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The New Windsoft: Product Training. Objective & Agenda Objective: To enable office product dealer sales reps to sell Windsoft, the premiere non-consumer-branded.

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1 The New Windsoft: Product Training

2 Objective & Agenda Objective: To enable office product dealer sales reps to sell Windsoft, the premiere non-consumer-branded paper label in the away-from-home market. Agenda –Paper Category Positioning –Windsoft Product Details Product Offering and Enhancements Environmental Positioning –Next Steps

3 New Paper Landscape Paper Category Positioning Quality & Performance Price Premium Branded Economy Private Labels Value Branded Economy Branded Windsoft will fill the gap between true private label and branded product as the premier non-branded label in the away-from-home market. Windsoft primarily meets the needs of small- to medium-sized businesses, especially “image building” placements, such as hospitality, healthcare and offices. Old Paper Landscape

4 Windsoft Product Details: Folded Towels Item #WNS 1040WNS 106WNS 105WNS 101 ColorBrown White TypeMultifoldSinglefoldMultifoldC-fold Sheet Dimensions 9.4” x 9.2”10.5” x 9.3”9.4” x 9.2”10.1” x 13.2” Towels / Pack 250 150 Packs / Case16 Cases / Pallet66606660 Case Weight17.8 lbs.15.2 lbs.17.3 lbs.18.6 lbs. Cube1.631.961.62.09 Enhancements Thicker, brighter Consistent color across the sheet Optimized stacking to reduce storage space

5 Windsoft Product Details: Hard Roll Towels Item # WNS 108 WNS 1180 WNS 1280 WIN 1280-6 NL - Lagasse WNS 109 WNS 1190 WNS 1290 WIN 1290-6 NL - Lagasse ColorBrown White Core Size 2.0” Roll Width 8.0” Roll Lgth. 350’600’800’ 350’600’800’ Cs Qty12 6 6 Pallet Qty 5442306054423060 Case Wt. 20.2 lbs. 32.5 lbs. 39.3 lbs. 19.5 lbs. 15.6 lbs. 30.5 lbs. 39.9 lbs. 19. 5 lbs Cube1.912.574.012.011.912.574.012.01 Enhancements Cleaner roll cuts More consistent color Stronger core Smaller diameter (8.0”) for optimized shipping/storage efficiencies

6 Windsoft Product Details: Perforated Roll Towel Enhancements Premium embossing More absorbent Item # WNS 1220 and WNS 1220RL WNS 1220-85 and WNS 1220-85RL Sheet Dimensions11.0” x 8.8” Towels / Roll10085 Packs / Case30 Cases / Pallet20 Case Weight20.0 lbs.17.0 lbs. Cube4.854.86

7 Windsoft Product Details: Center Pull Towels Item #WNS 1420 Core Size2.0” Roll Diameter8.0” Sheet Dimensions13.5” x 7.95” Roll Length660’ Rolls / Case6 Cases / Pallet48 Case Weight21.1 lbs. Cube2.43 Enhancements Brighter Softer More core stability

8 Windsoft Product Details: Jumbo Roll Bath Tissue Item #WNS 200WNS 201WNS 202WNS 203 Ply Type1-Ply 2-Ply Core Size3.55” Roll Diameter 8.7”12.0”8.9”12.0” Roll Length2000’4000’1000’2000’ Rolls / Case126 6 Cases / Pallet54 Case Weight25.3 lbs.21.9 lbs.22.3 lbs.23.2 lbs. Cube2. Enhancements Stronger sheet Whiter and brighter

9 Windsoft Product Details: Single Roll Bath Tissue Item #WNS 2210WNS 2200WNS 2240 Ply Type1-Ply2-Ply2-Ply Premium Roll Diameter4.5” Sheet Length4.1”4.5”4.1” Sheets / Roll1000500 Rolls / Case96 Cases / Pallet25 Case Weight50.5 lbs.39.0 lbs.35.5 lbs. Cube5.89 Enhancements Attractive, upscale wrappers Softer and more absorbent Whiter and brighter

10 Windsoft Product Details: Facial Tissue Item #WNS 2360 Sheet Dimensions8.0” x 8.3” Sheets / Box100 Boxes / Case30 Cases / Pallet60 Case Weight9.5 lbs. Cube1.62 Enhancements Premium quality and packaging Softer, whiter and thicker More absorbent

11 Windsoft Product Details: Windsoft Recycled Content Product TypeItem #Description Minimum EPA Recommendation Recycled Content Post Consumer Fiber Folded Towels WNS 101White 1-Ply C-fold, 16/15040%80%70% WNS 1040Brown 1-Ply Multi-fold, 16/25040%100%90% WNS 105White 1-Ply Multi-fold, 16/25040%80%70% WNS 106Brown 1-Ply Single-fold, 16/25040%100%90% Hardwound Roll Towels WNS 108Brown 8” Roll, 12/350'40%100%90% WNS 109White 8” Roll, 12/350'40%80%70% WNS 1180Brown 8” Roll, 12/600'40%100%90% WNS 1190White 8” Roll, 12/600'40%80%70% WNS 1280Brown 8” Roll, 12/800'40%100%90% WIN 1280-6Brown 8” Roll, 6/800‘ (NL - Lagasse)40%100%90% WNS 1290White 8” Roll, 12/800'40%80%70% WIN 1290-6White 8” Roll, 6/800‘ (NL - Lagasse)40%80%70% Kitchen Roll Towels WNS 1220Perforated Kitchen Roll Towel, 30/10040% 80% WNS 1220-85Perforated Kitchen Roll Towel, 30/8540% 80% Centerpull TowelsWNS 14208“ 2-Ply Centerpull Towel, 6/660’40%65%40% Bath Tissue WNS 200White 1-Ply Jr. Jumbo Roll Bath Tissue20%65%40% WNS 201White 1-Ply Sr. Jumbo Roll Bath Tissue20%100%90% WNS 202White 2-Ply Jr. Jumbo Roll Bath Tissue20%45%30% WNS 203White 2-Ply Sr. Jumbo Roll Bath Tissue20%100%90% WNS 2200White 2-Ply Single Roll Bath Tissue20%45%30% WNS 2210White 1-Ply Single Roll Bath Tissue20%65%40% WNS 2240White 2-Ply Premium Single Roll Bath Tissue,20%45%30% Facial TissueWNS 2360White 2-Ply Facial Tissue, 30/10010%45%30%

12 Windsoft Product Details: A Touch of Tenderness for Our Environment We all share responsibility for environmental stewardship. Windsoft fully supports the “green” movement and practices environmentally responsible production without sacrificing product performance. Windsoft can help contribute to “green” initiatives and other sustainable cleaning programs. How can Windsoft help? –Roll product cores are made from 100% recycled fiber. –All products are elementally chlorine-free. –All products exceed EPA recommendations for recovered and post- consumer fiber.

13 Next Steps Sell Windsoft, the premiere non-branded paper label to your customers in: –Hospitality –Healthcare –Offices –Any small- to medium-sized business seeking quality product for image enhancement

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