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Kitchen Corps, Inc. Putting the pieces back together!

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1 Kitchen Corps, Inc. Putting the pieces back together!

2 The Kitchen Dilemma Need to renovate your current food service facilities? Need to be able to continue to feed your current customers, students, or residents? Want to have a facility that creates a professional and comfortable environment? WE HAVE THE SOLUTION...

3 Customized Temporary Mobile Units For short or long term events Custom outfitted to fit your needs Designed to be adjusted to various requirements Can be altered and installed to prevent interruption of current services

4 State-of-the-Art Construction Built solid to survive transportation as well as industrial production environments. Offer dependable solutions to your temporary food service needs, with work flow and production in mind. Includes options for complete self-sufficiency, including easy access for water, propane, electricity, and waste disposal. All units are built and maintained in the Kitchen Corps, Inc.’s manufacturing facility.

5 Kitchen Corps, Inc. Mobile Unit Fleet Production Kitchens Bakery Kitchens Preparation Trailers Dishwashing Trailers Cooler/Freezer Trailers Cooler/Dry Storage Trailers Freezer/Dry Storage Trailers Bathroom Trailers Dining Facilities And custom units for any project

6 Production Kitchens Fully equipped with standard or requested industrial cooking equipment. Includes 8’ x 10’/15’ Refrigeration or Freezer unit. Standard construction includes; 3 compartment sink, hand sink, and stainless steel work spaces and shelves.

7 Example Production Kitchen Drawing

8 Bakery Kitchens Equipped with baking based equipment. Built with more work spaces and shelving. Includes 8’ x 10’/15’ Refrigeration or Freezer unit. Also includes 3 Compartment and Hand Sink.

9 Example Bakery Kitchen Drawing

10 Preparation Trailers Constructed to handle all food preparation needs. Equipped with plenty of stainless steel work tables and shelving. Equipped with 8’ x 10’/15’ Refrigeration or Freezer unit. Can be incorporated with a Dishwashing Trailer to save space and money.

11 Example Preparation Trailer Drawing

12 Dishwashing Trailers Equipped with Industrial ware washing units. Custom built dirty and clean tables. Includes 3 Compartment and Hand Sinks. Can be incorporated with a preparation trailer to save space and money.

13 Example Dishwasher Trailer Drawing

14 Refrigeration Kitchen Corps, Inc. has custom built Cooler and Freezer trailers for customers’ needs for large refrigeration space. All kitchen units come with custom built 8’ x 10’/15’ refrigeration units. Refrigeration is custom built at Kitchen Corps, Inc. with six inches of polyurethane insulation and FRP walls.

15 Example Cooler/Freezer Trailer Drawing

16 Bathroom Trailers These units are constructed with separate men’s and women’s restrooms. Equipped with toilets, stalls, urinals, and hand sinks. Constructed to meet all ADA requirements.

17 Example Bathroom Trailer Drawing

18 Dining Facilities Kitchen Corps, Inc. has different solutions for dining facilities One possibility is a clear span tent with a floor and HVAC system (shown below). Another possibility is a Redi-Plex building that is constructed of a combination of multiple 60’ x 12’ mobile buildings.

19 Example Redi-Plex Building Drawing

20 Construction Stainless Steel and FRP Walls and Workspaces Stainless Steel Exhaust Hood Fire Suppression System Food Service Grade Nonabsorbent Materials Industrial HVAC Built-In Ventilation, Exhaust, and Make- up Air

21 Equipment Convection Ovens Open Burner Ranges Standard Ovens Fryers Griddles Char Broilers Steam Kettles Tilt Skillets Steamers 3 Compartment Sinks Hand Sinks And More!

22 Built with Confidence Maintained with Pride Units are built and maintained by Kitchen Corps, Inc.’s expert team with a combined 75 years experience. All units are built to meet Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing Federal Regulations. The Kitchen Corps, Inc. crew has enough confidence and pride in each unit that we know we can beat any competitor in quality and support.

23 Kitchen Corps, Inc. Created by: Sarah A. Rogers Kitchen Corps, Inc. Created by: Sarah A. Rogers

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