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MS46522A-010 ShockLineTM Value VNA

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1 MS46522A-010 ShockLineTM Value VNA
Introducing… MS46522A-010 ShockLineTM Value VNA Low cost VNA for testing passive devices in production environment

2 ShockLineTM Value Vector Network Analyzers
Target passive device manufacturing applications Cables, Connectors, Electromechanical Switches , Attenuators, Couplers, Filters, isolators, Circulators, Phase shifters etc. Key features of the family Targeted performance capabilities at low cost Fast, simple measurements Remote programmability over LAN Powerful GUI Small size Anritsu’s leading technology Worldwide support

3 Low Cost Solution for Manufacturing
Many production applications do not require high performance and high priced VNAs with premium features MS46522A is designed as a low price solution for cost-sensitive, mid-performance applications Value Low Cost Good performance Premium High Cost High Performance Price ShockLine Value VNA (MS46522A) Note: Figure not to scale Performance

4 How did Anritsu achieve low cost?
Patented ShockLineTM VNA on a chip architecture Achieves microwave and millimeter-wave frequency Simplified internal architecture Single board RF VNA implementation COTS PC and Power Supply Eliminated front-panel Focus on remote control for automation Eliminated complex features and functions Provide basic S-parameter measurements

5 What is ShockLineTM?

6 ShockLine Sampler based VNA
Anritsu’s latest generation of VNA’s incorporate Non-Linear Transmission Lines Also known as “Shock Lines” Generate very narrow impulses at microwave and millimeter wave frequencies For sampling receivers to measure amplitude and phase of the VNA stimulus For power generation – source and Rx LO Non-linear transmission line (NLTL) technology or “Shock Lines” generate very narrow impulses at high frequencies which extend the operating range of the sampling receivers to 70 GHz and beyond. With a higher LO frequency, the sampler yields better noise performance than harmonic mixing, especially at higher RF frequencies.  Together with the higher IP3, this translates directly to an improved dynamic range.

7 What is ShockLine technology?
Non Linear Transmission Line - NonlinearTransmissionLines High frequency VNAs make use of harmonic samplers, or mixers, to down convert measurement signals to intermediate frequencies (IF) before digitizing them. Such components play a critical role in VNAs, because they set the bounds on important parameters like conversion efficiency, receiver compression, isolation between measurement channels and spurious generation at the ports of a device under test. Mixers tend to be the down converter of choice in the RF domain, due mainly to their simpler local oscillator (LO) drive system and enhanced spur management advantages. Today, with Anritsu technology, it is possible to employ NLTL based harmonic sampling from RF to microwave and even millimeter wave frequencies. A nonlinear transmission line (NLTL) is comprised of high-impedance transmission lines loaded with varactor diodes that form a propagation medium whose phase velocity, and therefore time delay, is a function of the instantaneous voltage.  The lower the voltage, the lower the phase velocity, and the longer the phase delay as it propagates down the nonlinear transmission line. Conversely, the higher the voltage, the greater the phase velocity, and the shorter the phase delay as it propagates down the nonlinear transmission line. The difference in phase velocity between the high and the low voltage portions of the waveform changes its steepness (rise time) to approximate that of a pure step function as it propagates down the nonlinear transmission line (see figure). Because the wave travels at a faster phase velocity then the peak, the fall time compresses and a steep wave front forms that mimics a shock wave or an ocean wave just before it breaks on the shore of a beach. NLTLs have successfully been used to generate ultra-short electrical pulses and transients from a sinusoidal input signal. At large signal levels, waveform steepening occurs for the proper choice of input waveform and soliton generation can be achieved by balancing steepening and dispersion. Due to observable compression of the signal slope a NLTL is also often called Shock Line. In the frequency domain this pulse compression results from the generation of a large number of harmonics with suitable phase relationship. The output of such Shock Line is providing a very broadband harmonic rich spectrum of equidistant spectral lines. The closest line to our signal under test is used for the above mentioned harmonic sampling. More detailed information about Anritsu NLTL and harmonic mixer application can be found in the article: “A matter of scale”, April 10th 2012, Karam Noujeim, Jon Martens and Tom Roberts, .

8 Advantages of ShockLine
Improved stabilities due to size Close proximity of port-1 and port-2 receivers Longer intervals between calibrations Better measurement accuracy and repeatability The magnitude and phase stability of a high level reflect measurement (short circuit) over 24 hour period at 25oC are shown. Phase refers to the right axis. The NLTL Shock Line VNA produced results of ~0.02dB/1 deg. to 110 GHz. Similar measurements using classical systems produced results of 0.06 dB or 1 deg. to 110 GHz.

