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A leading manufacturer of plastic foodservice disposables.

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1 A leading manufacturer of plastic foodservice disposables.

2 Jet Plastica Marketing Tutorial Changing Markets Cutlery Straws Dining Kits Copyright 2011 All Right Reserved Jet Plastica Industries

3 A Changing Market Cost conscious restaurants/chains provide added value to customers by offering disposable cutlery that is functional and looks good such as medium weight cutlery in black. Cost conscious restaurants/chains provide added value to customers by offering disposable cutlery that is economical to help keep costs and prices low such as dining kits with medium weight cutlery pieces.

4 A Changing Market Image conscious restaurants/chains provide added value to customers by offering individually wrapped cutlery or wrapped dining kits. Image conscious restaurants/chains provide added value to customers by offering cutlery in black colors. Image conscious restaurants/chains provide added value to customers by offering disposable cutlery that is full size and durable.

5 Cutlery Types of Material – Styrene vs. Propylene Product Segmentation Product Colors Basic Selling Strategies Bulk vs. Wrapped

6 Cutlery: Types of Material Polypropylene Break-resistant for safe use Economical Polystyrene Greater rigidity Greater strength

7 Cutlery: Product Segmentation Light Weight Polypropylene Medium Weight Polypropylene Medium Weight Polystyrene Mid-Heavy Weight Polystyrene Heavy Weight Polystyrene Full Size Heavy Weight Polypropylene Full Size Heavy Weight Polystyrene

8 Challenger – Light Weight Polypro

9 Elite – Medium Weight Polypropylene

10 Trend – Medium Weight Polystyrene (Mid-Heavy Wt)

11 Advantage Polypropylene – Full Size Heavy Weight

12 Advantage Polystyrene – Full Size Heavy Weight

13 Cutlery: Product Colors White – general purpose, easy to coordinate with white and colored dinnerware Black – very elegant appearance for an upscale look…..fastest growing cutlery color

14 Basic Sales Strategies Customer wants economy Offer polypropylene cutlery (kits may be an option) Customer wants safe utensils (children) Offer polypropylene cutlery which are break resistant Customer wants performance Offer polystyrene cutlery which are more rigid Customer wants economy and performance Offer a mix of polystyrene forks and knives with polypropylene spoons and soup spoons. Customer is image conscious Offer full size heavy weight in black. If cost is a concern, offer medium weight (styrene or propylene in black)

15 Bulk vs. Wrapped Wrapped cutlery assures consumer of a dust free and sanitary piece. Wrapped cutlery which is dropped by customer remains good for use. Wrapped cutlery presents a positive image of concern for cleanliness to customers Wrapped cutlery is a good transition step toward the use of dining kits.

16 Wrapped Cutlery

17 Cutlery Summary Available in polystyrene or polypropylene depending on customer’s needs. Available in five different grades from light weight up to full size heavy weight. Available in white and black. Can be mixed and matched to provide both strength and economy. Available in wrapped film to provide a piece that is dust free and untouched.

18 Wrapped and Unwrapped Straws

19 Straws Product Categories Straw Lengths Colors and applications Wrapped vs. Unwrapped Film Wrap vs. Paper Wrap Printed Wrappers

20 Straws: Product Categories Slim – milk, stirrers & sippers. Jumbo – most common. Sodas, fruit juices and drinks with little or no thickness. Super Jumbo – slightly thicker drinks such as tomato juice. Giant – thick shakes and malts or slush drinks. Spoon straw – specialty straw for slush drinks

21 Straws: Lengths Range from 5 inches up to 16 inches or more. Dictated by the depth of the cup. As straw lengths get longer (over 10 inches), the straw diameter is bigger, i.e. Super Jumbo or Giant. Longer straws are usually wrapped.

22 Straws: Colors/Applications White with red stripe – white was the color of paper straws. Made for easy transition to plastic. Red stripe visual helped differentiate plastic from paper. Clear – the reason there are crazy straws. Kids like to see the flow of liquids. Red/Black/Green – used to help differentiate between drinks, i.e. diet vs. regular, alcoholic vs. non-alcoholic, malt vs. shake and so on.

23 Straws: Wrapped vs. Unwrapped Wrapped straws provide a clean, dust free and sanitary straw for customers Wrapped straws can be customized with printing Unwrapped straws are more cost effective and used in dispenser application Unwrapped straws provide convenience and speed in a “fast-serve” environment.

24 Film Wrap vs. Paper Wrap Subjective evaluation – some like it and some don’t like it. Film Wrap will not absorb water like paper wraps. Film Wrap will not smudge like paper wrap. Film Wrap is not easily seen on the floor leading to slip hazard and jam-ups with vacuuming equipment. Some mistake a film wrapped straw for an unwrapped straw until it is in their drink. Paper Wrap is better for highlighting print.

25 Straws: Printed Wrappers Low cost. Name recognition and advertising. Up to 2 color print available. Easy way to customize a product and lock up a customer’s straw business.

26 Straws: Summary Available in Slim, Jumbo, Super Jumbo, Giant and Spoon straw Available in lengths of 5 inches up to 16 inches (wrapped) or longer (unwrapped). Available in standard white with red stripe and translucent or red, black, blue, etc. Available in wrapped and unwrapped. Available with printed paper wrappers. Available (limited availability) with film wrappers.

27 Dining Kits

28 Benefits Components Basic Sales Strategies Stock vs. Custom Printed Film vs. Printed Napkins

29 Dining Kits: Benefits Cutlery pieces and peripherals are kept clean and sanitary by film wrapper. Multi-service items are collectively wrapped for convenience. Single service packet provides a means for portion control on cutlery, napkins and peripherals. Kits ranging from economical to upscale look with elegance.

30 Dining Kits: Components Any product grade of cutlery from lightweight polypropylene to full size heavy weight cutlery. Single or multiple pieces of cutlery to include duplicates, i.e. 2 spoons, 2 forks, etc. One or two-ply napkins available in a variety of sizes as well as Wet naps. Salt, Pepper, Sugar available. Stirrers, Straws Additional items not listed can be reviewed.

31 Dining Kits: Basic Sales Strategies Customer has carry out business and is interested in low cost. Medium weight polypropylene cutlery (fork and knife or just fork) with napkin. Can include salt/pepper for value added. Can offer individually wrapped spoons for soups as needed. Customer has carry out business and is interested in upscale look and image. Full size heavy weight polystyrene cutlery (black)with 2- ply napkin, salt and pepper. Can offer printed film (depending on volume) for additional impact.

32 Dining Kits: Stock vs. Custom Stock kits are available in single case quantities on a combined order. Custom kits are available for a relatively low order requirement. Please consult mill for minimums. Lead time for custom kits is 4 weeks.

33 Dining Kits: Printed Film vs. Printed Napkin Unprinted white napkins are always perceived to be more sanitary. Printed napkins always pose the possibility of smearing ink if dampened or wet. Printed film can accomplish the same goal of name recognition.

34 Dining Kits: Summary Wrapped Kits are convenient and clean. Value added cutlery pack for carry out. Kits can be customized to meet the customer’s needs. Kits provide cost control while presenting an upscale visual appearance.

35 Jet Tutorial The End You have completed the tutorial on plastic cutlery, straws and dining kits.

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