summer ( December to March)  High Temp: 25 degree  Low Temp: 15 degree  Average Precipitation: 2.8 cm

6 Drinks Food  Kenya Cane  Juice from sugar cane  You can find them all over Kenya that grow sugar cane.  Only 12 percent of rural women household have the access to water.  It is better to bring bottle of water when going to the village, hiking.  Even if you’re in the city, be careful where you get the water from.  Ugali  A type of food you can find anywhere in Kenya.  Is a corn that got smash and made into a thick paste.  Sukuma Wiki  A dish to eat Ugali  It is a type if vegetable, fried in oil with onions and tomatoes.

7 Culture and Rules #1  Handshake is how they greet everyone, unless you are family and friend then is a kiss and a hug.  Jambo mean how are you, it is often use when greeting.  Unless they are Muslim, they do not always hand shake.  When dinning with the family, always wait for the eldest to be serve and eat first before touching the food.  When giving a gift, always use both hand instead just one, it is rude.  They do not eat and drink at the same time, they think it is rude. Drinks are serve at a different time.

8 Culture and Rules #2  Tea are usually serve a 10 am to 4 pm.  Women job is taking care of their household and children, they do not smoke or drink.  Women are not allow to show their skin, they must be cover up at all times in their dress.  Women are not allow to tell men what to do.  Stealing is serious crime in the rural area, they will beat you and maybe to death by a crowd.

9 Holidays  Madaraka Day: 1 Jun  Eid al – Fitr (End of Ramadan): 8 Aug  Moi Day: 10 Oct  Feast of the sacrifice: 15 Oct  Kenyatta Day: 20 Oct  Independence Day: 12 Dec  Note: New Years Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day are same

10 Masai Maria Clothing Masai Maria  Kenya consists of over 70 ethnic groups who all have different traditional dress styles  Masai Maria for example  Masai women typically wear vast plate-like bead necklaces, and colourful wraps called kanga.  The men are famous for wearing a red-checked shuka (Maasai blanket) and carry a distinctive ball-ended club.  For Masai, red clothing stands for power.  Also they are carrying digital watches or sometimes even cell-phones to be able to receive the tourists.


12 Religions

13 Is it Safe to Visit Kenya?  The US government keeps renewing its travel warnings for Kenya like terrorism, border skirmishes, violent crime.  If you follow the basic guidelines, you should be fine.

14 Guidelines  Make a copy of your passport and keep it in your luggage.  Don't walk on your own at night, always take a taxi.  Don't wear jewelery.  Don't carry too much cash with you.  Wear a money belt that fits under your clothes.  Don't carry a lot of camera equipment or other valuables.  Beware of thieves posing as police officers - if it doesn't feel right, it's not.

15 Shopping  The best shopping area: City Market in Nairobi  the market designed in 1930 and it is a full of color, noisy and activity.  Kikois & Kangas is considered to buy. It is traditional fabrics worn by Kenyan woman.  They make for colorful sarongs that are good for wearing over a bathing suit or throwing over a picnic table.  They're half the price here than in the hotel shops.


17 Contact Information of City Market  Address: Muindi Mbingu st, Nairobi  Phone: No phone  Cost: free  Hours: Mon to Sat, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM  Location: Nairobi

18 Night Life Entertainment Night Life  If you are looking for a party in Kenya, Nairobi, beer and other forms of alcohol is easily available.  Normally nightclubs are open late and open till the sun shines the next day.  Eat dinner and possibly visit a cheap bar to hangout before checking into the main destination of the night.