9 ShockLine Technology in action
VectorStar based VNAs MS4640B ME7838A ShockLineTM series of VNAs MS46522A Value VNA MS46322A Economy VNA ShockLineTM VNA Chip

10 Product Overview

11 Key Highlights of MS46522A-010 MS46522A-010 is the first member of the Value VNA family Lower and higher frequency models to be introduced later Optimized for passive device manufacturing applications Cost and Performance Low Cost, Full-reversing 2-port VNA with N connectors 300 kHz to 8.5 GHz S11, S21, S12, and S22 Time domain with time gating option 2U high rack-mount VNA No display and keypad Integrated PC running Windows 7

12 MS46522A Front and Rear Panels
USB 2.0 peripheral connectors Port 1 Port 2 Indicator LEDs Remote Activity Power On Power button Ground Strap connector Standby USB 2.0 peripheral connectors External Clock In AC cord receptacle USB 3.0 peripheral connectors Front Panel: -Power button has 3 LED indicator lights A. Remote Activity: indicates that the unit is under remote control B. Power On: This light signifies that the unit is powered up and ready to be used. C. Standby: This light is on when the AC power is connected to the unit but the unit is not switched on by pushing in the power button. -N connectors for Port 1 and Port 2 of the VNA -USB 2.0 connectors: Type A connectors for connecting USB peripherals (mouse, keyboard, etc.) -Ground Strap connector – banana jack for connecting a ground strap Rear Panel: -HDMI connector: This connector provides the video out signal for a HDMI monitor -USB 2.0, USB 3.0 connectors: Type A connectors for connecting USB peripherals -LAN Connector: RJ45 Ethernet connector for making a network connection to the unit -External Clock In: 10 MHz external reference input -Trigger In: External trigger input -AC cord receptacle: AC input connector for the unit. Ethernet LAN connector HDMI monitor connector Trigger In

13 User Modes Manual test with Intuitive GUI
Needs external monitor, keyboard, and mouse for manual operation Connect display with HDMI or USB Full touchscreen support Remote control for automated test LAN only SCPI commands similar to VectorStar Command compatibility Key Agilent ENA commands On-site Software Engineering support available for volume opportunities Drivers Available. Contact factory at LAN connector

14 Key Highlights Features Benefits 70 us/point sweep speed
Fast enough for many automated and demanding manual tuning applications >110 dB IFBW dynamic range Exceeds typical requirements of many applications Time domain with time gating option Easier and faster fault location identification in broadband devices Small package (2U) Efficient use of rack space Common GUI and SCPI interface Reduces switching cost to newer models LAN interface More robust than USB and faster than GPIB Upgradability to higher frequency Future proof investment

15 MS46522A-010 Production Test Capabilities
Segmented sweeps Frequency and Index based Adapter Removal Trace Data formats Log, Linear Mag Phase Real, Imaginary VSWR, Impedance Smith Chart Group Delay Limit testing Pass/Fail Markers S11 S12 S21 S22

16 MS46522A-002 Time Domain option
Time Domain with Time Gating Frequency Domain with Time Gating Low Pass Time Domain Band Pass Time Domain S11 S12 S21 S22

17 Anritsu’s Unique Value
Unique Points Benefits On-site software engineering support Anritsu provides on-site software engineering support to large volume customers in integrating ShockLine VNAs in production lines Good performance at low price No need to buy expensive VNA for simple s-parameter measurements 3-year warranty and worldwide sales, service and technical support Worry-free purchase

18 Product performance

19 Dynamic Range High-Rejection Band Pass Filter measurement
-115 +/-150 MHz from center frequency

20 Dynamic Range

21 High-Level Noise Low noise: < 6 mdB RMS noise

22 Corrected Performance
Low Trace Ripple

23 Measurement Speed Fast Sweeps

24 Product Accessories & Technical documentation

25 Key Accessories Mechanical Calibration Kits Verification Kits
3653A, 3650 , TOSLN50A-18, TOSLNF50A-18, TOSLK50A-20, TOSLKF50A-20 Verification Kits 3663 RF cables and adapters N120-6, NS120MF-6, R, R, R, R, 34NFNF50, 34NK50, 34NKF50, 34NFK50, 34NFKF50 Test Port Cables, Flexible, Ruggedized, Phase Stable 15NNF50-1.0B, 15NNF50-1.5B, 15NN50-1.0B, 15LL50-1.0A, 15LLF50-1.0A, 15KK50-1.0A, 15KKF50-1.0A Transit Case

26 Product Technical Documents
Technical Data Sheet Operation Manual Calibration and Measurement Guide User Interface Reference Manual Programming Manual

27 Summary MS46522A-010 is the first in the family of ShockLineTM Value Vector Network Analyzers It is a low cost, Fully-reversing, 2-port, 300 kHz to 8.5 GHz VNA without an integrated display. Supports remote control over LAN, Local control via a powerful graphical user interface. Ideal for testing passive devices in manual or automated production environments. Anritsu Provides On-site software engineering support For large volume opportunity customers summary

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