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Presents.. more than just a cleanable pull…. Wilshire Works Solutions.

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1 Presents.. more than just a cleanable pull…. Wilshire Works Solutions

2 Unhygienic Kling™, nylon pull cords and string pulls remain on many North American hospital facility fixtures despite C-Dif, MRSA and the shocking experience of the 2004 Toronto SARS outbreak Canada recorded 375 probable and suspected cases of SARS. Two nurses and a doctor were among the 44 people who succumbed to the disease How many thousands die annually due to HAIs? Simply unbelievable!

3 Unsanitary ‘Traditional Pulls’ String Kling ™ Ball Chain Bead Chain Nylon Pull Cords

4 Traditional pulls were never designed to be effectively cleaned or sanitized !

5 Who’s at risk of acquiring or spreading an infection from a traditional pull? Patients and residents Nurses and personal care workers Doctors and technical staff Cleaning and support staff Volunteers Visitors, especially family members

6 The status quo of tolerating traditional pulls in any healthcare facility is NOT acceptable

7 Sanipull® and SuperSanipull RTU™ are engineered cleanable pull solutions for over bed light and nurse call fixtures using US made plastic resins a solution

8 Sanipull is a user-friendly, retrofit ribbon-profile pull system very different from all other aftermarket and OEM ‘cleanable’ pull cords Bottom Line: Sanipull helps save lives !

9 Why should implementing SANIPULL be a PRIORITY for ALL healthcare facility managers?

10 Engineered Sanipull provides many benefits for healthcare facilities, staff, patients and residents... Just the facts...

11 Sanipull is cleanable

12 Sanipull provides optimal accessibility

13 Sanipull effectively protects over bed light pull switches and nurse call fixtures from over force pull damage

14 Sanipull’s switch saver design saves facility money by eliminating work orders for fixture repair or replacement The competition Egaad, another broken switch!!!

15 Expense Factoid The average cost of a work order associated with replacing ONE broken pull switch is $100 ! A 400-bed acute care hospital saved $10,000 every year by not having to replace broken light pull switches and fixtures torn off walls...

16 Sanipull improves workplace safety Latex

17 Anti-ligature modified Sanipull ribbon A suicide attempt An assault against a resident or staff member Entanglement falling from bed Binding or tying This proprietary feature helps prevent death and mitigates injury caused by;

18 Sanipull’s anti-ligature / anti-strangulation modified ribbon enhances safety Holes punched every 6 inches provide safety tear away zones that break at 29+/- 2 lbs @ 74°F

19 Sanipull cleanability keeps Gatekeeper ICPs happy

20 Sanipull ribbon under an electron microscope A computer key under an electron microscope

21 Environmental Services Use any cleaning solution Improves sanitizing compliance Quick to sanitize Provides a superior cleaning surface

22 Long Term Care, Retirement and Rehabilitation Facilities

23 Ribbon’s smooth rounded profile is kind to delicate skin Highly visible ribbon-profile pull offered in a variety of colors

24 Decision makers must consider those who may have difficulty grasping, holding or pulling a string or plastic pull cord For many elders an ergonomic Sanipull grab handle makes a world of difference!

25 Comparing Pull Profiles - white bed sheet

26 Plastic pulls are a step forward for cleanability but fails to address other risks that are not often considered Most nurse call manufacturers now use OEM plastic pull cords on their pull stations Risk mitigation

27 are hard to grasp and pull for users with arthritis or disabilities (especially those in rehabilitation facilities) have the potential to cause injury and infection if pulled across ‘paper skin’ of elderly residents are difficult to see for visually impaired people, especially under low light conditions OEM and aftermarket plastic pull cords…

28 effective choking device for assault or suicide can be knotted, therefore potential use as a ligature (tying) device poses a strangulation risk due to entanglement A knotted pull cord will not be cleaned and no one will bother untying the knot

29 Sanipull mitigates the risk of a Sentinel event Sanipull anti-ligature modified ribbon breaks away at 29 +/-2 lbs force Cord ligatures become buried under neck skin fold

30 Due diligence and sourcing the safest available product is a facility’s best defence against legal, financial and reputation repercussions that a Sentinel event may bring.

31 Saving lives by reducing risk is what Sanipull is all about!

32 The Sanipull Family washroombedsideover bed light

33 Installed in 3,000+ healthcare facilities in North America, the EU and Australia 97% of Greater Toronto Area hospitals use Sanipull 5-year warranty and a100% satisfaction guarantee Sanipull Bragging Points

34 Sanipull for over bed light fixtures SaniShort 6”

35 Sanipull RTU (Ready to Use) Over Bed Light Pulls Sanipulls are pre-assembled and packaged 10 per bag

36 Sanipull nurse call pulls in action

37 Keep total pull length to 8 feet or less How do I get a 4 foot Sanipull bed side nurse call pull to a resident in a wheelchair 8 feet away? For a residents in a wheelchair or sitting near their bed attach an optional 4 foot long temporary use Sanipull nurse call extension pull

38 Sanipull RTU (Ready to Use) Nurse Call Pull s Sanipulls are pre-assembled and packaged 10 per bag Washroom / shower pullsBedside pulls

39 Caveat for Cleaning Detection Glow germ is not designed to be used as a tool for checking room cleaning efficiency This product cannot be wiped from soft plastic surfaces creating a false positive result

40 Sanipull RTU Order Codes Explained Over bed light pull SSLT B 4S = SuperSanipull light pull blue or green 4’ standard ribbon Bedside nurse call pull (red ribbon is standard) SSNC 5 PER = SuperSanipull nurse call pull 4’ or 5’ anti-ligature modified for bedside fixture Washroom nurse call pull (red ribbon is standard) SSWC O 2 S = SuperSanipull nurse call open handle 2’ standard ribbon

41 Other innovative solutions to share with your clients…

42 Problems associated with OEM push button call bell cords are many.... The metal clip is a sharps hazard Strap slides on cable Metal clip rips linen Clip falls off

43 SaniSecure ™ - provides a much better way to position push button nurse call cords and remotes Will stay on the cord with secure attachment Ribbon & spring clip are smooth 5-year unlimited warranty

44 Wander and Fall Alert Systems Sanipull ribbon with a Sanipull spring clip make an excellent retrofit replacement for OEM string tethers

45 SaniDoor Strap™ 3-foot long Sanipull with hand loop attached to a door knob facilitates privacy and dignity

46 SaniTether ™

47 SaniPowerCordStrap ™ Allows quick changeover of corded bed mounted appliances without needing tie wraps or tools Use 2 per bed frame

48 SaniKeyFob Used for trade show give-aways but also purchased for medicine cabinet keys

49 Thank you for your interest in representing Sanipull! Questions? Discussion?

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