19 Amboseli National Park Attraction #1 Amboseli National Park  Location: It is located in Loitoktok District, Rift Valley Province of Kenya.  Address: C103 Kenya  The park is famous for being the best place in Africa to get close to free-ranging elephants among other wildlife species. Other attractions of the park include opportunities to meet the Maasai and spectacular views of Mount Kilimanjaro

20 Cost Attraction #1 Cost RouteNon Resident ($)Resident (KSHS)Citizen(KSHS) AdultStudent/C hild AdultStudent/ Child AdultStudent/C hild Day Trip (All Gate) 5525750500400200 Day Trip(Kihari Gate) 50251000500300200 4 Days 220120350015002000600 5 Days 27014543002500 1000 6 Days 32017552503000 1200

21 Major Attractions Attraction #1 Major Attractions  Large Herds of Elephants  Mt. Kilimanjaro  Big Five  Observation Hill which allows an overall view of the whole park especially the swamps and elephants,  Swamp below observation hill hosts many elephants, buffaloes, hippos and a variety of water fowls like pelican, Egyptian goose  Contemporary Maasai culture and indigenous lifestyle 

22 Attraction #1

23 Mount Kenya Attraction #2 Mount Kenya  Location: It is located in central Kenya, south of the equator, and north-northeast of the capital Nairobi  Time saver Mount Kenya climb: 3 Nights, staring from US$970.  Scenic Mount Kenya Climb: 4 Nights, Rates available on request.  Mount Kenya is the second highest mount in Africa after Kilimanjaro. It definitely provides a worthy challenge to the avid mountain climbers.  Mount skies, climbing, Hiking and Trekking

24 Attraction #2

25 Lake Nakaru Attraction #3 Lake Nakaru  Location: Central Kenya. It lies to the south of Nakaru, in the rift valley of Kenya  Thousands of flamingo, joined into a massive flock, fringe the shores of this soda lake.  Cost: Non Resident (US$) Kenyan (KSH) Adult801000 Student/ Child 40200

26 Attraction #3

27 Map

28 Tour Package Recommendation Part Two Tour Package Recommendation  Name of Tour:  They will depart on Mon, 9 Sep 2013 and arrive on Mon,16 Sep 2013. The total cost for 2 people and include round ways flight is CAD$ 9102.92. More details next page

29 Out Bound Flight Details Out Bound ( CAD 3304.92) 18:408 Sep.Toronto (YYZ) Air France #0351 08:009 Sep.Paris (CDG)7 hours 20minutes 11:009 Sep.Paris (CDG)Air France #8002 20:309 Sep.Nirobi (NBO)7 hours 30minutes

30 Home Bound Flight Details Home Bound 08:1516 SepNirobi (NBO)Klm/royal Dutch Airlines #4140 15:5516 SepAmsterdam (AMS) 9 hours 40 minutes 17:4016 SepAmsterdam (AMS) Klm/royal Dutch Airlines #0695 19:5016 SepToronto (YYZ)8 hours 10 minutes

31 What Is Included?  Arrival transfer, Entrances and game drives in Masai Mara Game Reserve, Lake Nakuru National Park and Amboseli National Park  7 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, and 5 Dinners  2 nights at Comfort hotels, 1 night at safari lodge, and 4 nights classic tented camp  7-seat 4x4 safari vehicle(s)  Chief Experience Officer (CEO) throughout, certified driver/guide  Small group experience; Max 12, Average 10

32 Itinerary  Day 1 Nairobi Arrive at any time. Arrival transfer included.  Days 2-3 Masai Mara National Reserve (2B,2L,2D) Daily game drives in Kenya's premier wildlife reserve with options to visit a Masai village, or embark on a balloon safari.  Day 4 Lake Nakuru (1B,1L,1D) Afternoon game drive and wildlife viewing in Lake Nakuru National Park.  Days 5-6 Amboseli National Park (2B,2L,2D) Morning game drive at Lake Nakuru before continuing on to Amboseli National Park. Morning and afternoon games drives on Day 6.  Day 7 Nairobi (1B,1L) Morning game drive before departing back to Kenya's capital.  Day 8 Nairobi (1B) Depart at any time.

33 Documentation Requirements  Currently, Canadian citizens are require a visa to enter Kenya and Passport.  Normally, Kenya will give a three-month visitor visa to enter the country. This visa will be stamped into your passport showing the dates of issue and expiry.

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