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The AirPal Lateral Patient Transfer System. TransferPad™ Product Line AirPal Overview The AirPal is the original brand in Air Technologies that is revolutionizing.

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1 The AirPal Lateral Patient Transfer System

2 TransferPad™ Product Line AirPal Overview The AirPal is the original brand in Air Technologies that is revolutionizing the way that lateral transfers are done. With the focus on staff and patient safety, there is no better way to safely transfer a patient from one surface to another than the AirPal. Think about an Air Hockey Table or a hovercraft and you will understand the simple yet amazing technology that can take an 800 lbs person and reduce the push/pull weight to under 15lbs. Its your back and shoulder and also your choice on how to handle your lateral transfer.

3 TransferPad™ Product Line How the AirPal Works The system works by releasing low-pressure air through perforated chambers in the bottom layer of the TransferPad. This creates an air barrier similar to how a hovercraft operates. The constant pressure reduces the friction to less than 15 lbs or push/pull force in a lateral transfer, therefor reducing the strain on staff and additionally creating a secure and comfortable experience for the patient. A four person transfer can effectively be done by two staff with ease therefor freeing up staff.

4 TransferPad™ Product Line AirPal Process A. Log roll and insert sheet B. Turn on the pump C. Prepare transfer surface D. Bring one end across at a time, then the other.E. Transfer is Complete Use the ergonomic handles to do the transfer

5 TransferPad™ Product Line Key TransferPad Features AirPal uses materials that are similar to the operating room table pads for long life and quality functionality No Velcro® used on the reusable mattresses. (No skin abrasion or infection control issues) Dual Air Hose Connection Points on mattresses for better bariatric airflow Dual Patient Safety Straps on all mattresses Integral Handles that are strategically placed on either side for ergonomics Extended length handles 5 Year warranty

6 TransferPad™ Product Line AirPal TransferPads SINGLE PATIENT STAY LECTROLITE FUSION III AirPal has the broadest range of TransferPads available in the market today. Why is this important? There is no standard width or length in surfaces that we transfer to/from and patients also are not a standard width or length so we need options! AirPal offers more than 19 options, ranging in width, length and material, all backed by a 5 year warranty. Visit our website to learn more about all of the TransferPad options by clicking below. VISIT OUR WEBSITE

7 TransferPad™ Product Line TransferPad Sizes LENGTHS: 78 (full length) and 42” (half length) WIDTHS: 18, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 39, and 50” (full length pad) 28, 30, 32, 34, 39, and 50” (Half Length) WEIGHT CAPACITY 1200 lb. capacity

8 TransferPad™ Product Line Color Coded Handles On Reusable Mattresses The reusable TransferPads have color coded handles for easy identification. 28” 32” 39” 50” Black Yellow Blue Silver Orange 18 & 26””

9 TransferPad™ Product Line Single Patient Stay TransferPads The SPS series (Single Patient Stay) TransferPads are a growing trend in areas where infection control is increased. The TransferPad can stay with the patient for their whole stay and is actually launderable however, it is also at a price point where is can be disposed of to avoid the spread of disease. They are also popular in trauma rooms and other areas where there is no time to clean the product between uses. The SPS TransferPads come in boxes of 10 and are available in numerous sizes. You will notice that the quality remains in this Transfer Pad and the functionality is no less than reusable.

10 TransferPad™ Product Line Sani-Liners The use of a Sani-Liner is recommended by AirPal as a way to prolong the life of the TransferPad and it can easily be removed and replaced to facilitate rapid turnaround between patients. Sani-Liners are available in Nylon, Lectrolite, or Disposable, depending on what suits your requirements best. The Sani-Liner snaps on to the reusable Transfer Pad and protects and prolongs the life of the more valuable parts.

11 TransferPad™ Product Line X-Ray and MRI Compatible AirPal TransferPads are radiolucent and work well with Diagnostic imaging requirements in the hospital. Snaps are nickel plated brass (non-ferrous) 25’ air supply hose (25NMAH) is available for the Air Supply to keep it away from the magnetic field Can also be used with our AirSlide Mattress which does not require constant pressure or a pump during the procedure No interference with X-ray

12 TransferPad™ Product Line Accessories AirPal offer a broad selection of accessories for use with the AirPal Transfer system including Mobile stands, portable carts, additional pumps and more.

13 TransferPad™ Product Line VIEW OUR SHORT VIDEO HERE

14 TransferPad™ Product Line SOLD IN CANADA BY: 16 Branchton Rd Cambridge ON N1R 5S2 TOLL FREE: 866-783-4076

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